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@ghostiet: Yeah, I was just saying, like an all new update instead of just an HD re-release (more like Halo Anniversary, then say the Ico Collection.) Anyways, thanks for the info, that sounds cool! Don't tell me as this'll be rhetoric and me simply wondering, but I was wondering what April's journey had to do with the rest, leading into Dreamfall. I'm assuming not much other than perhaps some references and the world that the characters inhabit, which I guess I'll see when I get to Dreamfall. I'm 11 hours in on The Longest Journey now and really liking it aside from having to look a couple of times at walkthroughs to see what I'm not getting. I like figuring those things out myself, and often can, but I also like to move along and not stay in an area longer than I feel I should.

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@hsghsghsg: I'll finish it. Yeah, I really, really hate to look at walkthroughs, but there was just one moment in which I had to since I didn't want to be there longer than I had to, so I can experience more of the game. I wish some of the stuff was highlighted, because I couldn't make progress due to not noticing that there was a valve I needed to turn. Not sure if you remember that part early on, but you have to get the key from inside the subway, so you have to do a few things first, and that part I was a bit stuck on. I'm going to from now on make sure to use all my items on everything I notice, even if it makes no damn sense as to why it would work. I just got back out of the alternate world (starts with an a, but I don't quite have the names memorized yet, though I know Stark is our world). I'm also against, for myself, going through a sequel if I have the first already, so I'll definitely finish the first before I do Dreamfall.

@ravelle: Yeah, it's pretty good to me, so hopefully it works out for you and you'll be able to experience to a degree you're okay with.

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@dudeglove: What turned you off of The Longest Journey, as compared to its sequel?

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@ravelle: Hm. I don't know what to say. It's fine for me. Perhaps you tried forcing the anti aliasing? I tried that on the control panel, and it made things blurrier. I thought it looked okay, but items that can be selected shimmered, and then of course the blur. I didn't feel it looked right, as if the game wasn't accepting it as correct, so I just went back to normal. It would have been nice to set it to 1920 x 1080, or whatever the appropriate resolution is, but I'm okay with how it is as it's not bother me.

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@teddie: I am. I'm only a few hours in, and while things can change, I'm really liking it so far, and quite surprised by some of it, honestly, down to even it being mature. I'm not one to skip stuff if I plan on playing its sequel, even if I don't enjoy it, so I'll go through this one. I've know about this series probably since it started, but I never really knew what it was about. Only reason I stopped playing it is because I like talking about it, and I can't contain whatever enthusiasm I have for games I play. I'm going back to it now.

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@ghostiet: An HD re-release would be interesting, but I would hope it'd be on consoles too, because I'd fear it probably wouldn't work too well on my PC if they did enough to it.

@slag: I got the first two last night and played the first for about two hours; I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm about to play more of it, which is why I'm on really.

@ravelle: I don't know, I have a relatively new PC and it works fine for me. In terms of aging well, visually? Not really (though it does some neat stuff and I still like the environments), gameplay wise that just depends on how much you enjoy it., so it aging doesn't matter in that respect. I enjoy playing it enough, and the visuals don't bother me that much, though it'd be nice to at least raise the resolution, and properly have anti aliasing. It's not that bad though.

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Just got done playing about two hours of The Longest Journey. I'm really into it so far, enough to want to keep playing even though I'm tired, but I have to work later, so I stopped.

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I just bought the The Longest Journey and Dreamfall bundle, so I guess I'll see how they are. I'm still curious what people think about them though, so don't end any discussion here about what you love (or hate) about the game. I'm sure I'll be back to want to discuss it at some point.

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Starting from The Longest Journey, to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, and then to Chapters, would you say they're a must play? Don't concern yourselves with what I enjoy, as I enjoy any genre as long as it's good, I just want to know if in your opinion, these are important games to play. I'm just curious, since it seems special to many as far as I can tell, but what do you think about it? Thanks.