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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I got some collectors edition music albums, my mp3 player and even a videogame stolen by a good friend.
I figured it out, wanted to get him back for it, because I carry a lot of hate for these kinda things.
Not going into much detail but I invited him over and he left with a few wounds and a bruised body.
I even got picked up by the cops the next day but it was bloody worth it.
He still goes out of his way when he sees me on the street.
Don't steal my shit, especially not after 7 years of friendship.
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned eh? "
Holy crap. Remind me never to cross you.
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I never expected it to be cancelled, but I did expect it to suck. Live has been shit for years, a name change wasn't going to change that. I played the demo; it felt like Live, but with pass mapped to the right trigger.

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@phrosnite said:
" @JJWeatherman: Tell me what's so good in Diablo 2? It's one of the most boring and easy RPGs I've ever played. The RPG part is missing in Diablo 2. "
Really? Read one of these. They probably explain it better than I could. 
Some of the best parts for me, though: 
  • Battle.net - pretty much everything about it is awesome, and it's free!
  • The bosses - all unique and look awesome. Fighting them eventually becomes very easy, but it's always rewarding to kill them none the less.
  • LOOT!! - Loot Or Other Things. Nuff Said.
  • Customization - skill trees and stat points give you a shit ton of customization possibilities.
  • MORE! - read one of those reviews.
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@phrosnite said:
" Diablo 2. Man, this game was a huge disappointment. Even though I bought it for 10 euro I still regret it! "
You are not a human being.
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I say go with Forza. Ir has a ton of assists, so I think it would be perfectly playable for him. I remember liking GT and this other racing game I had on Genesis back in the day. Depends on the person of course, but I think most people would like Forza.

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Dust that disc for finger prints and track that dude down! 
Also, this seems like a great way to get two copies of a game. Just call them after buying a game and claim that a blank disc was left in there, since apparently they'll give you a new one. Sell the first one to Gamestop, keep the new one. I know, I'm a bad person.

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@Bloviator said:

" @JJWeatherman said:

" World of Warcraft "
I would have picked this, but isn't it more of a last generation?  I guess it's a lot harder to give PC/Mac games generations. "
It is hard to fit PC games into generations. It's still going as strong if not stronger than ever though, so I don't see how any game has had a bigger impact on more people than WoW has had.
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World of Warcraft

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@KaosAngel said:
" This is America, FOX News keeps me informed as to what that secret muslim is doing 24/7. "
Don't leave your fear bunker!! 

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I'm guessing that was written jokingly, but still, shouldn't be there.