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For some reason standby seems like the type of thing that will cause the console to wear out faster, since it's never truly off. That's my main concern with it. Kind of wish the ps4 had the ps3 feature that lets you set a time for the console to automatically turn on and get updates. That's how I would prefer to do it.

The reverse is actually true, the power up and down of a system is the most stressfull time for your PS4 and it is almost always going to develop an issue whilst doing one of those two things. I used to work for Compaq (many moons ago now) and we had machines that hadnt been turned off in 8 years still running, crazy but true.

I leave my PS4 on standby so i can buy games whilst out and get them to instantly download so i can go home and play them right away (usually when im supposed to be working), its also mega handy for updates and patches.

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I dont like Fez and i really dont like Phil Fish though its possible his scumbag persona is what made me dislike his game in the first place but i can no longer seperate the two. I watched the video, even agree with some of the points but he is an absolute coward who likes to shout controversial things on twitter and then run away so no one can argue with him, his arrogance and lack of any kind of respect for anyone but himself stops me from feeling anything but contempt for him. People like Fez and thats fine, i can understand that to a certain degree but how anyone can like him completely escapes me.

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Worried? No, most of the youtubers out there are just plain annoying, pewdiepie makes me furious, even his user name makes me want to rip off my own arm and hit myselft with it. The GB crew are fun to watch and to listen to so as long as they keep making content they will always have an audiance, i feel personally that the stuff here is for a wide age group but more for older folks like me whilst pewdiepie is for the 12-17 bracket (no offense if you watch him and are older).

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I thought it was spot on, you had a good variety of folks on, good to see some old favourites return and some people we havent heard from too, if next year is done the same way you will hear no complaints from me ^_^

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No, but to be fair i have pretty much polar opposite views on all game to Jeff so if he dislikes something i will probably like it, armed with that knowledge his input can be valuable in helping me chose the games i want to play next. I think having them talk over the conferences helped me enjoy them more, does Jeff's dislike for Yoshi make me want to play that new game any less? No, but hearing them react to that "oh the feels" comment last night cracked me up so its all good. E3 is about having a good time and although i watched it with friends, it was fun to have the GB crew there commenting too.

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Hope he is doing okay, regardless of what you think about him being in charge of Nintendo, he seems a genuinely nice and extremely humble at all times. Hopefully he was well enough to be on the Nintendo direct.

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I had horrible downloads on the PS3, still do but my PS4 is much faster, no online lag on FFXIV when i play (i get less lag than most pc gamers in my FC) and netflix and amazon movies run at 1080 with no buffering or artifacts. I hate to say it but something on your ISP's side is throttling you on your Sony devices, maybe they have a deal with MS to let the 360 and X1 run at full speed? We certainly have some dodgy ISPs in the UK doing that very thing right now.

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Sleeping dogs for sure, a great and very polished open world game with a great hong kong cinema feel to it, Watch dogs is overrated and disapointed the hell out of me.

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Good luck Vinny! Hope to hear you skype in to the bombcasts and obviously im excited about all the new stuff you are going to come up with. Change is hard but you are doing the right thing, i would hate to see you lose your passion for this stuff because you missed your family, this way you can be with them and still do the job you love.

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The tips about Shield Lob and cycling through enemies with each hit from the RoH combo are much appreciated. I'll try that soon. Also, I guess those people who were getting mad at me for using Flash were just being weird then. Thank God, because I love using it. :P

I believe part of my trouble comes from trying to tank with a gamepad. I enjoy playing the game on PS4, but I think I'm just gonna switch to PC when I do dungeons. I am dreadful at targeting enemies with a controller.

Thanks again for all your tips! I kinda wish there was some sorta private dungeon thing so I could screw around with strategies without worrying about messing up someone else's game (even though you don't really lose anything if you die), but hey.

You could just stick your mouse and keyboard into your ps4 and switch the controls over to the pc version if that makes it easier, i have a keyboard, mouse and ps4 pad on the go at once and use a combination to make use of the strengths of all of the pc features on my console.