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I really liked the concept of Blood Rayne, a vampire fighting Nazis to protect humans against other Vampires, on paper it sounds great! In practice the first two games where fine, they came out around the same time as Soul Reaver 2 and plugged a gap, i certainly remember enjoying them but feeling that they didnt really do anything unique. The newish 2d metroidvania game was a lot of fun and the though of Arc getting ahold of the character is certainly interesting. Id put money on the game being called Blood Rayne Continuim Shift and her maybe showing up in the next Blazblue game or Guilty Gear game as a guest fighter.

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Picked it up just after christmas but never got around to playing more than an hour, will probably pick up the PS4 version since it has the dlc on the disc ready to go. What i played was fantastic, i was just playing too many games at once and something was going to drop off the list.

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Never liked wrestling, tried to get into it twice (once during the 80s at school, then during the early 2000s with some college friends) but i never understood how everyone got so invested in the "storylines" and how excited they would get whilst watching it. Anime on the other hand has been a huge part of my life since age 5 when battle of the planets, Getter Robo and UFO Grendizer where doing the rounds so thats my choice.

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Oh no... oh no. I don't trust this possibly ground breaking technology to a company that states "mobile is the platform of today"

my exact thoughts whilst reading that lol, yeah, facebook is not someone you want in charge of designing anything...especially what could have been the next evolution in gaming.

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My Dad moved to Warnambool a few years ago and my sister shortly after, seems they have both now become alcoholics since getting there (or thats the impression i get from their facebook feeds every week) so going by that maybe they are so angry all the time because they are always hungover? Or it could be a similar feud some scottish folk have with England or Australia and New Zealand....

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So they are looking to offset the price of the X1 by giving last gen users (the deal is for Xbox 360s and PS3s) £100/$100 off and giving them the X1 for the same price as a PS4. Im sure it will help some people out but I'm loathe to give up my PS3 with all the great games coming to PS plus right now and im sure im not the only one.

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Assuming its not a limited run i will order one when i get paid in feb, great poster ^_^

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@vinny_says: we live in an interesting world, the OP has to justify before the community that a game being sold in his region that the devs are perfectly willing to take his money for operate at a comparable ability to other regions. How dare he demand a quality gameplay experience, it's his fault for living in Australia, Go Merica' ... *rolls eyes*

Yeah, I've noticed this as well.

Sympathies to Australian players looking forward to Titanfail. Aussies tend to get the real deep dickin' when it comes to this stuff.

The dickin' does run deep here sometimes. The Aussie dollar just hit a three-and-a-half year low against the US dollar so the hard fuckin' on game prices can now be justified again.

Anyway, Microsoft have promised Azure servers here in New South Wales and Victoria in 2014, which would be great if it happens. I'm buying the physical copy anyway, so if the game proves to be laggy I'll return it. One of a few reasons I don't buy digital....

You might have problems returning an online only game, a few UK stores wont accept at all now, GAME are a bit funny about anything that has "online only" on the box.

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If we are setting a precedent in which the naturally assumed "better" version of these multiplatform titles is Sony, then that is very dangerous for Microsoft. I have no doubt that growing pains will get worked out to some degree, but this isn't very reassuring. I am not saying that as an attack on MS. I haven't purchased a next gen console, but I think even the people who would categorize themselves as "MS Fanboys" would want to hold Microsofts feet to the fire on this issue.

This could become a reality, last gen i always bought the 360 version of a game over a ps3 version because 9 times out of 10 it ran smoother, had less glitches/game breaking bugs and even when this wasnt the case anymore near the end i had already gotten into the habbit. It only takes a few months of this to get gamers setting a preferred platform and even when the issue has been resolved its too late.

This really needs addressed now, MS have to get infront of this before it damages their brand for a full generation. Will they go bankrupt over a few ill ported games? no, but they will lose those with multiple platforms which will cost them a fair amount of cash.