By the Numbers: StreetPAXin Prime 2013

PAX Prime 2013 was the sixth PAX since the advent of the 3DS and StreetPassing (counting PAX Australia 2013). And this is fifth edition of StreetPAXin; a term invented by @wafflestomp. Going into this year's PAX Prime, I wasn't sure what I was going to do about StreetPassing because the new games in StreetPass Mii Plaza take quite a long time to play. Luckily, I had already finished Find Mii completely (all hats), so I had no reason to fool with that game anymore. What I finally decided to do was put a priority on getting the rest of the puzzle pieces first, then just shuffle people through my gate whenever possible, and only play the other games when in a long line or in the morning before leaving the hotel. It worked out pretty well.

Before we get to the stats, here's some recognizable people I crossed paths with in Seattle.

The one. The only. Will Smith.
The legend. Drew Scanlon.
This may look like Vinny, but I'm pretty sure this came from Alex's 3DS during the moderator dinner.
Microsoft's Eric "The Vowel" Neustadter. Playing that DKC. What a shill.'s Alexa Ray Corriea
Writer of stuff. Power disc aficionado. Alex Rubens.

Break It Down

StreetPass data carries several facts about each player. These include gender, last played game, nationality, whether they prefer cats or dogs, how many people they've ever StreetPassed, and a few other things as well. So let's take a look at this year's PAX Prime.

This gender statistic is pretty interesting. Why? Well, at PAX East 2012 it was only 15.1%. At PAX Prime 2012, it was up to 17.4%. And, at this year's PAX East, it was up to 20.5%. This shows a steady increase of women coming to PAX (or at least an increase in women carrying a 3DS, I guess).

Men - Dogs vs CatsAll of PAX - Dogs vs CatsWomen - Dogs vs Cats

The notion that guys like dogs and girls like cats has held true every time I've compiled this data. This was the closest the overall total has ever been though. Can cats finally win next year?

Where You From?

Unsurprisingly, the most common location was the state of Washington. I didn't run into as many international (not including Canada) PAX attendees as I have in the past, but there's a pretty good mix still. I must also mention that through five PAX's, I've still never met anyone from Wyoming.

United States of America

Alabama20.37% Montana20.37%
Alaska81.49% Nebraska40.75%
Arizona20.37% Nevada00.00%
Arkansas00.00% New Hampshire10.19%
California7413.81% New Jersey50.93%
Colorado91.68% New Mexico10.19%
Connecticut10.19% New York61.12%
Delaware00.00% North Carolina30.56%
District of Columbia00.00% North Dakota00.00%
Florida40.75% Ohio20.37%
Georgia61.12% Oklahoma20.37%
Hawaii30.56% Oregon315.78%
Idaho20.37% Pennsylvania40.75%
Illinois61.12% Puerto Rico00.00%
Indiana20.37% Rhode Island10.19%
Iowa10.19% South Carolina10.19%
Kansas10.19% South Dakota10.19%
Kentucky00.00% Tennessee30.56%
Louisiana00.00% Texas142.61%
Maine00.00% Utah61.12%
Maryland30.56% Vermont00.00%
Massachusetts91.68% Virginia40.75%
Michigan61.12% Washington19636.57%
Minnesota71.31% West Virginia00.00%
Mississippi00.00% Wisconsin40.75%
Missouri00.00% Wyoming00.00%
USA (no state listed)101.87%

Canada / International

Alberta162.99% Finland (Uusimaa/Nyland)10.19%
British Columbia509.33% Ireland (Dublin)10.19%
Manitoba20.37% Mexico (Sinaloa)10.19%
New Brunswick00.00% Sweden (Västra Götaland)10.19%
Newfoundland00.00% United Kingdom (England)20.37%
Northwest Territories00.00%
Nova Scotia20.37%
Prince Edward Island00.00%
Canada (no province)20.37%
TOTAL8315.49% TOTAL6

Fuck Tom Nook. Right?

If you guessed that most people at PAX would be playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you would be right. But would you have thought that 25% of them would be? Probably not, because that's crazy. Fire Emblem: Awakening was the top game at PAX East 2013, and that was only 13%. Also, god damn, Mario Kart.

GameCount% AppCount%
Animal Crossing: New Leaf13425.00% System Settings407.46%
Fire Emblem Awakening264.85% Mii Maker325.97%
Mario Kart 7213.92% Nintendo Zone Viewer193.54%
Shin Megami Tensei IV213.92% Nintendo eShop183.36%
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team142.61% Swapnote122.24%
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate132.43% Download Play81.49%
Super Mario 3D Land101.87% Activity Log61.12%
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon91.68% Nintendo 3DS Camera61.12%
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan50.93% Nintendo Video20.37%
Pokémon Black Version 250.93% Pokédex 3D10.19%
Edited by Marino

The Raw Data

The "Plaza" field is the number of unique Miis in that person's StreetPass plaza.

My new favorite thing is people who play really dumb or obscure games so that they show up on their "last played" icon. Big ups to the guy playing Ping Pals!

Did I StreetPass you at PAX? If you see your name on this list, lemme know!

NameLocationLatest GamePetsSexPlaza
???ORDownload Play-M40
???WASystem SettingsCatsF12
.Zannah.WAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF430
"Fõrrèst"WAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M171
(bear)-IUSAAR GamesDogsF155
~Lil_Läm~CanadaMario Kart 7CatsF218
ACAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F58
acydlordAZAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M379
AdamNSActivity LogDogsM330
AerisaWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F17
AiniWAMii MakerDogsF46
AkelrasWASuper Mario 3D Land-M287
AlexWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM100
AlexTXMii Maker-M37
Alex (Rubens)WASuper Mario 3D Land-M217
Alexa RayNYMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsF349
AllaONThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of AgesCatsF230
AmbuhWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F230
AnaWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F128
AnariMISystem SettingsCatsF1173
AndrethWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF480
AndrewALActivity LogCatsM1286
AndrewBCMario Kart 7-M2
AndymanWAShin Megami Tensei IV-M298
AnnaCAKingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]-F344
AnnieWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F255
AnthonyWAPicross e2-M27
AntooneyCANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM441
ApeMNMario & Luigi: Dream Team-M713
ArcusCAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M276
AshVAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsF950
AshleyUTPokémon SoulSilverDogsF534
AutumnORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF140
avenger339NYMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM1611
AylaBCActivity Log-F782
BCAFire Emblem AwakeningDogsM756
B~RiWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM285
BaiCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM1155
barfheadOHAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M34
BeauskiMAFire Emblem Awakening-M266
BelkorinMINintendo eShopCatsM1434
Beltr0nBCMario Kart 7-M3
BenWAActivity LogCatsM282
BenMITheatrhythm: Final FantasyDogsM42
Biggie PCAMii MakerCatsM500
bizcopterSDFire Emblem Awakening-M228
BladeKingWAPokémon Black Version 2DogsM1660
BlakeWAMega Man 2DogsM835
BobbyCAMonster Hunter 3 UltimateCatsM493
Brad PittWAProject X Zone-M100
BraellyraMAFire Emblem AwakeningDogsF958
brandonBCDownload PlayDogsM141
BrandonWAMetroid Prime PinballCatsM224
BrettWASystem SettingsDogsM125
BrianAKAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM77
BrianCAShin Megami Tensei IVDogsM549
BrittanyCOMii MakerDogsF186
BrittanyWASystem Settings-F31
BrittonTXPicross e2DogsM795
BrookeORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF135
BubbsIDNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM395
BunMAPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityDogsF5
BunnyUSAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF115
CakeOKAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM831
CalebABSuper Mario LandDogsM273
CamABDonkey Kong Country Returns 3DDogsM811
CamABMii MakerCatsM363
CameronWAMii Maker-M556
CamlzWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM1196
CaramiaCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF27
Cat FaceWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F134
CatsMATheatrhythm: Final FantasyCatsF2602
Catscan223KSPokémon White Version 2CatsM500
CharlieTXAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1714
ChezofBorgCAActivity LogDogsM402
ChipperORPokémon Black Version 2DogsM339
ChrisCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM61
ChrisILAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM180
ChrisWANintendo 3DS CameraDogsM761
ChrisWAPokémon Black Version 2DogsM189
ChrisWAProject X Zone-M266
ChrisFLSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM130
ChristianWANintendo 3DS CameraCatsM281
ChuckPASystem Settings-M322
ChuggaGAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamCatsM3000
cochise99TXMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM34
ColeenWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F19
ColumbusWASystem Settings-M256
ComatoseINShin Megami Tensei IV-M80
CommanderTNNintendo 3DS CameraCatsM375
ConMan64WANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM408
CoreyMBEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the TitanCatsM876
CoreyNYShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM647
CowlaunchrMNNintendo eShopCatsM3000
CrispyWIAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM578
CroutonWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF108
crowlskiNCAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F241
CrystalWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF683
CulverNETails AdventureDogsM722
CutiePieXOWANintendo 3DS Sound-M265
CyberNMThe Legend of Zelda: Oracle of SeasonsCatsM18
d0wndWADownload PlayCatsM300
DanMAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM147
DanNJAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM2912
DanBobWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1696
DanielWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM474
DannyWAMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM161
DarbenNCEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the TitanCatsM518
DavidCAMii MakerDogsM689
DeanORAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM229
DeathOfRatCAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M170
DeBussyUK (England)Fire Emblem AwakeningCatsM685
DeejORPokémon Black Version-M196
deliquinWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F33
DerockCOAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM331
DesONAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF2602
DesramSASystem SettingsCatsM196
DexWAMii MakerCatsM420
DillonMTAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M132
DiscoWALuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon-M163
DocILNintendo eShopCatsM615
Dom NookBCMario GolfDogsM598
Double JWAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM929
draklanONSteamWorld DigCatsM2630
DrewBCAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M218
Drew (Scanlon)CASystem Settings-M258
DubyaABNew Super Mario Bros. 2-M606
DuckletWAFire Emblem AwakeningDogsM119
DurnaxeWALuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonDogsM334
DustinBCSystem Settings-M204
DXTRUTMonster Hunter 3 UltimateCatsM1083
eCAAlex Rider StormbreakerCatsM1328
eWADonkey Kong Country Returns 3DDogsM867
eacCAShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM93
EamonnBCShin Megami Tensei IVDogsM574
EclairUSAStyle Savvy: TrendsettersCatsF93
EdBCPokémon White VersionCatsM1149
EdventurerWAMii MakerCatsM258
EehanABAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M486
EliWAMii MakerCatsM129
ElizabethWANintendo eShop-F359
EricUTDownload PlayDogsM587
EricsILAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM216
ErikWASystem SettingsDogsM945
ErinCOAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF584
ErmorAKHarvest Moon: A New BeginningDogsM224
EthrinilRIProfessor Layton and the Diabolical BoxCatsM664
etothepiiNYPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All-M293
EvanCACode of PrincessDogsM84
EzaqWANintendo eShopDogsM734
fWAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsM246
FaiyeCOAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF703
FayytBCProject X Zone-M121
FernandoBCActivity LogDogsM583
FfenixCAActivity LogDogsM667
FoxWAShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM857
GAKKid Icarus: UprisingCatsM751
GarebearWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1544
GaryCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM192
GeckoKunCANintendo Zone ViewerCatsM275
Gentleman1WAFace RaidersDogsM353
GentlestBCF-Zero: Maximum VelocityCatsF740
GenXerUSASystem SettingsDogsM1707
glodCADownload PlayCatsM1152
graddyWAMario Golf-M184
GrandalFinland (Uusimaa/Nyland)System SettingsCatsM162
Griff360USAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M62
HackyCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM1928
HeatherORMii MakerDogsF372
HeavyD32GAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM1519
HeisenbergORDonkey Kong Country Returns 3DCatsM145
Helen0rzTXAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF1012
helloCAFire Emblem Awakening-M17
HelloKittyWAMii MakerDogsF398
HemelsnaamWAShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM154
HenryWAMetroid Prime Hunters Demo Version-M442
HenryWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M126
IanWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M49
IanALPaper Mario: Sticker StarCatsM72
InfiniteTXAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM327
IoORShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM662
IssurruSAShin Megami Tensei IVDogsM57
JOKNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM858
JacobWANintendo 3DS CameraDogsM1097
JacobWAPokémon SoulSilverDogsM181
JalehUTTetris AxisCatsF114
JamesWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM85
JamieODIreland (Dublin)Fire Emblem AwakeningDogsM1218
JaneWAHarvest Moon: A New BeginningDogsF49
JangoWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM405
JaredMAMario Kart 7DogsM946
JaredWANintendo eShopDogsM76
JarekSweden (Västra Götaland)Download PlayDogsM334
JasonILAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M228
JasonNEChrono TriggerDogsM92
JasonMIMii MakerCatsM185
JasonWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM491
Jbond64TNLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonCatsM477
JEKKICAShin Megami Tensei IV-M540
JenniferWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF1430
JenniferWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF504
JeskaWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF508
jetCOLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonCatsM361
JimCAFront MissionDogsM808
JimCANintendo Video-M583
JinhoABMario Kart 7DogsM25
jjjewelsONNintendo Zone ViewerCatsF527
JoannaBCShin Megami Tensei IVCatsF1352
JoeNYAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM29
JoeCAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM753
JoeORMario Kart 7CatsM187
JOEWANintendo VideoDogsM521
johnNJAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM660
John ErdoNJPokémon Black Version 2CatsM382
johnnyWAThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksCatsM305
jonBCSystem SettingsDogsM117
JordanWAPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityDogsM7
JosephCAPicross e2CatsM1034
JoshWAMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate-M137
JowlzBCFace Raiders-M25
JustinNEJump Ultimate StarsDogsM1225
JZBCMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM543
KafroWASystem SettingsDogsM303
KainTXMario Kart 7-M512
KamiWAPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-F387
KarenWAMii Maker-F16
KarnonMDLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon-M1466
KarrinCAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsF689
kath*CAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F163
KayleWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF483
KaylynnWAFire Emblem Awakening-F66
KeefBCActivity LogCatsM474
KeliiWASystem SettingsDogsM208
KenGAMii MakerCatsM142
KennyWAProfessor Layton and the Miracle Mask-M85
KergiiWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-M26
khalessiWAThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DCatsF26
Khead161WIMario & Luigi: Dream Team-M958
KieranCONew Super Mario Bros. 2CatsM218
KimbeeBCMii MakerDogsF341
KingAdrockWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M312
KirkWAEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan-M156
Kiss brockWANintendo Zone Viewer-M125
KitesBCFire Emblem AwakeningCatsM223
KraysCAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M121
krissyBCMii Maker-F73
KropotkinUK (England)Animal Crossing: New LeafCatsM1313
KumaBCPokémon Black Version 2-M266
KurahiWANintendo eShopCatsF287
KurtWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM292
KurtisWAMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM4
KyleCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM519
KyleWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M331
KyleWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsM690
KypBCMario Kart 7CatsM241
Lace FaceWA-CatsF577
LaurenceWATheatrhythm: Final FantasyCatsM1517
LaurieUSAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF165
LausonBCMario & Luigi: Dream TeamCatsM404
LeahChattrBCAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF327
LeftyBrownCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM371
LestatUMDMDMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM392
lindsayCASpirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir-F42
LiradWASystem SettingsCatsM483
LoeyWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF402
LoomisWAMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story-M228
Luke DžWADownload PlayCatsM683
m33pWANintendo Zone ViewerCatsF696
m4gnusCAPhoto DojoDogsM1464
mageUSAPokémon White VersionCatsM303
MalikWAMii MakerDogsM150
MandiblesORFire Emblem AwakeningDogsM214
MarkBCMario & Luigi: Dream Team-M200
MarkFLPokédex 3DCatsM228
MartinINMario Kart 7DogsM322
MasaeAnelaGAMii MakerCatsF3000
MattCANintendo eShopDogsM258
MattIASystem SettingsCatsM109
maughtWADevil Survivor 2CatsM860
Mawingu21CAPing PalsDogsM819
MaxONAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M309
MeABShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM41
MeachatronBCPokémon White Version 2DogsF64
MeesterOWAMario & Luigi: Dream Team-M169
MegNSThe Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningDogsF444
MeganBCThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DCatsF527
MegatronWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M773
MeliBCHarvest Moon: A New BeginningCatsF396
MerinaUSAMii MakerDogsF238
Mi^2WAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsF316
MiddowWAHarvest Moon: A New BeginningCatsF251
MidnightCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF236
MikeWAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM130
MikeILMario Kart 7DogsM402
MikeFLMii MakerDogsM582
MikeCAPokémon White Version 2-M125
MikeBCSuper Mario 3D LandDogsM52
mike dWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM476
MikozillaWAMario Kart 7CatsF109
MindcavityCASteamWorld DigDogsM248
MinoWAShin Megami Tensei IVDogsF753
MintayWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF161
MKLKTBCSystem SettingsCatsM103
MomoWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF210
mondobenCANintendo eShopCatsM110
MontyABSuper Mario 3D LandCatsM929
MoodyCAMonster Hunter 3 UltimateCatsM276
Moogle388ORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM209
MoonpastryWAEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the TitanDogsM215
Mr.AwesomeWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM733
MusikTXSystem SettingsDogsM1308
MylesWAMario Kart 7DogsM554
MylriahdWAShin Megami Tensei IVDogsM72
NarilkaWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F869
NathanWAZelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition-M430
nathanbpNJNintendo Zone Viewer-M940
nattoHIAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM123
NefertitusVAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM695
NerdmaidWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F115
NickUSAMario Kart 7DogsM25
nickWANintendo eShop-M12
NickWANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM670
NickWAPicross eDogsM175
NickBCTetris AxisDogsM302
NiKKiPAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF642
NinjaOHSuper Mario 3D LandCatsM833
NiqueWINintendo Zone ViewerCatsF121
NoahORAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM130
oddtroopBCFace Raiders-M114
odiHCANintendo eShop-M11
OkamiGamesWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1956
OneTewWAMii MakerDogsM66
PARAGASWANintendo Zone ViewerDogsM348
ParkerWASystem SettingsCatsM883
PatWASystem SettingsDogsM805
PatrickBCNintendo eShop-M107
PaulBCMario Kart 7DogsM366
PeteWAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsM216
PevoWANew Super Mario Bros. 2DogsM271
PhoWASystem Settings-M869
PichúMexico (Sinaloa)Fire Emblem AwakeningCatsM447
PinkerchuBCAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F15
PolynomialILProfessor Layton and the Miracle MaskCatsM669
PopeAKGhost Trick: Phantom DetectiveDogsM80
PS3WASystem SettingsCatsM653
PyCAShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM2255
quaffBCAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M305
quaxarAKBrain Age: Concentration TrainingCatsM1401
Quiet KatWASystem SettingsDogsM983
R0FLWAFFL3WANintendo Zone ViewerCatsF463
RadiantWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF885
RaeWAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsF99
RaphaëlQBShin Megami Tensei IVCatsM582
RasczakCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM914
RayABNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM203
ReggieWACode of PrincessCatsM144
RevenWASystem SettingsDogsM652
rice?!?WANintendo eShop-M43
RichCABrain Age Express: SudokuDogsM669
RichBCLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonDogsM1344
RichORNintendo eShopCatsM1347
RiotWASuper Mario 3D LandDogsM127
RipkatWAPokémon White VersionCatsM327
RixchsBCTheatrhythm: Final FantasyDogsM628
RoWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF932
ROWAMario Kart 7-M179
RobBCFire Emblem Awakening-M699
RobCOSystem Settings-M3
RobbyORFire Emblem AwakeningDogsM361
RoboCheeseVASystem SettingsDogsM1567
RobotfanWAColors! 3DCatsM987
RocketWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM66
RolyatkcinMAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1279
RomaniWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F415
RonMIMario Kart 7DogsM1082
rossclWANintendo 3DS CameraDogsM27
RuciferWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-F11
RueWAPokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to InfinityCatsF389
RustyCAShin Megami Tensei IV-M89
RyanCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM501
RyanWASystem Settings-M250
RyanWASystem SettingsCatsM365
S.A.M.PAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M424
S.H. CaseCA--M122
SamWAFire Emblem AwakeningDogsF281
samtAKMii MakerDogsM211
SamusORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM260
SassifrassWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF195
ScarlettORAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF163
ScatterCAMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM324
ScottORFire Emblem AwakeningCatsM653
ScottCAMario Kart 7CatsM393
ScottORMii MakerCatsM909
ScottWASystem Settings-M69
ScottyNHShin Megami Tensei IVDogsM1918
SeanORAlex Rider StormbreakerDogsM1919
SeanCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM448
SeanWAPac-Man & Galaga DimensionsDogsM2076
SeiryuuTNSystem SettingsCatsM10
Ser BearWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM415
ShaneCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM210
sharp65MAMario Kart 7DogsM1035
shawnWASonic Rush-M325
shockwaverMBSystem SettingsCatsM145
ShrieveCASuper Mario 3D Land-F521
ShrikeWAShin Megami Tensei IV-M299
SickBoyBCNintendo Zone ViewerDogsM470
SikulateMDNintendo eShopDogsF445
silverjfkABSystem Settings-M400
SirDapperWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM149
SiyraCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF515
SkylerORNintendo Zone ViewerCatsM167
SmooshieTXSystem SettingsDogsF659
SnaggleWANintendo 3DS Camera-M616
SogekingORNintendo eShop-M68
SolcadeABMii MakerDogsM890
SondarWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF304
SpartacusVASuper Mario 3D Land-M36
SpencerBCFire Emblem Awakening-M862
SpockHISystem SettingsDogsM407
StarskyCTFire Emblem AwakeningDogsM507
StecMISamurai Warriors: Chronicles-M88
SteffuCANintendo eShopDogsF178
StephanieBCNintendo Zone ViewerDogsF984
SteveORSystem SettingsDogsM698
stewartWAMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate-M252
StuBCAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM485
SundanceWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF127
SwiftORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM668
SwishieeCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM257
Sylvia [E]CAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF556
TahliaCOMario Kart 7-F114
TaiWAMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate-M183
TakOZWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM202
TarekCASuper Street Fighter IV 3D EditionDogsM348
TarosMNProject X ZoneCatsF75
TeganORMario Kart 7CatsM239
TehanuORMii MakerCatsF438
Tekk!CanadaAmbassador CertificateDogsM1651
TenzenCAMii Maker-M423
terryWAAce Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthDogsM83
The ChompWASystem SettingsCatsF90
the StefWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF425
ThomasWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M62
TictocBCMii MakerCatsF208
TifaCAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsF949
TigerBehrWAShin Megami Tensei IV-M57
TimothyWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM411
timrgeorgeMAMario Kart 7DogsM16
tk drowsyWAMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate-M3
ToastyTXProfessor Layton and the Curious VillageDogsF670
TommyWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF107
TonyHISteamWorld DigCatsM1454
TotsWAPokémon White VersionDogsF340
TravisTXKingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysDogsM194
TristanWAStar Fox CommandDogsM717
TurnipsBCSystem Settings-F128
TwistBeatWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF717
TyrelBCLuigi's Mansion: Dark Moon-M367
tyreseNCLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonCatsM224
UkiniORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF1168
UnfetteredSCAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M269
V-SinMTMii Maker-M854
VashONMario GolfDogsM561
VectorWAMii Maker-M2041
VeeORNintendo Zone ViewerCatsF369
VernonUSAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M155
VictorBCFire Emblem AwakeningCatsM134
VincyWAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M78
ViruKatWAFire Emblem AwakeningCatsF314
vjABThe Legend of Zelda: The Minish CapDogsM633
WaceyUTMonster Hunter 3 UltimateDogsM773
wafflestompNEAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM695
Walkin'GAProfessor Layton and the Miracle MaskDogsM2005
WedjatWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM29
WestonUTAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM228
wetchickenONSystem Settings-M109
WheatleyWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM1643
Whitney11CAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF153
WhytmageWASystem SettingsCatsM446
WiiJonORDownload Play-M236
Will SmithCAMario & Luigi: Dream TeamDogsM540
WinWAEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the TitanDogsM526
WinjaORAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsM402
WoodgirlWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF371
XanatosABNintendo eShop-M318
XanthorCAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M238
yabanjinCATetris DS-F352
ZackyMNNine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine DoorsCatsM140
ZephrIDAnimal Crossing: New LeafDogsM174
ZiraWAAnimal Crossing: New LeafCatsF523
ZoesephWAMii MakerCatsM425
ZohoPAAnimal Crossing: New Leaf-M245
ZorcherCOLuigi's Mansion: Dark MoonCatsM1549
ZxBCZelda II: The Adventure of LinkCatsM88
Posted by GrantHeaslip

You're doing god's work.

Ping Pals is indeed a pretty amazing DS deep cut. I would also have been pretty happy with Sprung if we're talking about horrendous DS launch titles.

Posted by TruthTellah

Woah. That is some data.

Not at all surprised by the popularity of Animal Crossing. It really seems to have caught on with everyone I know that has a 3DS.

Posted by Hailinel

I don't know what was up with Cowlaunchr. I StreetPassed with him five times over all four days. It was like having a StreetPassing shadow.

Edited by Slag

Wyoming doesn't exist.

Posted by bobafettjm

Glad to see some Alaskans representing this time around. I am actually quite surprised at seeing 8.

Posted by Marino

@hailinel said:

I don't know what was up with Cowlaunchr. I StreetPassed with him five times over all four days. It was like having a StreetPassing shadow.

Shit, you too? And he has 9,999,999 troops in the war game. What the hell?