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@shagge: I'd be down for a Mr. Belvedrew. "Killstreaks on the Halo, never mattered before, who cares?"

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@epidehl: I love that Europe got that PSP port of Eternia and the US didn't. Almost made up for the two we didn't get (well, one now).

Of course, I think there's still around half of the series (not counting spin-offs) that have yet to get an official English translation whatsoever. I'd love to play a remastered Destiny 2 (the real one) or Rebirth someday.

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A worthy successor to the Giant Bomb Night Court opening.

Is replacing the intros of 80s/90s TV shows with the Bomb Crew actually a thing now? Or does there need to be at least one more before it becomes a trend? Someone make one more.

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@yummylee: No problem. It's just I couldn't find a way to discuss the game in this much detail without bringing up such a pivotal moment. It'd be like talking about Final Fantasy 6 in-depth without mentioning the World of Ruin or anything that happens within it.

@epidehl: I hear ya. I prefer some of the old 2D games like Destiny and Eternia, because the 3D combat can get a little too hectic for me sometimes. It's also the case that SNES/PS1 RPGs fall within my "golden era" (to paraphrase what Paul Barnett was saying that one time), back when I had way more time to chug through these things.

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@truthtellah: @slag: This one got a little out of hand, I'll admit. The fun with dissecting a Tales game is reviewing all of the influences for its locations and characters, often from previous games in the series. I did something similar a long time ago with Final Fantasy XIII (though I had the sense to break that up into multiple blogs). After covering everything notable I was left with one heck of a word salad I didn't really know how to edit down meaningfully.

I like Abyss plenty. Like I said to Sparky, it's probably not the first Tales game I'd recommend to those unfamiliar with the series, but it's a solid enough entry that I'm happy I was finally given the chance to play. Even so, I suppose this monstrosity came about because I'll willfully write 2000 words on a Steam game that took me an hour to beat. For something that took closer to a month, I felt like going the extra mile.

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Just this mammoth blog about animes saving the world for you this week. I'll spread myself around a bit more next time. So to speak.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone.

@generic_username: I've only beaten seven Tales games myself, and as Yummylee pointed out Legendia has yet to be released in Europe (and I'm not importing a US PS2 any time soon). I've got Graces f sitting on my PS3 HDD, but I'm going to give it a few months at the very least. If I start up another JRPG this year, it'll probably be Ni no Kuni or Trails in the Sky.

@sparky_buzzsaw: I think that's fair. I've yet to play Xillia, but my Tales-crazy friend is halfway through it and claims it's already one of her favorites. Symphonia and Vesperia are probably the two I'd recommend to newcomers, given their quality and how relatively easy it is to get ahold of them regardless of whether you're in Europe or the US. It's the nature of the Tales series that you shouldn't feel the need to play all of them, given how similar they are, but at the same time they become more fun the more of them you see due to the way they keep referring back to one another.

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Well, at least we know now that the editor accepts over 50,000 characters. Christ on a crisp cracker. I really let this one get away from me, huh.

At least I didn't spend as much time on this one as I did on Tales of Vesperia. That was a hell of a time.

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Just a review this week. Working on something bigger this weekend.

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Yes, it's some sort of database issue. My image count went from over 5000 to 0 for a time, but an engineer managed to fix it for me in just a few moments. I would assume that the images are still there, there's just a missing connection between where they're kept and the user's profile.

I don't think it has anything to do with the user's browser/OS, but mine was Chrome and Win7 for reference.