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Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully i'll get something back soonish ^_^

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The Vita is a neat bit of tech but it has nothing you can get elsewhere, i love my machine but i use it for offscreen play on the PS4 more than an actual console. Problem is mostly that its too big to carry around outside, the battery life dosent hold up well and the back touchpad thing was a very bad decision but as many have mentioned, you can get just about every game worth having on the machine just by being a ps plus member.

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Its a hard question but two lots of generations for me i guess, the SNES/Megadrive and the Playstation/Saturn/N64 eras, i guess i was just more excited about games back then than i am now. A lot of firsts happend, the first explosion of rps and fighting games (SNES), the first lot of true arcade perfect ports on the cd based consoles, first real 3d platfromer that worked on the N64 etc. When i play games i always have the feeling of nostalgia that things are not quite as good as they used to be and are getting further away from what i loved about games back then.

Of course im sure people who grew up with the ps2 probably think the same about the current gen, but we have seen such a shift from games with deep and engrossing worlds to a more hollywood asthetic that i cant help but feel a little sad. Personally id like to see a few less COD/BFs and more traditional JRPGs (not Final Fantasy) or adventure games but thats just me and im old and cant deal with change like i used to ^_^

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Sleeping Dogs was one of my favourite games last year, i was lucky enough to pick it up on pc during a steam sale because (in part) i had heard the guys on the bombcast talking about it. Absolutely loved it, wasnt expecting to but it had kind of a Shenmue/Stranglehold mix which appealed to me more than GTA ever has, not that GTA is bad but i have never ever finished any of the games in the series because at some point i just lose interest. Maybe its just growing up with a whole bunch of Jet Li and Chow Yun Fat movies but i found it a much more compelling experiance.

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Still brings a tear to my eye to think about the great man we lost, but its great to see everyone remembering him in their own way.

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I watch a bunch of things, mostly stuff no one else likes though:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The Walking Dead
  • Grim
  • Agents of Shield
  • Arrow
  • New Girl
  • Defiance
  • How I met your Mother

Im sure there are more but thats all that comes to mind just now

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Filled in because i trust you Rorie, i better not get random marketing emails about pills to make my junk larger <shakes fist>

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It depends on what you think the show is supposed to be. If you want a serious award show that celebrates the games industry, him mocking everything ruins that. If you want a show that is terrible and mocks itself for being terrible then he certainly provides that.

Completely agree with this, its bad enough they host a show about a subject neither of them seem at all interested in, to mock gamers and re-enforce the stereo type of the nerd who lives in a dark basement of their mums house...its just insulting.

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A tout le monde by Megadeth, so much so that i am having it played at my funeral. Maybe a little morbid but its more uplifting than you'd think.