A Z-A of.. Ztuff I Haven't Played Yet

Hola, GB. This is like the other A-Z list, but in a different direction. I'm reversing it up because these are games I haven't played but someday want to. Either they're on the backlog already and I'm just procrastinating over them (and when you're procrastinating about something you do for fun, that's a new hallmark in laziness) or I haven't purchased a copy as of yet.

Anyway, point is, everyone has a "games I want to play" list and that seems like a perfectly justifiable reason to make one of my own. Because damn right I would jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it.

List items

Posted by Video_Game_King

Yes. Go out and play Fire Emblem (the only game I can extensively comment on (I know, I should really get around to Epic Yarn, too)) right now. Hell, it even has a cool tutorial that explains how to play the damn thing.

Posted by AngelN7

You should totally play 999 and do what I did and stop playing after getting one of the multiple endings, that´s right my ending was so messed up that I refuse to get the others no matter how good they are.