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I guess my 5 dollar preorder at Eb Games is still good!

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This could be either really good or really bad - either way, cant wait.  Too bad it's for Wii only tho..

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I have said many times and I will say again:  Persona 3, especially FES, is much much better than Persona 4 is...

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I think its completely ridiculous that they are still sticking with the microsoft circus bucks (points) as payment for some games and addons for GFWL

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Yeah, secure those borders and keep those crazy canadians and  mexicans out.

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@jadeskye: Excellent thank you very much for bringing this to my attention, I did not know about it but it makes sense that it would be made considering they have the dump of all the script and such.  I will Google it now, thanks friend.
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All due respect, Obsidian is not an amazing development studio.  It destroyed, imo, KOTOR2 - especially since the game was released not even finished with mounds of extra dialog and text that never made in into the game, and also created an inferior NWN.  I honestly I am very scared as to how they handle Fallout New Vegas.  As for Alpha Protocol - honestly the game looks interesting outside of the horrible graphics, at least facial textures.  I am deploying a 'wait and see' approach and will absolutely wait for the reviews to post prior to committing.

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Is his name on the food? 
It's the community/house fridge of all things too, you dont put things in there unless you dont care about the food.  If you did care you'd label your food or put it in a bar fridge in your room. 
Just eat the food and when he comes back, if he complains just say you through it out because you were cleaning the fridge and thought he was dead.