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Yeah, I played Farming Sim 13 for several hours the other day. I enjoyed it, but it felt that after a certain point the game would become repetitive without reward. I didn't get to that point after a long evening of playing though. It seems to be a game that encourages modding. So you might see some interesting stuff that might make the game better/different. But in its current state it feels like painting straight lines with slow expensive paintbrushes. I would wait for a sale, which shouldn't be too far off. Xmas?

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high five @demonknightinuyasha

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Just tabbed out to complain about this... I want to meet the guy at obsidian who thinks this play style is natural and easy.

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Best of the ubisoft show so far.  Hope they stay true to the original far cry.

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As long as there is no problem child video game, were fine.

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As another E3 approaches I always get excited.  When developers and publishers blow the doors off of "project X" and give me cause to drool all over myself.  Even the ones where I have to question what they were thinking make me excited.  I guess its that whole "ta-da" moment that i look forward to.  I would be nice if this year the folks at whiskey media can set up some sort of streaming coverage.  I grow tired of G4 and their views on things.  Don't get me wrong, they are not a horrible place to get your video game news, but there's a lot to dig through to and enormous amounts of babble.  Its like eating at a 5 star restaurant every day, all the food is top notch.  Then having to eat out at a "chuckie cheeze"  with some idiot (name tag: Adam Sessler) blaring things in your ear and reminding you how awesome the pizza is, even if it isn't.  

Ill DVR it anyway...

The things I'm looking forward to most:

  • More gameplay footage and info on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Release dates for Diablo III and Old Republic  (and then i woke up...)
  • A compelling enough Nintendo console that i would be willing to invest in.
  • Battlefield 3 info and footage.
  • Big budget games for core gamers with kinect support.  (I imagine teams of developers sitting around that thing still wondering what to do with it...)
  • ..and of course the things I have no clue about.
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1 billion dollars.  Fortunately you have a gift card to a store that only sells the above mentioned, for 1 billion dollars.  :P