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I'm still doing this "games featured on GCCX" thing, now midway through Season 4 of the show. Most of the games I've checked so far have been fairly major titles and required little work besides the occasional header image. That list includes five SNES pages I was able to just skip over, having been part of the previous wiki project.

I did get to add one new page, though, proving that there's still some work to be done for this mini-project: The PC Engine CD-ROM game Quiz Tonosama no Yabou. A whole month with the PCE-CD/TurboGrafx-CD and I still can't escape it.

Meanwhile, I actually have several episodes of the show to watch too. Some recent translations were completed last month and I've yet to catch up on them.

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@straightgrizzly: Oh, I don't. I usually forget I have it most times. I've been making better use of shadowed areas, lockers and crawling under stuff. From watching the last MGScanlon, it seems way too common that some guard comes over and kicks the box.

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@baillie: Well, I did say that they're starting to win me over, and I'm using the less pejorative Giant Bomb definition of "dumb" in most cases.

I actually just got caught up with MGScanlon 2, since they haven't left the Tanker yet, and I've picked up a few more ideas moving forward. There is a lot to this game I've yet to discover, that's for sure.

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Late reply! I just completed touching up all the fuzzy header images for SNES releases between 1990-92 and am now starting my new Wiki Project: The Complete Kacho (I need to start spending more than 30 seconds on coming up with names for these projects, I'm as bad as the secretary from Metal Wolf Chaos).

Essentially, I'm ensuring that every game that has been featured on GCCX (around 180) has its own complete page. So far it's meant grabbing a few header images and fixing typos for some high profile NES games (can you believe the Super Mario Bros page was filled with 2nd person usage?), but that show has gone on to present plenty of obscure Japan-only stuff after covering the obvious landmark games. We also have a fairly comprehensive page for Shinya Arino, with links to all the games featured on the show (with a few exceptions that I'll be addressing). The intent is to have a background resource for any GCCX fan.

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Bumped, because it's finally done. Twenty-four straight days of TurboGrafx-CD action, as promised. Thanks for reading, everyone.

I'm still not sure if I'll bring this feature back next year, what with the general lack of interest coupled with the fact that I'm running out of stuff to cover, but maybe I'll find some other way to celebrate the enigma that is the TurboGrafx. Possibly some wiki completion feature, like the Super '93 project? Or get deeper into all the super obscure stuff I didn't cover. I guess we'll see in October 2015.

(Psst, I might be making some bonus episodes once Extra Life is over with. If nothing else, I have a particularly spooky game to cap off the month with.)

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@arbitrarywater: You may be right. My history with CRPGs began with Dungeon Master in the late 80s -- which despite concealing almost all the spell recipes from you and any concrete data about the effectiveness of the weapons/armor, is so straightforward anyone could play it today and not have much trouble -- and games like it like Eye of the Beholder before jumping to 16-bit JRPGs after I fell in love with Secret of Mana. I eventually hopped back to CRPGs in the late 90s with games like Daggerfall and Baldur's Gate and Diablo and M&M VII. In that sense, I feel like I side-stepped the truly oblique era of Gold Box D&D games and the earlier Wizardrys/Might and Magics, so despite playing games from this genre for almost 25 years I still get a little lost with some of the more complex ones (well, besides those based on D&D, since I'm familiar enough with that system).

Really, though, Might and Magic III probably just takes a little more dedication than I was willing to invest. I could always save before the weapon shop and then experiment with the large budget they gave me. I could get everyone bows and arrows and shoot enemies from afar if there's too many (something I believe this game introduces). I instead elected to get lost in the starting town for a while and then dogpiled by a thousand orcs outside the gates, because drama. Or something.

That music, though.

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@sparky_buzzsaw: Yep. Well, the characters from this game specifically. The default party has an even number of good and evil characters, and they split up at the start of VII to go work with the good/evil factions from that game. They even have the same names.

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I think it's more "a Charizard with a problem".

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The Leigh Alexander comments are why I'm in favor of instituting the Lang Litmus Test. Essentially, if any Giant Bomb guest is or has ever been ruder/more unruly than Dave Lang, then we will allow them to be derided on our forums. So far, no such person exists.

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Regarding Giant Bomb's community: The many regular posters, bloggers, reviewers and community content creators we have here on the forums is a very small part of what I would consider the Giant Bomb community. That community is also the huge threads on PA and NeoGAF and SA; it's the subreddits and the threads in /v/ and 8chan; and it's the YouTube and Twitch subs and commenters that give Patrick shit whenever his videos go up. It's everyone we've ever had to ban (or have stormed off the site in a huff after a less severe warning), but have been politely told that they can continue watching the videos and enjoy the site's content that they may or may not have subscribed to.

When someone complains about our community, they don't just mean those of us here in these forums who are usually unfailingly polite and have done nothing to incur the dispassionate wrath of the moderators and get themselves excluded. There's no need to be rude to anyone who makes the assumption that our community could use some work. Of course, there's no easy way we can acquiesce to their requests to improve the average temperament of the enormous number of people who enjoy this site either. Covering all those bases is a problem outside the purview of the mods, that's for sure, though there's probably something we could be doing to improve things all the same.