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Time to brainstorm a little:

Spelunkin' with Scoops title screen

Luchadeer damsel

Jeff shopkeeper

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Man, this "WHY IS BIOSHOCK INFINITE A SHOOTER" thing irritates me. BioShock Infinite HAS to be a shooter. That's the best way to convey the setting. Columbia is a dangerous, dark, violent place. If the entire game was just exploring the city without incident, that would not be true to the story. Comstock is a dangerous, violent man. Booker DeWitt is a dangerous, violent man who has committed horrific atrocities in his past and this is his last ditch effort to save himself. There is no other way for anybody or anywhere in the game to be.

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It's those dark circles around Ryan's eyes, man. It seems like he's in a bad way, but that mischievous smile and that thumbs up lets you know he's alright, but he IS up to no good.

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I'm avoiding a good number of these things, so let me ask all you people that have been watching these leaks: how do you feel about the pedestrian count? I'm hearing talk from people saying the streets are shockingly barren, and that's concerning me.

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Starbreeze is having a hell of a year. Payday 2 is awesome despite what some people on a website about video games might say, and I haven't played Brothers but I bet it's just as good as everyone says.

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@believer258: Well, there isn't really much friendly AI. If one of your character is about to die, the game says "hey this person's about to die either go help them or switch over to them and fuck shit up".

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Strider, dude.

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I haven't used any VPN that I know of, and that website just says a broad "United States" location.

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I have my profile set to Chicago, and I have the zip code set, but the times on the Upcoming have been set to Eastern time for a couple weeks now. The ticker at the top of the page is still correct, but I've missed most of live streams because of it, and the constant uncertainty if that's the real time or I have to do the math is starting to get kinda irritating.

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@white_silhouette: These are pretty clearly launch day. There's nothing there that isn't already scheduled for the fall.