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I'm seeing a lot of people mentioning stuttering. Have any of you tried a framerate limiter? In certain cases games try to draw an extra frame or something, and it creates a stutter issue. Skyrim was a notable culprit. Externally telling the game to lock at 60 (or whatever you can run steadily) may fix this issue.

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@maxopower: That image... will haunt my dreams forever.

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You definitely did something wrong building your PC if you spent $900 3 years ago and it failed to outperform a 360. I built my brother's PC two years ago for $650 and it crushes last gen games at 1080.

Did that include monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, Windows, etc.? I feel like there's always miscommunication in these types of threads as people shout out numbers and make comparisons that aren't actually valid. Not to mention that in this case we're converting currencies.

Performance also varies wildly game to game. I built my PC a year ago for ~$1,200 for the base components, and if I want 1080/60 on Black Flag I have to turn settings down to "normal," which is medium.

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I've had both a Vita and PS3 for a while now and have literally four friends, so if anyone would like to friend it up, feel free to send me a request.

ID: JJWeatherman

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I would love to hear your tips on advertisement. You must have a lifetime of experience.

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2K took control when they launched NBA 2K5 at $20. Not only was it significantly cheaper, but they'd just started to refine their mechanics, and it was kind of the perfect storm. That was the turning point.

EA was probably smart to buy the NFL license because NFL 2K5 was set to do the exact same thing.

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@xyzygy said:

@casper_ said:

i dno man do you really need another device to play mp3s... it seems really trivial.

If Sony actually let people use MP3s they can listen to while gaming. Custom Soundtracks from the machine. That would be great especially for RPG lovers.

Keep a phone or tablet next to you (something most people already do). It's more convenient to switch tracks and control volumes independently. MP3s on consoles was novel in 2001.

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I feel bad for Massa and Perez, but it was a great race.

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This is fantastic.

Also, though only tangentially related, people should listen to this Radiolab story.

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800 MHz is perfectly normal when your CPU is idle--they clock down automatically as to not waste power. Your CPUz screenshot proves that your processor is running at 3.4 GHz, and that that's its maximum. I don't see an issue. It's probably not ideal to run a custom bios for a variety of potential reasons, but things seem fine on the processor frequency front to me.