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Im kinda confused but is it true there is no magic what so ever in game or just the demo... If some im not sure how ill like this no magic system and seems you only play as one person seems very shallow in combat with very little changes besides switching your melee weapon which all look so similar.

There is magic, but it's not in the demo. Tabata was quite forthcoming (as he tends to be) and said it wasn't ready for the demo so he didn't include it.

Also don't judge the combat until you play it.

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All I know was that he was slaying me on Twitter last night ranting about it.

@sethphotopoulos: It's crap from floor to ceiling but Final Fantasy fans can find a silver lining in the blackest cloud.

It's almost like Final Fantasy is a really good series or something.

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@vashyron said:

You have to hold it to get it lock on, but once it locks on, you can let go of R1

Think you can also just click on the right stick.

@sparky_buzzsaw: You just level up and that's it. There is a technique thing at the bottom of the level bars that's locked in the demo, though, so who knows. There has to be something more to the leveling system that this surely.

Yeah going by the demo you get your monster kill EXP and quest EXP and your food bonuses. I imagine full game you'll be learning your abilities/skills there as well.

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@savage said:

I think the only question is if FFXV launches on Steam at the same time as the console versions or shortly after.

I can guarantee PC users will be waiting a while. It won't be a few short months or anything. I imagine, at least, a year or two.

Dunno. Looked as if they were interested with the release of XIII and XIII-2, but it's months since the last release and they still haven't said shit about when LR is coming out. Maybe they lost interest.

They said by spring LR would be out. I wanna say May actually.

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@nilazz said:

I wonder how many buy Type-0 HD just to get their hands on the demo?

*raises hand*

I didn't like it. Combat feels like a complete mess, for a number of reasons: your AI companions seem rather useless (and die a lot), enemies like to swarm you in numbers that make parsing the situation next to impossible, trying to hit enemies can be an exercise in frustration as they never stop moving, the camera is in WAY too tight, and it's rarely worth doing anything other than hold down the attack button. Some of these are things that can potentially be changed before release, sure, but I didn't have a very good time with what was in the demo. It feels like one of those JRPG combat systems that try action-styled combat and don't manage to hit that smoothness of a "true" action game.

Besides the combat, I also had issues with the repeated dialogue samples (which is probably due to the demo), the framerate (again, demo), and the overall artstyle of the area (which looked pretty plain). Outside of the artstyle, there are some nice effects, particularly with special abilities and nighttime/cave darkness. Voice acting seems decent, if a little bland in this particular situation. There's a nice size to the area and a lot to see and do. Still, my overall impression is a negative one. I wasn't particularly excited for this game in the first place, but this demo left me with pretty much no desire to play more, barring some big changes to the final game.

There are definitely a ton of enemies roaming around. What I would have happen sometimes is I'd be fighting those sabretusks, and then those Magitek troops would dropship in and it would just be chaos. In cases like that I would just flee.

I had a rough go of it in the beginning, but upon gaining some levels my dudes weren't dying nearly as much. Ignis seems to be a healer, or at least as access to cure spells, but doesn't seem to use often enough. I wanna say there is a gambit system that will be in place though, unless I remember wrong. That should help hopefully.

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Is the demo on the disc or a download? Just curious to know how I soon I can be expecting to check this out. Can't wait for Type-0

I pre orederd the digital version on Xbox One and it will download both.

Also the official account has confirmed that the PS4 version runs at 900p and Xbox One at 800p. I'd love to see 1080p, but I don't expect that to happen.

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Owens should be back fast and still has his title and his dog and his Jaws shirt

His dog looks just like mine. Dog bros. *fist bump*

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So I just completed the demo. Took me around 3 hours, that included plenty of messing around and whatnot.


- Visually, as expected, looks pretty damn amazing.

- Combat is a ton of fun. Crazy part is magic hasn't even been implemented yet. Also for those who though it would be "herp derp hold down attack to win" yeah you're gonna die if you do that. You can't cancel out of an attack so it's got that Souls game thing of committing to an attack.

- Music is quite good

- RAMUH SUMMON ZOMG (seriously it's fucking bonkers and hilarious)

- From what I can tell there are no load times (unless you warp to a camp). It's basically a long initial load and then once your in nothing. There are some parts where I suspect they are "masking" the load perhaps, like "squeeze through this narrow passage into the cave".


- I sort of expected this but that framerate needs to be improved. I suspect/hope it will be by the final game, but I imagine there will still be drops that happen from time to time. For the record it's not awful or anything, but it is noticeable.

- No car driving in demo (coincidentally the main mission in the demo is getting the funds to pay the repair bill for the car).

- The camera can be a bit wonky at times. To go along with that lock on, when on faster enemies, can be a bit messy.

There's probably other stuff I'm missing, but I need to get to bed. I'm super jazzed and my faith has been rewarded. So yeah post your own thoughts or even questions you may have. Guess I should actually play that Type-0 game too since that came with my demo. >_>

*edit* Found this good combat tutorial video elsewhere and figured I'd throw it here to assist people and give some tips about things they may not know.

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@sammo21 said:

OK, real talk: why don't the guys on the Powerbombcast discuss NXT...which is 500x more interesting than anything going on in the main product. Anytime its brought up, I almost feel like Jeff writes off the entire thing because its "developmental". They might as well just call the thing the "WWE Podcast" since they really don't talk about much else.

I prefer hearing about the WWE stuff because it's more interesting frankly. When it comes to NXT or New Japan there's not much to say. The wrestling is good. Cool. WWE is such a cluster, that it's way more entertaining to hear their thoughts on that.

@recspec: @sammo21: The problem I have with the Powerbombcast is how much Jeff dominates discussion, but he watches the least amount of wrestling. And then he declares stuff like "wrestling is bad" when Raw sucks. And then he watches parts of a few episodes of Lucha Underground and says, "I think the production stuff is interesting."

I don't need, or want him to like stuff he doesn't like, but he is basically at the equivalent point of saying all of gaming is bad because Call of Duty isn't a good game, but Limbo looked cool, so there's that. I don't mind that they spend 85% of their time talking about main roster WWE. Even though I fucking hate it, it's what dominates most of my wrestling brain space as well. But as I said, I do hate that when they do talk about other stuff, it gets written off almost right away by half the crew as something to ignore.

Jeff is the best part of that podcast, even on topics I don't agree with him on (Brock and Bo are good examples).

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It's too soon. Hell I think music games of that type are over period honestly. On top of that both Rock Band AND Guitar Hero will be out this year. It already feels like too much. Some things die for a reason and should remain dead. Car combat games are a great example of this. They had their time, some tried to bring it back and it just doesn't work anymore. Same here.

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I want to play a game and not spend half of my time in menus. One of the many reasons this game is awful. Having to go in to eat, mess with my backpack, change camo, etc. is a fucking chore.