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Bwahaha, I could've warned you about Kick Challenger Air Foot (and probably did). If I find any more terrible tomato games while wiki-ing, I'll ketchup with you later.

Apparently Puzzle Boy's sequel changes the tomato into a potato, if you wanted to find another potato game to feature it with. I'm sure there's some YouTuber out there with a list of potato protagonists.

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@hailinel: Honestly, I think that example demonstrates why we should have Quick Looks and Critical Reviews with no middle ground. The former's useful for quick and dirty impressions for those eager to buy something brand new and want some affirmation that the game's not complete dreck, while the latter can arrive at its own pace and give itself time to form properly. Sort of like the microwave ready meal and the sous-vide of video game coverage, respectively. (And appropriate, since I think those two are all that Dan Ryckert will be eating from here on out.)

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Munchakoopas? Is that Polish?

Also, I guess we need to add another rule to this new ruleset prohibiting users from calling Nintendo fanboys "homo nintendonus".

(Talking of which, let's keep our criticism of Patrick's article constructive, if indeed you have something critical to say. Personally, I would think that any and all new Yoshi information is important to Jeff Gerstmann's vision for this site.)

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You're not wrong about being worried. I think GameSpot saw how Polygon is slowly becoming Kotaku 2 (Ko-two-ku?) and figured it'd be more merciful in the long run to lose those guys and give them a shot somewhere else rather than force them to do abject clickbait-y nonsense for just enough advertising dollars to pay their checks. That's no way to be in this business and enjoy/respect what you do, and you're just diminishing your own reputation (or brand, since you invoked that term) in the process.

Honestly, I think you give me too much credit. I'm proud of some of the blogs I've written on this site, but a lot of it is goofy throwaway stuff I just tend to write for fun. My daily series, comics and LPs especially are just exercises: attempts to prove (to myself, really) that I can maintain some level of satisfactory quality on a consistent basis if need be. I'd say yourself, Dankempster and Gamer_152 are the best community writers we have because it's clear how much work you all put into the format and research and proofreading, and folk like VGK and Arbitrary and Moosey and Sparky have worked such a long time on their style that everything they write is always competent and entertaining reading. I do wish we had the amount of bloggers we used to, but it's starting to pick up again.

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Done up to here. The deletion requests anyway; another user handled the default images.

@wholefunshow: RoboCop 3 was my bad. I worked on the page only recently and even went into detail about the differences between the console and home computer versions. Should've zapped those images then. I made sure to replace the header image too.

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Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone. Just saw the three Golden Age movies, since everyone was recommending them. It had some janky animation in parts (it really does look like a PS2 game when they're showing people talking from a distance) but was a pretty faithful retelling overall. They lost Wyald and that cool Bakiraka quintet in the third movie, but considering what they chose to focus on instead I can't really blame them. Harrowing to watch all that stuff play out animated. (I hope they make more of them; I'd like to see the end of the Kushan arc, but that's quite far away in the timeline of the manga.)

I feel kinda bad I spoiled pretty much the whole Golden Age arc for people who hadn't seen it in one form or another. That trilogy of movies would be a good place to start if you want to understand this blog's references a little better. I believe they're all out on Blu-Ray in the US currently, if you can find them at a good price.

I also forgot about Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War and Mount & Blade: Warband: while there's no demons or really any kind of dark fantasy business, they both have the same kind of mercenary code camaraderie and nobility aspirations of the Band of the Hawk. I wonder if someone's made a "Band of the Hawk" mod for Mount & Blade yet?

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@video_game_king: Derby Stallion II is only a few months away, if you're referring to Arino's inadvertent acts of horse incest in its predecessor. (Man, I'm really classing up the place with these comments. Sorry Bobafettjm!)

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Finished October '93 today; just two months left to go. Two new pages for horse racing/raising sims of all things. They seem to be breeding, so to speak.

The most amusing of the last bunch I worked on was a page you yourself had built up a bit: Super Nichibutsu Mahjong 2. For some random mahjong sim that was marketed as a "suitable for all ages" game, it sure does objectify women a lot. Just check out this screenshot where you select the gender for your create-a-character:

And there's girls in one-pieces and bunny suits on practically every menu too:

This one's just asking how many players you want around the table. I guess there was space left over?

It made me laugh, anyway. Just how desperate were Nihon Bussan to sell their mahjong game? I guess it worked, because there's another two of these to go. (Apologies to ZP for all the half-naked animes.)

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We can argue about what belongs on a wiki page, but there shouldn't be any concern about how much (relevant) information is on the page if it's all been formatted correctly with appropriate headers. The wiki allows you to quickly zip down to any section of a wiki page by hovering over the "Game Wiki" tab and selecting the desired header. I have to imagine we implemented that to make navigating huge pages filled with data easier to navigate, which means editors are welcome to make pages as large as they'd like.

Also, yes, don't fill pages of characters from comics/movies/TV with too much extraneous information irrelevant to their appearances in games. For comic book characters especially, we have a comic book wiki like right across the hall for that kind of information. (Actually, it might help if we included cross-site Comic Vine links to big character pages like Batman as well as the more obscure Marvel/DC/Image characters that might pop up in a game in a minor role.)

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I got your notification before today's blog went up and wondered how you already knew about it. I'd completely forgotten I wrote a review of Toki Tori 2 last weekend. So I guess that's two things this week.

Since he wasn't mentioned in your list of notifications, I'll also submit @thatpinguino's take on my Mento + The Mechanics series. I'm all for more game mechanics talk around here.