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@vinny_says: we live in an interesting world, the OP has to justify before the community that a game being sold in his region that the devs are perfectly willing to take his money for operate at a comparable ability to other regions. How dare he demand a quality gameplay experience, it's his fault for living in Australia, Go Merica' ... *rolls eyes*

Yeah, I've noticed this as well.

Sympathies to Australian players looking forward to Titanfail. Aussies tend to get the real deep dickin' when it comes to this stuff.

The dickin' does run deep here sometimes. The Aussie dollar just hit a three-and-a-half year low against the US dollar so the hard fuckin' on game prices can now be justified again.

Anyway, Microsoft have promised Azure servers here in New South Wales and Victoria in 2014, which would be great if it happens. I'm buying the physical copy anyway, so if the game proves to be laggy I'll return it. One of a few reasons I don't buy digital....

You might have problems returning an online only game, a few UK stores wont accept at all now, GAME are a bit funny about anything that has "online only" on the box.

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If we are setting a precedent in which the naturally assumed "better" version of these multiplatform titles is Sony, then that is very dangerous for Microsoft. I have no doubt that growing pains will get worked out to some degree, but this isn't very reassuring. I am not saying that as an attack on MS. I haven't purchased a next gen console, but I think even the people who would categorize themselves as "MS Fanboys" would want to hold Microsofts feet to the fire on this issue.

This could become a reality, last gen i always bought the 360 version of a game over a ps3 version because 9 times out of 10 it ran smoother, had less glitches/game breaking bugs and even when this wasnt the case anymore near the end i had already gotten into the habbit. It only takes a few months of this to get gamers setting a preferred platform and even when the issue has been resolved its too late.

This really needs addressed now, MS have to get infront of this before it damages their brand for a full generation. Will they go bankrupt over a few ill ported games? no, but they will lose those with multiple platforms which will cost them a fair amount of cash.

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Okay so i was originally in the "who gives a shit" crowd until i played Final Fantasy XIV on my PC for a month at 60fps, then tried to play the PS3 version when i was downloading stuff (runs at 27-30fps) and my god there is a massive difference! You can almost feel the game pulling itself along at 30 whilst as 60 it glides effortlessly, there are some games where this dosent matter but anything with a lot of high end graphics or a lot of action going on is going to suffer.

Why is this happening though? I thought Microsoft said they would easily keep up with the PS4 but thats now the 6th company who cant seem to push past 30 in a game, if it was just EA or Activision id call it sloppy coding but this is Eidos/Square, Capcom, EA, Activision and Ubisoft all producing Xbox one games at a lower frame rate. I cant chalk that down to coincidence, is it the OS taking up too much space on the system's memory? Is the RAM just not fast enough to keep up with the demands, is the processor being throttled? Where is this extra power MS said they unlocked a few months before launch?

I ask this because i am planning on getting an X1 at some point this summer, I initialy regretted my purchase of the PS4 because i had zero games to play on it but now i dont know how much of a future the X1 has. I hope this levels out during the course of the gen, its fine for games to run at different rates when its exclusive titles but we had been promised parity accross the systems and at the moment that is not happening.

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Although ive let my sub lapse until i get paid again, i dont mind! Jeff and Vinie still manage to sound funny when selling squarespace or stamps.com so even when im resubbed i'll probably keep downloading the free version to hear the ad.

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Not sure how i feel about this, OnLive was fine but never lived up to expectations, from what ive heard the UK wont see this service until next year (2015) anyway so not something i need to really concern myself with just now. Not sure i fancy paying another sony sub ontop of PS Plus and Music Unlimited, the shine is starting to wear off a little...

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Oh boy...

You know...i thought the exact same thing when i read this lol. Anyone wanting to know what old Devil May Cry was like should just go ahead and purchase Bayonetta instead, its everything they learned about making those games but better. Of course if you want a much cooler looking anime version of Dante thats cool too but be aware, the combat mechanics are much more rigid and unforgiving than the reboot. I personally prefer the older games but i have the fortune of playing those a long time ago and some of that may be nostalgia.

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I'd recommend Final Fantasy XIV over almost anything else, it looks, great, sounds great and has a multitude of easy to use control schemes (mouse + keyboard, controller or a mix of those). It has a pretty decent story and this is being added to every few months rather than the usual yearly update, game modes are varied and if you own a couple of devices the chances are you can play the same account on them all. Its also one of the few mmos out there that allows you to make progress regardless of your daily time allowance, if you only have an hour you can still make some headway and thanks to a pretty decent matchmaking system you can get a party even if you dont have a guild.

The game also benefits new users from being fairly new itself, you dont have to worry about missing over 10 years worth of story, its all new and unfolding right there infront of you as you play. Thats not to say its perfect, but its a lot of fun, has no microtransactions and has a level of polish you will not see anywhere else, if you have a decent spec pc or a ps4 you will be able to appreciate it all the more.

If you are not a fan of Final Fantasy or dont want to pay for an mmo, you could do worse than Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, DC Universe Online or Tera. Neverwinter is the most traditional of the lot but is unfortunately littered with microtransactions, you can of course get everything ingame without paying but you will grind like crazy to get them. Star Trek Online is one of the more unique games allowing you to control a landing party and your own starship with the whole of the Star Trek franchise to play with. DCUO is an action mmo which i still dont know if i like because its good, or because its set in the comics i love. Tera is an Eastern take on western rpg ideas and is another goregous looking game with a massive fully realised world, well worth a look if you are open to the asthetic.

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I havent noticed a HUGE amount of issues in the majority of games ive remote played however it is noticeable in Resogun, quite a few times i have noticed artifacting or the game jumping slightly when running in remote play. It does seem to be just this game so it could just be that it isnt ideal for bullet hell-esq shooters, i also wasnt a fan of using the rear touchpad for Assassins Creed but it worked well enough for everything else.

One thing to bare in mind, Square's Yoshida has commented on the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV port to PS4 that features remote play and has suggested that although this is fine for solo quests and crafting, you might not want to do multiplayer dungeons or Fates. Seems that that he is aware of some sync issues between the systems that result in a less than desireable effect, im assuming he been a developer, and a good one at that would know more than me so take from that what you will.

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Its a good list full of great games, dosen't even matter that a few of mine are not in the top 10 because the games that are in there are easily the best of the year. Well done GB community and ThatFrood , proof if it was ever needed that we have a great bunch of users playing some of the best games available.

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Would like to see some female prespective added to the team someday in the future, even though Patrick fills this role pretty well.


He does dosent he? lol ^_^