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Its still a fingerprint magnet.

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Its dependent on the genre.
Rock: Male or female 
Rap: Male 
Pop: Female 
I like both, really. I just for the most part, detest male singers for pop. While I admire their talent in managing to get to the higher pitches, in the end some of them sound more like girls than boys.

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I cannot comprehend this story to tell what the moral is.

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I think people here are coming off too harshly on ending his relationship. Just because most of the time a distant relationship doesn't work out, doesn't mean that this is an exception. 
OP, in all of seriousness, you should talk to your girlfriend about your concern, rather than the dickhead community that is Giantbomb. She's going to be away for 2 years. That's a long time without seeing each other in person. In these two years, people can change. Relationships don't naturally last very long. I mean, you can try to keep the relationship in tact by talking to her over the webcam or telephone as much as possible, but its a difficult prospect. Ask about how she feels, and if she is alright with you dating other girls while she's gone. I think this is the best, if, she is willing to accept it. She has to understand that, she'll be away for a long time, and that you two may or may not necessarily be together by the time she comes back. 
All the best luck to you OP.

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I can't tell if its tragic that this kind of product was made just because well... it seems outlandish, or that there is a certain necessity for this in the increasing problems associated with cyber bullying. 
This certainly is a better alternative, albeit abnormal and unconventional, solution other than the usual suicide point of view. What can I say? The product is laughable, but it has its uses. I certainly wouldn't recommend using this product, seeing how most educational videos tend to be more cliche and cheesy than helpful. Teenagers need to talk to an adult about this. Problem is, they don't. Or they do, but grown ups don't understand their problems. Why don't they talk to adults? I don't know. Maybe its embarrassing.

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@Mikemcn: I think you're taking the unlock things too seriously. While it bugs me that I have to sometimes unlock certain guns which I probably don't think is nearly as fun (sniping), I wouldn't focus all my energies into unlocking every thing there is in the game.
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Its just a natural thing part of some of us in Humanity. Some of us are shy. And some of us are, well, excessively vocal and very opening. 
Nothing entirely wrong.

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Vancouver, BC. <3

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Ahaha, that's brilliant.

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Surprised nobody said this yet. 
Can I have your account?