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@heat:  Excellent, thank you kind sir!  The quality looks great, nice work Giant Bomb - looking forward to seeing the old videos get converted to this high-quality format, and seeing the new material as well.
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Yeah I've downloaded a few videos through the HD option, but they aren't 720p so I'm guessing they haven't converted those particular videos yet.  I've heard some people have found full 720p videos already up on the site, I just don't know which videos those are.

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I've been looking around at the videos and I haven't seen any that can be downloaded in HD yet - has anyone found any videos that are available in HD as of now?  I'm excited to see how the improved quality looks, being a bit of a video compression nerd myself. :D

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I'm really glad this has paid-off for Capcom and the Dead Rising franchise - it was a calculated risk that seems to have succeeded.

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I've uploaded box art for both Bomber Raid and SpellCaster - could someone please change their display pictures to the US Front Box Art images?  Thanks!

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Syndicate is an amazing game series - I'm glad to hear the IP owners are finally reviving it.  Can't wait to see what they've been up to for these new games!

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I like how this is a different and unique way to change the game, but it does seem a little gimmicky.  Still, I'm all for innovation, however small and trivial.

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It does my heart good to see that many arcade machines in one place receiving the love and attention they deserve.  I will always love Arcades, even if they are only kind-of around anymore.

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I think this is fine -- it's just in-game advertising taken to its logical conclusions.  I'm surprised it's taken this long, since the market demographics for video games and Playboy are practically the same (in broad terms, of course).  Mafia II is stretching it because of the time-frame problems, but a modern-day setting fits Playboy as good as axe body spray or whatever the "market demographic" is supposedly into.  I don't care for in-game advertising but it's here to stay, and I prefer boobs over body spray personally.