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" Well which re-skin's predecessor did you enjoy more? Whatever you answer with is the re-skin that you should play. "

haha when you say it like that my choice would be Red Dead Redemption. But really that's because I only recently got a Wii and a bunch of games with it so Galaxy saw less playtime than it should've gotten. Plus GTA is one of my favorite video game franchise behind Call of Duty.
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" ^ Best post yet. "

  thank you sir
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" Yeah, first Galaxy did do the same thing.  Every time you started the game up you were back to 4 1-ups.  Not that big of a deal at all. "
really? I feel like I have a lot more in my save for Galaxy 1. I never even beat that game unfortunately.
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ok I bought both. I played both. I love both. But Super Mario Galaxy 2 for me. It's more streamlined than the first, the map system makes the game seem less all over the place like it did with the World Hub in Galaxy 1. Overall Mario Galaxy 2 is just an amazingly fun platforming experience.
Red Dead is a lot of fun in it's own right though. Yes it is mostly GTA IV in the Wild West, but there are a lot of new features that work fantastically. I love the bounty wanted level system, makes your crimes stay with you unlike in GTA. Also its just a lot of fun exploring and doing all the mini games. You can get lost playing poker for hours. Also it has a mature cinematic storyline that is sure to please many.
Both are GREAT games. But it really just depends on what you enjoy more. An open world GTA like Western Shooter with a very deep story and many side distractions or a classic platformer with countless levels to explore. As for me, I put Red Dead in, played for an hour, turned it off. Put it in later played for a couple hours and had a good time. First pop in for Galaxy 2? Played for 2 hours and loved every minute of it. It hooked me. So I hope my post helps those who still can't decide.
Really though if you can afford it, get both. Try to take advantage of Gamestops trade in offer. If you trade in 2 select games you get 40 bucks off either Galaxy 2 or Red Dead. That's what I did to get Galaxy. Got rid of Left 4 Dead 2 and Final Fantasy 13 (god FF13 is boring)

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@JJWeatherman said:
" @Nibbz: 1-UPs come quickly anyways. Not too big of a deal. "
yeah I know, it just caught me off guard I wasn't expecting to lose all of them right before the end level of world 1. I made it through but still.
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" Look who "got the game early" :D  Anyway, yeah. You don't get to keep 1-ups after quitting. "
got the game early? it came out today. Anyway, that didn't happen in the first Galaxy. Oh well, now I know not to waste my time collecting one ups as much as I was.
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Ok so I had 24 one ups about and I reached the last galaxy (Bowser Jr.) in the first World Map (should it really be called a world map? More like a galaxy map if you ask me) anyways, i went to save and quit and I changed the icon of my save to Yoshi, came back, and now I only have 4 one ups. What happened? How did I lose all of my one ups?

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why wouldnt SMG2 get GOTY when it's receiving more praise at release date than RDR got? SMG2 is innovative in that once again Nintendo is reinvigorating the platformer, its sure to be solid, well built, and definitely expansive and long. 70 stars to beat the game with numerous more to get afterwards. it's certainly long as i just noted, its everything you said it couldnt stand up to!

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Hi, I haven't been following news on this game as much as I'd like to but I am quite excited for release day! Seeing Yoshi and Mario together is great but I'm curious as to what Yoshi's role wil be. In New Mario Wii Yoshi was just in acouple lvels. How often can you play with him in this game? Is he a major addition?

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ok so I think the ATB bar fills a little too slowly at default speeds. I wanna increase it, but im not sure how much, and if it will negatively affect the gameplay. any suggestions?

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" Final Fantasy 8 is my personal favorite. I disliked FF 13 so take from that whatever you want.The gameplay mechanics were great in FF 8, bit grindy when it came to gathering magic but worth it in the long run. "
honestly i'm not too impressed with FF13 either. It's so slow early on and just drags on corridor after corridor.