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Use more skill.

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It really depends. I used to go to high school in a very multi-cultural school. I was also on the football team. The thing about guys on a football team is that we teased each, and ourselves, a lot. It was a way of bonding that didn't make us feel weird. SO, what happens on a multi-cultural football team? Stereotypes, racial slurs, swear words, sexists words, etc etc etc are used to tease and poke fun! I didn't say racial, sexists, or bigoted things while on the team. I was more of the 'make fun of your behaviors' kind of guy. But, between guys (especially in the right setting), everything is often permitted. I understand getting offended. If a tape recorder was in our locker room recording our conversations all sorts of terrible things could have been said about us. We were hateful, we were spiteful, some were racists, some were sexists, etc etc. BUT, the intent of the teasing was never based on hate. I think that is important. If the guys mentioned in the OP were basing their statements on hate, or if they were around people who were offended by such statements, they should have stopped (granted the OP was offended but he took care of the situation himself). But often the intent is just to tease. Saying racial slurs, sexists and bigoted statements is almost always a bad idea no matter the intent. It is something that I'm never around now that I'm an adult. But...I guess I can see where it would be relatively inoffensive based on a number of variables.

Anyway, that's my long-winded two cents.

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Wouldn't that just be lying to yourself?

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A digital-only platform would really split the Xbox audience. The internet is not as widely available to everyone as we might like to think. Plus, it isn't necessarily that fast everywhere either. So, if this were true, either Microsoft would need to lower their expectations for profits or increase the cost of hardware and first-party games (which would mean an increase in all games on the platform). I doubt that they would lower their expectations for profits so...fuck.

All this means to me, then, is that this is probably not true.

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How many posts or pages before this turns into a 'Gamestop sucks' thread? I'm saying by the start of page 2.

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Finde nude pictures of Jessica Chobot? Cos if there are real nude pics of her, she didnt consent to them being on the net. And she wouldn't have consented to being fucked in a computer game.

> How do I bang a girl?

>Find nude pictures of her

Umm... someone has a few things to learn.

And that someone is you. Next time read the rest of the post.

His post is nonsensical. If you follow his logic you can't romance a character in a videogame because her voice actor has never put nude photos of herself on the internet.

No the logic is. Do you think Jessica Chobot would want people to come up to her and go "I FUCKED YOU IN MASS EFFECT!!!". Do you know who Jessica Chobot is? She is the presenter for most things on IGN and has her "Likeness" put into Mass effect along with HER doing HER character with HER likeness. She isnt a pornstar. So he isnt going to be happy with people going "I FUCKED JESSICA CHOBOT! HERE IS A HOT STEAMY VIDEO OF JESSICA CHOBOT GETTING FUCKED IN MASS EFFECT!!" You know people would send that to her parents.

She does not want that.

You do realize that it's actually possible to romance characters in this series, right? Ashley Williams is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, and she was one of only two potential love interests for male Shepards in the first game. Do you really think half the people who played a male character went up to her and went "I FUCKED YOU IN MASS EFFECT!!!"? She's not a pornstar either, and the fact that she played a character who could sleep with another character doesn't make her one. Hell, forget voice actors. Miranda Lawson from ME2 was voiced and physically modelled after Yvonne Strahovski. Yet a quick look through YouTube reveals no videos talking about YVONNE STRAHOVSKI GETTING FUCKED IN MASS EFFECT!! You seemed to be dismissing the OP as a fanboy who just wanted to fuck Jessica Chobot, as if that's the only possible reason someone would want to pursue Diana Allers as a romantic interest in Mass Effect 3. There's no logic there at all, it's like you've never even heard of acting.

You're giving the OP a TON of credit. Did you forget how he said "nail" as a way to say 'have sex with'? Or that Diana has a ''nice ass''? You might have a point, I don't know. But don't give the OP any credit at all for anything in this thread. For the love of God and all that is holy, don't give him credit.

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She is on my ship, but I can't find a way to nail her. She got great ass! please help!

I think I would hate you if we ever met off-line.

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Nirvana, Pearl Jam, the Foo Fighters, Minus the Bear, Jimi Hendrix, Queensryche, Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains.

Seattle, WA.

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Brad. I think that he sometimes forgets that he's being filmed.