Flashback project: Games finished 2nd quarter of 2011 part 3

Epic Dungeon (360 india game)
I was watching  Lordkat play talk and play this for Indie Game of the Week. It's 80 points ($1) and it's the best. I played this off and on for a few months and every time the game had  a update that added something new. I didnt know that this game had  a ending until the game added  in game achievements.

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (PS2)
After playing the first couple of levels in this game you basically played everything the game has to offer. Go to location, find object  your looking for, bad guys come,take object and you escape. Repeat that  three time and that the game. Review coming soon?

inFamous 2
Will write a review of this soon, was to busy and tired from writing E3 and working a fest. I really enjoyed this game, didnt mind the different voice for Cole. should play some user missions before writing review. 

Duke Nukem Forever(360)
Read my review here

Streets of Rage 2
The version I played was free for Playstation plus members and it had online co-op arcade version. Played some co-op but kept getting  dicks that attack me and not the enemies or after a level just leave. I beat this game alone on very easy, I tried to beat the  sega version on easy and could never make it to the end. 

Streets of Rage
After beating two I wanted to beat the first. I used save states to beat this, I would always end up on the last level with 1 life left and never could make it. Last level is insane where you fight all the bosses from the other levels. 

Red Faction: Armageddon
Read my review here

Flashback project: Games finished 2nd quarter of 2011 part 2

 cuteness overload!
OMG this game is so fucking CUTE! it's a fun game, no challenge but its calming and relaxing to play. Like the look of the game and what they go with the look. I do think having the word Epic is dumb. This game is not an epic yawn. 
It's the same as one, the first game is the first game I ever beat. I enjoyed one and I enjoyed two as well. 
I use save states, yeah I don't care. This version of the home alone is bad, no reason the version on SNES could not be on NES because SNES version is on the gameboy. I played this mostly to fill in info about this game on Giantbomb. 
I wanted to speed through this to get to Super Castlevania IV. I played only as Belmont for the whole game, I did get Sypha but didn't know how to get or use any of her magic spells. I would like to play through this game and take a different route that I took before. 
This game is not hard just need to remember patterns and you will blow through the game. The bosses and easy and dumb that about half of them are Transformers icon and a nut looking thing. 
It feels like they put no effort in to making this game. There little to no story, look, sound, guns, multiplayer all the same from one. Feel bad for anyone who got this game.
       Conduit 2          
May write a review. 
I was going to post my play through of this but video mess up and glitch. It's an ok game but no real challenge to the game. Just run through kicking and punching until you reach the boss. Some of the Bosses are hard, all of them want to pin you to the corner and rape you. 
At first I wasnt sure if I would like this game, I love this game now. The story is great, the ending made me cry I wont lie. Online is fun with the challenges and different game modes. Still need to play the undead nightmare dlc. Close to the best story of 2010.
There is nothing else can I say about this game that others have said about this over and over. Everything is great, graphs, music and controls are the best. A lot of the jumps I made I landed on the edge and didnt fall off unlike the other Castlevania games, also you don't fall like a piece of lead. 
      wine wine wine SHUT UP!!
Review coming soon, I liked half of  this game. The reason I said half is due to the side kicks you are teamed up with. Two of the four side kicks are talkie, they wont shut up. Green lantern and Blue beetle talk so damn much I wanted the rush the part of the game to end it quit. Fun game if you're a Batman fan.

Flashback project: Games finished 2nd quarter of 2011 part 1

Donkey Kong Country
I owned this as a kid, also had a video of a behind the of the game. Got stuck on a level, tried for days to pass it and gave up. I picked up the game for the GBA and again got stuck in the same level and gave up, after playing Donkey Kong Country returns I pick up and soon after pass the level. After that the rest of the game felt easy.

After watching the last Angry video game nerd video. Saw him play this and was bored so I play it and beat it in 12 mins. All you do in the game is collect shells from jelly fish and crabs to shot, you go to a dock and you level up. After leveling up a few time you go look for jaws and kill him. The next day tried to beat it again and record it but after an hour I gave up. I kept running in to sharks and I didn't need to collect anymore shells just need to level up.
Master Chu And The Drunkard Hu

Beat this game my 2nd time playing it, very easy game. There is no reason for up to be jump button, a button waves a fan that does nothing. Play through of this can be found on my youtube http://www.youtube.com/mikeydct
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

I enjoyed this game, I feel that this game is like Zelda 2 with some hating and some liking it.
The Karate Kid

This game is only hard on the last level with the enemies with spears and the end boss is the hardest part of the game. Seeing Mr. Miyagi wink at the end was all worth it.
Wolfenstein (360)

This game is trash, there an open world part to the game that just there to make the game longer. The graphs besides the opening cut scene look bland and dull. They added aliens and alien magic to the game, why? People keep sending you under cover but the first person that see you your cover is blown. I played the demo way back when it came out and liked it. I'm glad I didn't buy this.
Fester's Quest

This is a good game if you just level up your gun all the way. Enjoyed playing it, did be become a bitch with one of the bosses until I looked up how to beat him.
Metal Gear Solid

First Playstation game I own, got it with the essential collection. First play through I didn't have a memory card so I tried to play all the way throw and got to Raven, 2nd to last boss. Great game, if I can find it may play the Gamecube remake.
Top Gun

Once you learn how to land and that you fly up and to the right or left this game is a cake walk. I landed the plane three out of four times. Top Gun 2 going to be hard because that flying up and to the left or right wont work.
Wayne's World (NES)

This game is just plain bad, bad graphs, bad sound, bad controls, bad game play. Wayne's kick can't hit anything. The ending is almost like the Karate Kid, you fight a hard boss and kick the crap out of him.

Quick thoughts on Playstation Press Conference 2011

Uncharted 3- The trailer showed Sullivan and sounds like then game will have more of him so SOLD! Demo happen on a old cruise ship. The water looked great, it had volume and flowed nicely. Cant wait to play the beta later this year.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in time- Never played any Sly but I did pick up Sly cooper 1 and 2 a month ago and have not played them yet.

Resistance 3- looks the same as 1 and 2, I dont care for this game.

God of War: Origins Collection- both PSP games coming to the PS3, 2 less reasons I want a PSP.

NBA 2K12- Like the Heat joke at Kobe and that Kobe sucked at the game when they say wasy to pick up and play

Medieval Moves: -deadmens Quest- looks like the move demo we saw last year was turned in to a game.

Showed a InFamous 2 trailer which is out tomorrow, review coming soon.

PlayStation Vita- $250-300 ok good. games look almost like a PS3 game. Showed off  Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ruin, ModNation Racers and Street Fighter X Tekken which Cole from InFamous 2 will be in the game. 

Over all alittle boring, no new big titles, PlayStation Vita was linked a few days ago. Most of the show was move and Vita, two things I dont care for. Also no twisted metal? 

Quick thoughts on Ubisoft Press Conference 2011

rayman origins- looks artish like Braid. Guessing its a speed run game, the whole demo was them run fast, Looks fun.

Driver: San Francisco- nothing new that I didnt see or hear from last year

Far cry 3- looks alittle better than 2. I hope the guns for break down, I hated that in 2. Watching the trailer on TV most of it was beeeeeeeep.

Tin Tin game really?

Tom Clancy's Future soldier- 4 player co op, seems more Call of duty than Ghost Recon. From twitter: hilarygoldstein - "Ghost Recon makes me want to play Modern Warfare 3, which is saying something." and he is right

Just dance 3 WHY!!!!!!!??????

Rocksmith- help you learn to play the guitar, it will fail other games have tried this and none have been good.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations- cant beleve that its coming out with year, demo looks great fire looks nice. Wonder if that will have multiplayer too, Brotherhood multiplay looked fun but its already dead from what I saw on the 360.

Trackmania 2- wanted to hear about shooter mania and quest mania but nothing.

Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking- oh god a Kinect game, mini game where you fill in the shape looks like a fun party game... for 5 mins.

Over all I wanted this to end I couldnt stand watching this press conference. I hate Mr. Caffeine, all his jokes got dead silence, please bring back Joel. Only two games I enjoyed watching were Far cry 3 and Assassin's Creed: Revelations. This is worst then Konami press conference, that was taped and I could pass the boring parts.

Quick thoughts on EA Press Conference 2011

Mass effect 3- melee attack added to the game, grenades are back from one I will hate that it may have less RPG is it but if the story and action is good I will look passed it.

Need for speed: the run- not just racing cars also be on foot. looks like Need for speed meets mirrors edge. looks greats like the last need for speed game.

SSX- never played a snowboarding game, may rent it when it comes out. uses satellite pic to form the maps, cool. 

FIFA12- boring break time

Star Wars: The Old Republic- Trailer and no game play again come on two years now with no game play.

Madden 12- at the start of the press conference it was said that they didnt need celebs for the press conference but three football players, that count as celeb? 

Sims social- Sims facebook game that people will spam invite to me and make me hate facebook even more.

Overstrike- class base shooter, looks nice, trailer is funny hope the game is too. 

Battlefield 3- Beta finally happening in September. Frostbite 2 was shown, the engine for the game. levels are more bigger due to it. Looks and sounds so real. Cant wait to play the beta. 

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning- Looks like Dragon age but you get to fight not just press a button and wait while the game fights for you. Even though a pitcher of the Red Sox Curt Schilling is the owner of the Studio I still want to get this game. 

Over all quite a few jokes about paid membership and what other press conferences do. Wish to see more Over strike 9, want to see some game play of The Old Republic and learn more about the on foot parts on the new Need for speed game.

Quick thoughts on Microsoft Press Conference 2011

Modern warfare 3- Looks great, I am guessing that the 1st level was shown, in it get to swim, drive a boat, blow off a tail of a sub then enter the sub. All this happen to a city that under attack, no signs or any idea what city it was. No Price in the demo, hope he is in the game. 

Tomb Raider- revamp game? play as a 21 year old Lara Croft. Demo shown had Lara in a tied up in a cave and needed to escape. Music sounded great and went well with the game. Like the camera look, it had parts in 3rd person view and place cam views like in god of war. This look like the best Tomb Raider game i seen.

Mass effect 3- will use Kinect, looks the same as 2. Didn't show much

Tom Clancy's Future soldier- will use Kinect as well, showed off gun customs very detailed and many options. Showed off play with Kinect and it looked dumb, holding out his fist like he was going to fist and opening is hands to shoot. trailer looked boring with the whole Matrixs frozen time this. 

Showed off new dash board- I dont like it, just looks like they want to show you what you can waste your points on. Youtube on xbox? I will use that like i do with facebook and twitter and thats never. Xbox is so much full of shit it needs Bing to help you find it, Bing is being added to live. Live TV coming to xbox, didnt say much about it. No price given. If its cheaper then the sitalite I'd which. Smart way to sell more 360s to people who already have 1.

Gears of war 3- Gears added mechs to the game. Ice T making a song for horde mode. Looks a touch better than 2.

Ryse- 1st person fighting game in Romen times using Kinect, this is what the hardcore gamers need.

Halo 1 being remade for 360, will have online co op and multiplayer. Hope they are not asking for full price.

Forza 4- I think they should slow down on making these alittle. uses kinect, didnt show much of it. 

Fable the journey or the on rail shooter, mah. uses Kinect, on rails and you shoot magic zzz. Wonder how broken with game will be like Fable 3 was.

Minecraft coming to the 360 woo? online?

Disney mini game collection with a virtual disneyland in it. Sorry kids we cant go to real Disneyland so here play this. The first 2 kid actors were good and the next 2 one  I think was saying the others lines. 

Kinect star wars more then lightsaber, has driving in it too. Looks great aother game thats needed for hardcore gamers

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster - kinect game getting bored with all the kinect games now next. The kid who was saying the other kids lines returns and reads the lines for dad now.

Kinect labs- FUCK, get to play with tools out now

Kinect sports 2- wii sports > this

Dance central 2- now 2 people can dance at once. online?

Halo 4 the fight continues starts where Halo 3 left off

Over all a lot of kinect like last year but most of the games and normal games with kinect suport. No price drop, cheap ass gamer kept guessing at a $50 drop due to $50 gift cards system packs always on sale. Would of like to have a drop on the price of Kinect. do I want a kinect now, alittle before it was a no.

Quick thoughts on Konami Press Conference 2011

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PS3 and! 360, the 360 fan boys go crazy. Why no Metal gear solid 1? Why took the time to port Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker a PSP game to HD why not 1? 
SIlent Hill Collection - only has Silent Hill 2 and 3, I never played a Silent Hill game and not having 1 doesn't make me want to up this up. It should Include one so it can attracted a whole new audience.  
Zone of the Enders collection - I never heard of this franchise until today will look up game play of this later.  This is a collection that I would pick up, it Includes the first game and the 2nd, there are only 3 games out 2 for the PS2 and 1 GBA game. 

NeverDead - This is a 3rd person shooter with the main person is immortal, and we are told he is immortal over and over again. Having a person is a shooter who cant die just leaves the challenge of playing it, its like in Prey in that game you you dont really die you go to the spirit world shoot arrows at ghost for a few seconds and return where you died. You will just run threw the game not caring because you cant die.

Frogger for the 3DS- port of the frogger game for the pc?

Metal gear remake for the 3DS - dont care

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012- zzzzzz bye bye

Sadly no Metal Gear Solid: Rising or Kojima's Newest Game in the press conference and it wont be in E3.

They closed the video (yes video this was not live at all) with a flaming C the logo for contra. Maybe we will hear more of this in one of the big 3 Playstation, xbox, or Nintendo. 

My thoughts and prediction on Playstation network

Sony - PS3 Tower
I decided to throw my two cents in about the Playstation network being hacked. First of all, I am one of the 75 million that were hacked, after hearing this yesterday I change the email and passwords to most of the other accounts I made using the email I used for PSN. Early this year  GeoHot Hotz hacked the PS3, early this month  Anonymous hacked PSN and last week was hacked again. I would like to know did Playstation after being hacked for the first time change anything to make sure it wont happen again? Did they find out how  GeoHot Hotz did it and made it so it wont happen again? My guesses are that they didn't, after something like that would happen I would be hiring ether him or other hackers to help improve  PSN so it couldn't  be hacked. Now I don't know if anyone in the real world has ever done that before, that would never work in real life or I'm watch to much TV. Last night when the story broke I was watching a live stream of Lordkat. He was explaining  how the information  for credit cards and personal information were stored, both need to be stored separate and credit card information on the hard drives are stored like money in a vault. So if the hacker/s have the credit card information Playstation didn't find him and stop him fast or the information was not locked up tight.  Lordkat did said on Saturday that PSN is down due to hackers and that they must have done something bad for it to still be down. Now for what I think will happen to Playstation after this. It is now 8am, when the NY stock exchange opens today Sony stock with fall and will close at a price around $13. Yesterday it closed at $29.70. PSN store will lose a huge (50% to 60% guess) of sells for full games add ons and everything. Yes you can buy pre-paid cards and the sell of those will go up a little but some like myself wont fell safe with Playstation ever again. Trade in and used sell of PS3 will go up a bit, out of the 75 million there will be a few that will sell/trade their PS3 in for a 360. Sells of 360 will go up and sells of PS3 will go down. I am also guessing that we wont see many or no PSN only games, companies wouldn't want to make a game on a console where most of the users don't feel safe on buying it with out a pre-paid card r not at all. During the E3 sony press conference for this year I wont be surprised if a few or most of the people boo Sony and I feel that they may not even show up at TGS or E3 next year if things don't get better. If they had plans for a new PSP or tablet they should just can it. Would you buy any system or tablet from a company that was hacked three time in a few months and one of the hackers has info on all its users? My guess is that Sony wont recover from this and will leave the gaming business.

Games I beat Q1 of 2011 part 3

Math Blaster: Episode 1 - In Search of Spot  
A fun educational game, got alittle lost where you flying with a jetpack on what to do.

This game is hard until you use the holy water, it is so over powered. Holy water pwns all

Dragon Age: Origins  
This game needs a arrow, most of the time in the game I was lost. I did enjoy it and want to play it again as a different class. Still need to play some of the DLC.

The Simpsons Arcade  
Game I think I may beaten this in the arcades. Its a fun game and if it came out on the xbla I would get it. 

Super Mario Galaxy 2  
This game is so much fun but also hard at times. Love all the new things they added like yoshi. I do wish there was more voice acting in the game.

Mega Man X  
I had with as a kid but never beat it, never wrote down the passwords. This game feels very easy, I did get most of the power ups.(no Hadouken)

Mega Man  
I dont think I played this as a kid. The robot masters are not hard but Dr. Willie my god. The first boss you fight the one eye that break in to pieces and goes side to side, I hate that boss, in the anniversary collection you cant do the pause glitch so I did it on rom. At first I thought I couldnt do it on the rom too but found out that I have to hit select button not the start which I was hitting. Derp

3D dot game hero  
I would say I enjoy this more than Link to the past but then I enter the flame temple. In the flame temple if you die you have to do almost every thing you just did again due to the walls raising up, because of this I dead... a lot. This temple took me two days to complete. It feel just like Link to the past but the game tells and shows you where to go so you will never get lost.