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Idk, I'm using my kickstarter Ouya as an emulator box right now. If the RetroN5 just dumps cartridges instead of reading them like original hardware did, I'd see no reason to change.

Nothing beats the original, though.

Me too dude, its my Neo Geo/N64/SNES all in one and im using a usb Saturn pad on it. I like the idea of a Retron5 but i cant justify buying one over the real thing.

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I've next to no interesting in pvp so a full pvp event is not going to encourage me to play Destiny more, might actually play it less. With the Queens stuff at least you got rewarded for running Strikes and PVE, the focus on the Crucible is understandable, afterall its Bungie and they love their multiplayer, but its leaving folks like me feeling a little left out.

The prospect of no new content until December and events like this are making me wonder if i made a mistake choosing this over the Lord of the Rings, really wish i had just bought the regular edition, never regretted a limited edition purchase so much in my entire life..

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Kind of unrelated, but I have no idea how Klepek chooses stories to write about. This kind of story is expected on sites like Polygon or Destructoid, but they're almost entirely news focused. Why does this story deserve a story, but other stuff doesn't? This is hardly going to have huge impacts on the games industry, and it's not like Patrick did any research into the story outside of what I could find on another site.

Sometimes its a slow news day and you need to ensure new content is on the page, as a news writer/reviewer myself i often find it necessary to print some less engaging stories until the next big one comes along. Just because i don't personally find it interesting wont mean no one will, hell i wrote a throw away story about Japan's limited edition burgers and it got 3 times the amount of views that a story i wrote about CW's the Flash got and its on a geeky news site! People all love different things.

Weird. Is it common for Japanese developers to use Unreal? I don't recall hearing about it that often.

Not common but it does happen a fair bit, most of Mistwalkers last gen games got developed on the unreal engine and looked great.

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Weird. Is it common for Japanese developers to use Unreal? I don't recall hearing about it that often.

Not common but it does happen a fair bit, most of Mistwalkers last gen games got developed on the unreal engine and looked great.

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The sudden clamouring for this game seems really weird to me. If this game was this beloved where was all the hype for it pre-E3? A lot of this just seems like a bandwagon to me.

It is silly. Everyone that is holy-smokes excited for this will play it once or twice and probably not touch it again. Those who have never heard about it will probably care even less, to a negative degree scale I presume.

It was a novel thing at the time but it doesn't mean it was actually a great game per-se.


It's cool they're releasing it since anything that isn't total garbage I'm all for releasing on the modern platforms (especially since it's a game that not many people had the first time around), but I'd bet a hefty amount that most of people flipping their shit over this have never actually played it. It's a neat gimmick that'll hold your attention for a short time, that's about it.

Played it and loved it back on the PSX back in the day, I've been saying they should release this since they brought back Parappa and Um Jammer lammy. I don't get why everyone is being so negative, its simplicity is its beauty

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It is down way more than it should be and even when it is up navigation is incredibly slow, you do get good games via PS Plus though so that kind of makes up for it to me at least. I play Final Fantasy XIV on my PS4 a lot and its only since Destiny came out that the outages have started to get out of control. I dont think Sony really know how to operate an online environment with so many active users, i really hope it gets better.

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Found out Jeff, Ryan and Brad had started a new site, came over and never looked back. Weird how every other site is now copying the stuff they set up all those years ago, i love the personalities and the random stuff they talk about. Loved it back when they did the combined happy hour stuff with comicvine and tested, good times ^_^

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Upset about what? The new content seems much more substantial than I expected.

Are people upset that the info already in the game? I don't think that means the actual content is on the disc.

This pretty much, all we know for sure is that they have placed markers on the map of where the content needs to go, we don't know if its on there already and if it is, we don't know if the levels are fully finished or still being worked on. Most modern mmos will force everyone to download all content and then lock it off until you pay for that aspect of it, i know Destiny is only part mmo but its not unreasonable to assume they are gradually rolling this stuff out so that when we finally get to the day of the content being available the user can just press the button to buy it and have instant access. We also need to take into consideration that for all players to be able to see any new gear everyone will need to have this on their machines.

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I guess i don't, especially if the reason is because they had most of an area done but its not quite ready so they sealed it off, finished it up, pushed a patch to complete it and then gave everyone it for nothing.

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Sony's online stuff is pretty wack. If your credit card address isn't absolutely perfect it'll reject it over and over again for what seems like no reason at all.

Yeah i needed to pay using paypal for the longest time, then one day my credit card just started working again...now i have a problem with my bank that if i buy more than 2 games in quick succession (like during a sale) my card gets blocked lol. Cant win...