"Random PC Game" Timeline

A list of games featured in the Vinny and Dave smash hit "Random PC Game" subscriber-only feature. Each game gets a short summary (don't want to spoil too much after all) and because the list is a little sparse right now I took the liberty of using my crystal ball to ascertain the subjects of future videos, at least until the end of 2012. For some reason I just get static after December 21st.

Also: Boy howdy, gosh and poppycock if Dave isn't making this list harder to organize with all his divergent choices. That's what I get for buying crystal balls on the cheap.

(Since the dumb gag idea with this list kinda blew up in my face, here's a disclaimer: Only the first twelve, with actual dates, are real Random PC Games; the second bunch of ten were suggestions with hypothetical results.)

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Posted by Video_Game_King

Temple of Elemental Evil? I feel like we should be in that future episode as Temple of Elemental Evil experts. They'll need our help (or what we'll call "help"), damn it.

Posted by Village_Guy

Oh man, I really need to get my shit together and get that premium membership so I can watch these...

Posted by Jakdwaugh

Half the videos for these don't seem to exist or I can't find them at least. Any chance you could update the list with direct links to the videos mate?

Edited by Mento

@jakdwaugh: Oh yes, this list. The joke was that I was trying to influence future Random PC Games by adding additional ones with dates set further into the future. But, uh, that obviously backfired after the dates passed and I forgot to set them forward. Only the first ten are actually real. I apologize.

I think I'd better re-edit this list to make it clear that 11-20 are suggestions rather than actual RPCG entries.

Posted by defcomm


Posted by beef_melody

You missed out Omikron, duder... or you're not updating this list now or something, whatever :D

Posted by Mento

@beef_melody: Ooh, thanks for the heads up. I think I stopped updating before Blade Runner happened.

Posted by HighPriest

Man, this is a great list, especially the 13+ numbers. I know I don't get a vote, but I'd love to see Vinny and Alex do some Random PC Games one day.

Posted by Migsse

Its a pity alot of the videos are lost to time, such as Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh.

Would have loved to see that.