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@mattmcard is my ingame name

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Well I did get any email saying some were damaged and they had to order more but I didn't think it would have been shipped.

Anyone have an idea for a contest?

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I love my Nighthawks poster but here's the thing. The USPS sucks at getting me packages. So after a few weeks of not getting my poster I had given up, but low and behold, I get a call from my apartment office saying I have a package. Woohoo! The tell-tale cardboard tube is there. I'm excited. Hell, I'm stoked. I get it home, pop that bad bitch open and revel in its glory.

But whats this? Another call the next day? Well I certainly didn't order anything else. Imagine my surprise when I find another cardboard tube waiting on me. Actually...this was about two weeks ago and I never opened it. I should probably make sure...

Yeah its the same poster. There is some bending at one of the corners and what seem to be a few tiny tiny cuts on the side. But its signed and everything.

And I don't know what to do with it! Do I send it back? Do I have Nighthawks in stereo? Do I pay it forward?

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I'd really like to get a stable group going for this game, none of my real friends seem to want in yet.

Hit me up on Steam


Especially in the next two hours.

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I have:

4 Extra Dead Island

2 Bioshock Infinite

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Solider is MurgaMan

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C'mon and get in here guys. I'm borrrred.

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I made good use of your friends AND the server tonight :D

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Awesome, possum.

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