State of the PS2 Backlog

My PS2 backlog is horrendous. I blame this partially (only partially?) on my own lack of self-control and the extremely cheap cost of pre-owned PS2 games, a library which continues to grow with the passage of time. Some of the greatest games of five or so years ago are now cheaper than many of the bite-sized offerings of the XBLA/PSN crowd, which doesn't help their case a whole lot.

As such, I have piles of these things lying around and they're all becoming slowly worthless. So rather than fob them off on Blockbusters (currently having its own issues with obsolescence) for a buck each, which is practically criminal, I'm keeping them all using up space I don't really have.

Since I don't have magical time powers like that tiny dog with glasses from that one TV show we never got in the UK but gets referenced endlessly by other shows we do get, I haven't been able to complete all the PS2 games I've collected over the years. That's where this list comes in. I can shift stuff around and prioritize as needed. Hopefully I can clear some of the backlog before I buy another dozen games in a closing down sale [see "Blockbusters" above].

List items

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Posted by omghisam

Tell me about Dark Cloud 2. I have it still in plastic at the bottom of my pile. How does it compare to the other Level-5 rpgs?

Posted by pekoe212

Your PS2 backlog is as bad as mine. I really laughed when you described Digital Devil Saga as "Lovecraft Pokemon." I never thought of it that way, but it's so true.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, time traveling nerd dogs? What the hell is that? Also, PS2 games have hit N64 circa 2004 levels? I have to get on that shit! (I'd comment on the games, but I've only played three. The Metal Gear Solids are cool, and I have a history with Code: Veronica X that I'll detail once I blog about it (remember the XBLA release near the end of next month?).)

Posted by C2C

Wow, lot of games. I wouldn't play Time Crisis II without the Guncon, it just loses a lot of its arcadey flavor without it.

Posted by Mento

@Video_Game_King: This thing.

This (rather unexpected) community spotlight plug has reminded me I still have a PS2 somewhere. I should probably plug it in and beat at least one of these games this year, I guess. I sound super committed.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Or you could send all these games to me. Don't know how to send shit to the Moon? Vito does.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I dunno. I got pretty far in Nocturne and, with the exception of the Matador battle, I didn't have to actively grind. To be fair though, that boss fight comes out of nowhere and is possibly the cheapest thing they could throw at you at that point. 
Thankfully, being that I am a reletively new PS2 owner, my backlog currently consists of that (because I still need to finish it at some point), the first Disgaea (a game where the grinding was a turn-off) and... Final Fantasy Tactics? Yeah. I've owned FFT for like 18 months now and have yet to get past the first few hours. Otherwise, my PS2 collection is mostly Fighting Games, which are backlog proof.

Posted by Slag

You can bang out the Onimusha game sin 4-6 hours pretty easily.

I'm completely with you on Star Ocean; till the End of Time, what a backtrack grindfest