By the Numbers: StreetPAXin Prime 2013

PAX Prime 2013 was the sixth PAX since the advent of the 3DS and StreetPassing (counting PAX Australia 2013). And this is fifth edition of StreetPAXin; a term invented by @wafflestomp. Going into this year's PAX Prime, I wasn't sure what I was going to do about StreetPassing because the new games in StreetPass Mii Plaza take quite a long time to play. Luckily, I had already finished Find Mii completely (all hats), so I had no reason to fool with that game anymore. What I finally decided to do was put a priority on getting the rest of the puzzle pieces first, then just shuffle people through my gate whenever possible, and only play the other games when in a long line or in the morning before leaving the hotel. It worked out pretty well.

Before we get to the stats, here's some recognizable people I crossed paths with in Seattle.

The one. The only. Will Smith.
The one. The only. Will Smith.
The legend. Drew Scanlon.
The legend. Drew Scanlon.
This may look like Vinny, but I'm pretty sure this came from Alex's 3DS during the moderator dinner.
This may look like Vinny, but I'm pretty sure this came from Alex's 3DS during the moderator dinner.
Microsoft's Eric
Microsoft's Eric "The Vowel" Neustadter. Playing that DKC. What a shill.'s Alexa Ray Corriea's Alexa Ray Corriea
Writer of stuff. Power disc aficionado. Alex Rubens.
Writer of stuff. Power disc aficionado. Alex Rubens.

Break It Down

StreetPass data carries several facts about each player. These include gender, last played game, nationality, whether they prefer cats or dogs, how many people they've ever StreetPassed, and a few other things as well. So let's take a look at this year's PAX Prime.

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This gender statistic is pretty interesting. Why? Well, at PAX East 2012 it was only 15.1%. At PAX Prime 2012, it was up to 17.4%. And, at this year's PAX East, it was up to 20.5%. This shows a steady increase of women coming to PAX (or at least an increase in women carrying a 3DS, I guess).

Men - Dogs vs CatsAll of PAX - Dogs vs CatsWomen - Dogs vs Cats
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The notion that guys like dogs and girls like cats has held true every time I've compiled this data. This was the closest the overall total has ever been though. Can cats finally win next year?

Where You From?

Unsurprisingly, the most common location was the state of Washington. I didn't run into as many international (not including Canada) PAX attendees as I have in the past, but there's a pretty good mix still. I must also mention that through five PAX's, I've still never met anyone from Wyoming.

United States of America

Alabama20.37% Montana20.37%
Alaska81.49% Nebraska40.75%
Arizona20.37% Nevada00.00%
Arkansas00.00% New Hampshire10.19%
California7413.81% New Jersey50.93%
Colorado91.68% New Mexico10.19%
Connecticut10.19% New York61.12%
Delaware00.00% North Carolina30.56%
District of Columbia00.00% North Dakota00.00%
Florida40.75% Ohio20.37%
Georgia61.12% Oklahoma20.37%
Hawaii30.56% Oregon315.78%
Idaho20.37% Pennsylvania40.75%
Illinois61.12% Puerto Rico00.00%
Indiana20.37% Rhode Island10.19%
Iowa10.19% South Carolina10.19%
Kansas10.19% South Dakota10.19%
Kentucky00.00% Tennessee30.56%
Louisiana00.00% Texas142.61%
Maine00.00% Utah61.12%
Maryland30.56% Vermont00.00%
Massachusetts91.68% Virginia40.75%
Michigan61.12% Washington19636.57%
Minnesota71.31% West Virginia00.00%
Mississippi00.00% Wisconsin40.75%
Missouri00.00% Wyoming00.00%
USA (no state listed)101.87%

Canada / International

Alberta162.99% Finland (Uusimaa/Nyland)10.19%
British Columbia509.33% Ireland (Dublin)10.19%
Manitoba20.37% Mexico (Sinaloa)10.19%
New Brunswick00.00% Sweden (Västra Götaland)10.19%
Newfoundland00.00% United Kingdom (England)20.37%
Northwest Territories00.00%
Nova Scotia20.37%
Prince Edward Island00.00%
Canada (no province)20.37%
TOTAL8315.49% TOTAL6

Fuck Tom Nook. Right?

If you guessed that most people at PAX would be playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you would be right. But would you have thought that 25% of them would be? Probably not, because that's crazy. Fire Emblem: Awakening was the top game at PAX East 2013, and that was only 13%. Also, god damn, Mario Kart.

GameCount% AppCount%
Animal Crossing: New Leaf13425.00% System Settings407.46%
Fire Emblem Awakening264.85% Mii Maker325.97%
Mario Kart 7213.92% Nintendo Zone Viewer193.54%
Shin Megami Tensei IV213.92% Nintendo eShop183.36%
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team142.61% Swapnote122.24%
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate132.43% Download Play81.49%
Super Mario 3D Land101.87% Activity Log61.12%
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon91.68% Nintendo 3DS Camera61.12%
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan50.93% Nintendo Video20.37%
Pokémon Black Version 250.93% Pokédex 3D10.19%