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almost level 17... 2665 trophies.

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I might be a weirdo but I would hope they wouldn't add in fast travel. I liked the travel routes by the silt striders. :D But yeah I would play it and probably love it anyway.

EDIT: I would, however, definitely want quest markers of some kind. I absolutely hate the directions the NPCs would give you in Morrowind...

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I like his AC1 and AC:B face the best.

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@Morrow said:

@PokeIkzai: That works? Have to try...

Edit: Oh my, I'm #6965 in line, will it ever happen? ._.

Whoops it was working fine... strange! I'm stuck in line now, too!

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@Oscar__Explosion said:

@EvilNiGHTS i'm pretty sure Jeff told of this story again very recently but I can't remember where. I think in this year's Tested Octobercast?

I recall them talking about how realistic airsoft guns are in Japan but I don't seem to recall that very airline security story.

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I thought about this possibility, too. There seems to be a sizable Japanese fanbase for Star Wars but maybe I'm wrong. I'm more excited about the possibility of Disney maybe finally doing something with Monkey Island. (Tales was good but not as good as I think it should have been.)

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Very cool. I haven't played Dreamfall yet. Despite its title I hope this is more akin to The Longest Journey. (It seems like point and click games are easier to produce on a budget.)

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Well whatever I'm just happy he's found some work.

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To update my achievements I just have to delete and add my account back manually.

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I don't think there's much of a problem with going back in time some. Isn't AC3 suppose to finish the current storyline? Maybe we'll get a new protagonist and that will allow them to use an earlier time period. Anyhow I do think an ancient China setting would be very cool.