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I lasted 40 seconds. Terribly, terribly unfunny.

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@MikeGosot said:

I will not post a picture of my girlfriend.

Do you mind if I do?

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Puppies kick ass!

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'e/ear'-ran and 'e/ear'-rack. I used to be an 'eye'-ran and 'eye'-rack person but I thought it sounded a little hill-billy-ish of me so I stopped.

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@cyraxible said:

How the hell has no one mentioned Britney Spears' Toxic. I'm not being ironic here either.

...well, she looks great in the video. So there's that.

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I think that's how the character animations are supposed to look.

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@Arkasai said:

Christ man, your topics often read like cries for help. The only way to stop being depressed is to actively decide you're not depressed anymore. Depression is an entirely self manufactured state that people take themselves to because they feel they need to be there.


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...why does your father have 3000 beanie babies?

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Yes. I've done all the things I want to do in the game but wouldn't mind going back into that world. I'm not going to do the radiant-AI stuff because those missions are tedious and boring. I would like DLC instead.

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@James_Giant_Peach said:

I have never enjoyed a Bioware game, and ME3 is no different. That aside, a PR guy saying "Hey, this game we made and want you to buy? It's pretty good!" Is not something to get all angry about.

I'm guessing you're rendering your opinion from the demo? You didn't buy ME3 right? I'm assuming you didn't because you've disliked every other Bioware game. ...I'm right..right?