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@stonyman65: This makes sense to me. Eventually, things like this just even out on their own. It's like the concept of white rappers. While I'm not a scholar on the history of rap, most early rap appears to be made by black men who weren't so concerned about being "forward thinking" and "open-minded." Eventually, enough white people began to enjoy black rappers that a few of these fans then went on to have successful rap careers and draw more white people into rap. Now in 2014, Iggy Azalea (a white Australian woman) can have a #1 rap hit and someone like RiFF RAFF can exist.

If people are so concerned about not having enough equality in video games and the gaming press, introduce your friends of that minority to the games industry and show them that there are games that they will like. My girlfriend (who rarely plays games) is really into art and design, so I showed her Tearaway and by the end of the week, she was begging me to bring my Vita over to her house so she could play it. If a few minorities enjoy a culture dominated by white men, eventually people from these minorities will show up in the industry (like they are right now) and inspire more people of minorities to become programmers, journalists, gamers, etc.

That's just my opinion. It seems like a more productive way to go about it than burning everyone at the stake who unintentionally offends you.

At the end of the day, I want Jeff and Giant Bomb to hire people who mesh well with them, whether that's Dan Rykert, Carrie Gouskos or my adopted black lesbian second cousin (That's not a joke, she really exists.)

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I more or less do the same thing. I work from 4-8:30 two nights a week doing tech support with a couple other guys. We rarely get called. It's wonderful.

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@cmblasko: Sadly, nope. For reasons that I don't know, R/B/Y and G/S/C aren't compatible with the 3rd generation of games and onward. Because of that, the oldest pokemon you can get into X and Y are ones from 10 years ago, which is still pretty impressive.

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As some who has dislocated my kneecap four times, I think I can give you some good advice. Then again, I dislocate it all the time because I have loose joints. Anyways, walk on it as little as possible. One of the times that it went back in on its own after it popped out, I was at football practice. I took an hour break and tried to shake it off and get back to practice. By the end of the day, I couldn't walk on my own from all of the swelling.

Moral of the story is that you should do as little walking or bending as possible. My doctor would tell me to treat it with the acronym RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Also, once your knee pops out once, the chances of it popping out again soon are greater. I'm assuming that's because you just stretched all of those tendons and ligaments. Hopefully I helped!

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They also put Animal Crossing up at midnight, so I would wait until 12:01, close the eshop app, reopen it and then it should be ready to download.

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So did we confirm a time that this is all going down today?

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@naru_joe93: Exactly. I really hate how people get to decide which race a mixed-race person is based on the situation. George Zimmerman is only half-white, but becomes full-white the second he's suspected of murdering a black person. People do the same thing to President Obama, too. He's also half-white, but Samuel L. Jackson and many others voted for him because he was black.

And for the record, I really don't know if Zimmerman should have been guilty or not guilty. I don't know all of the facts. I just think many of the people that cry "Racist!" in situations like these are the ones acting racist.

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@joebillmatt: I forgot about the Cleveland Heights one being close to B-Side. Disregard my last post. It's only 20 extra minutes for me to go to the Cleveland Heights one.

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@lord_xp: Yeah, the Independence Melt would save me some time. As long as it isn't too inconvenient for the people farther up north.

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I'll second the idea of going to The Melt. My college friends and I were wanting to go last semester, but we never got around to it. Also, I'd prefer we go the 27th if we're going to B Side so I'll be 21. Would they even let me in if I was still 20?