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I have finished all MGS' as well other than the side stuff which is non-canon, and have but didn't finish Rising either. Anyways, I personally enjoyed Peace Walker, and the managing of soldiers didn't bother me in Peace Walker (I didn't love it, but it didn't bother me that much), it was a huge turn off to me in Portable Ops though. The one thing I disliked most about Peace Walker was, what I guess people consider the RPG element, which was upgrading your weapons.

The weapons upgrade wasn't bad in and of itself, but just how long it took you to upgrade them really padded out the length longer than the game actually needed to be so it felt grindy. One can argue that you should just play it cooperatively, but I never did that, nor did I ever want to. Something I've heard people say is that Peace Walker is less important than the other ones, and that's actually far from the truth, but yeah, I can understand some not wanting to get through it, it takes time to really get the hang of it and enjoy it.

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The guns are for other things, such as unmanned vehicles in which he takes out in this game. If we're referring to Batman in general, there are multiple options that he can take alternatively to killing with huge weapons of destruction. It also goes with him trying to be intimidating.

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@laserguy: That'd be awesome. I think it'd be cool if they all looked and played the same. Make them all visually as good, so it's not a jarring to look at as you go through them, and make the gameplay the same, whether that be speed of character movements, and all weapons in one, which would be cool.

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@datarez: I don't usually read howlongtobeat because often times, as far as I've checked for any game I've played, it wasn't quite correct, but yeah, that does sound about right. As for a recommendation for the One, even though you aren't asking for one, the Kinect, as you probably know, isn't worth it, at least to me, but I've already had a lot of fun with the games on the console, despite getting most of the third party titles (Assassin's Creed 4, Watch Dogs, and what have you, excluding Wolfenstein) on PS4. I'm really hoping in the near future the two consoles are more in parity so I don't keep feeling like I have to always get the PS4 versions of games. So far, the One exclusive titles have been funner to me than the PS4 exclusives as well.

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I'm just wondering in all, if you were to run through it all just by gunning guys down on to the goal and end, or to walk around, exploring taking your time, how long would you say this is? I'm not asking as someone that hadn't played them, I've played them a lot, but I'm still curious. I want to say one could perhaps get through one of the four games in five or six hours if they ran through, making it 20 to 25 hours or so, or if they took their time, around 12 hours, giving it around 45 to 50 hours. Either way, that's a lot of game. Does that sound about right? I'm really excited for this. Anyone else going to get it?

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I'm surprised anyone thinks it was fake, though it being 60fps while looking like that, that just, wow. The mere appearance of it though, not surprised.

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I felt it before when I heard them talk about games on their podcasts, but no, not really. I kind of agreed and laughed at it.

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@marcsman: I think that goes the other way. No, actually it is the other way around. Happy wife, happy life.

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@extomar said:

I have a new thought (actually it is an old idea): How about people stop worrying about how the other guys feels? If you are super stoked about what you saw at E3, why does it matter if a bunch of people are like being curmudgeons more than they liked the event?

Having to see and try to comment on a game it seems no one else cares about or shows any enthusiasm for isn't fun. Most people that come on these want to make conversation, or want to be heard and then have back and forth talk about the shared interest. If we look farther down the line, if one were to buy a game, and they loved it, while no one else did, no sequel. Farfetched, but just saying. To me it makes sense, but yes, people shouldn't dwell on it too much. I just don't really find your argument quite as valid as it probably should be, and is easier said than done.

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@me3639: Unless they show just a lot of Smash Bros. I heard that'll be the case, and I hope it's not. I'm hoping for some new stuff that I didn't know was coming, or know is coming, but haven't really seen any concrete evidence to its existence (a new Zelda, perhaps Metroid).