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I have no help, but thumbs up on the wallpaper!
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it depends on the chopper and whos flying it. the transport ones are slower, and easier to kill. but can also kick your ass with the right people gunning. tanks with good drivers and perks are harder, because they take more damage.  but if you can get close C4 is a fast kill.
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I see alot less recon players then i do of medics now. the game i played yesterday i swear the who other team was medics, killed 4 and 4 more showed up to revive them.
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"According to lead designers twitter, there will be some juicy paid and free DLC announcements soon  " 
soon in video game industry terms is like a month isn't it? 
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I saw my friend has one of the achievements, the assault one.
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I use them sometimes, but lately i have been all about the engineer, and shooting rockets at people because it makes me giggle.
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It was kinda meh for me, and even more so that i had to buy it on xbox. it also seemed buggy many times i saw SI stuck on stuff not doing anything. best part was the wedding and reading that one places bathroom wall.
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The new trailer for competitive    modes left me kinda bummed, those modes look boring. It would be crazy to not have a cops and crooks type of mode. looks like free roam for me. also the video looks like lock on is still there, when i saw that was on in a match in gta4 i would just leave.
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I don't get how this "helps the  environment" at all. why not just make the cases out of recycled plastic instead of just giving us less of it? or at least drop the game price some! they are saving money using less, yet we don't get any of that. Blu-ray is doing it now also.