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Sleeping Dogs for sure. I was hoping Watch Dogs would be much better but unfortunately it was a big disappointment for me.

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I remember playing it to completion and enjoying it. I wouldn't say it's my favorite TH game but it's pretty good nonetheless.

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@connor_the_critic: Welcome to Giant Bomb, duder. I followed you. Looking forward to reading your stuff. :)

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@mirado: Sure grab your popcorn and enjoy your entertainment while people try to help this guy achieve what he has worked so hard on for years. I'm sure you have better things to waste your cash on other than supporting the underdog.

And no he didn't throw a tantrum and try to spin it. He posted video proof years ago that clearly shows he planned the whole thing. Here it is if you want to see it:


I think I'm done with this thread for now. I just hope I helped a few people understand what this game is all about and why the developer deserves support. I also felt it was important that I point out some false information and speculation taken as fact that some members were posting here.

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I thought the villains were Nintendo, Miyamoto, and Reggie and that this Kickstarter was for a "hack van" and not the game.

The Kickstarter is for a place (he was hoping for an office) and equipment for him to focus on working on the game for the next year or so. Whether that place is an office or a hack van is left for him to figure out now that the Kickstarter has been funded. The in-game character "Bob" is an indie game developer who feels that he has been wronged by gaming corporations and CEOs and so he turns into a villain that the main character "Yuu" tries to stop. There's more to the story of course but that's what I could gather from all the stuff Bob put out so far.

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@oldirtybearon: I don't think its an issue of people "railing" against the game. The original topic of this thread was "Should a game like this be left to fail?" and the OP made some blanket statements arguing that the gaming community had gotten together and decided not to fund this game.

I am happy for the guy if it does end up being funded, but as a backer I wouldn't expect to ever see the end result.

Where exactly are you getting this from? I have not even implied that "the gaming community had gotten together and decided not to fund this game" and I have made that clear in previous posts. If this is how you decided to understand my OP, that's fine but please don't put words in my mouth. Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, there was a previous thread about this game posted by someone else and people decided to rail against it just the same.

@hailinel said:

@legend: Or maybe it's just a convoluted mess and you're giving him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much credit. You keep wanting to explain what this is. If the message is so convoluted that it requires evangelists like you to explain anything about this game in a sane manner, it's likely not worth backing.

If someone asks what is this game about like he did, I will explain it to him. The Kickstarter needs a TL;DR version with nice pictures so people who don't want to spend a lot of time reading and watching everything can understand what the game is. The Kickstarter page could've been better like I said previously, but let's not forget that this is made by one guy who is currently facing financial difficulties. Also, I'm wondering why you keep coming back to this thread since you made it perfectly clear already that this game doesn't interest and you don't care for it at all.

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it's undeniable that this is a passion project and I can only give him props for making something he believes in, and that he's been doing it for so long.

Also, how much did the stanley parable programmer donate? That's pretty rad if it was a lot.

I don't know the exact amount. He is not the only backer who donated more than the asking price of $20. I've seen people pledge $100 and $500, but he seems to be the biggest contributor to the Kickstarter. LOL This is what he tweeted after he made his pledge:

hey @bobsgame this game was reeeaaaally expensive. it better be good!

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Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what one could even expect as a backer. Bob refers to "Bob's game" as a free-form puzzle game engine, but the bulk of video looks like a top-down RPG.

OK, let me explain. This game is so meta it might blow your mind trying to understand it. So there's Bob's Game. That's the top-down RPG you see in the videos and is the main game the Kickstarter has been created to fund. This game is made by Robert Pelloni, the real life Bob who is developing the game. Then there's "Bob's Game". This is the puzzle game that is inside Bob's Game. It is made by the game's villain "Bob", the character that Robert Pelloni is playing on the game's website and in the viral videos he posted 5 years ago. "Bob's Game" was released on the Ouya as a stand-alone game a few months ago. Bob's Game is yet to be finished and is the game being funded by the Kickstarter. It is a game about the character "Bob" and his game "Bob's Game". Sorry if I'm spelling it out too much. I am trying to make this as clear to you as possible. :)

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@peezmachine: Watch this video playthrough of the two demos he has on the Kickstarter page. :)


I do agree that Bob's biggest problem is dealing with publicity. If only he could work with someone who can handle PR stuff well for him, people's perception of the game would've been much better.

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@secondpersonshooter: @heyguys: @mirado: @hailinel: @hunter5024: @lordandrew: @cornbredx: @salarn said:

It's a troll pledge, someone put in $5k in the last few hours, and will either pull it at 5 minutes left or just let it get declined when it tries to validate.

Man, I have no idea what is it with people and this game..

"The game is terrible."

It clearly is not. If a game doesn't appeal to you that doesn't mean it's a terrible game.

"The guy is crazy. He must be insane!"

Go listen to his game engine video, watch the vlogs he did with Tim Rogers and read his Kickstarter comments. He is obviously a very sane and intelligent person when he is not playing the evil character of "Bob" which he only seems to do on the game's website and nowhere else.

"Some of these pledges must be fake."

The guy who made the biggest pledge is the coder of The Stanley Parable. Other people have pledged more than $20 too.