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Any excitement I could muster for the PS4 announcement is deflated by the unknown that represents the next Xbox. Why build myself into a flurry when I don't even know why I should, because Microsoft could come out swinging just as hard.

Or that regardless of past loyalties Sony shoved me out of their ecosystem over the course of this console generation. I hardly know anyone with a PS3 let alone extremely active on one. No matter how much the appeal of the PS4 to me if none of my friends move to it away from Xbox then literally what is the point in me doing so? Sony's big push is social.

The known quantities of announcing a new Killzone and inFamous are not entirely follies. inFamous 1&2 were some of my favorites on the PS3. A third entry would while not be a system seller for me be a guaranteed purchase if I did. And Killzone is Sony's closest thing to a Halo they have. Its not as good or as popular. But it could be and should be.

The world building they do is almost SNES like in that the ancillary info on their website paints a unique and interesting story of which 0% is in the games. Plus they are fun to a point. It would only take Guerrilla saying that they've completely gotten rid of how the past two games controlled and I'd be on-board totally with that game. Because from a gameplay perspective the way GG has been totally up their own ass with the sense of weight and in-put latency with the controls was about the only major negative. Which was the death nail for a shooter.

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Had to break down and listen to it through the player. My Wednesday morning commute was a little lonely without the Bombcast crew.

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Why didn't someone from the company just pledge $29 to push them over? It was an arbitrary number.

did you actually read the article? they say why right there

Right there is a loose term when its one sentence 2/3 through one of the longer articles that has been published on this website.

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Why didn't someone from the company just pledge $29 to push them over? It was an arbitrary number.

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Release day for a game that has been out in most territories for a week and in the hands of reviewers for even longer, and alas no GB review.

Why is content just drying up since CBS acquired them? Reviews are much later then they ever were at Whiskey Media, news articles are barely hitting on point. Only text that is consistent is Patrick's Worth Reading. Other than that Giant Bomb has been a quick look factory anymore.

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Knowing the current propensity for reviews to not be on time, probably a week or two after the game comes out. Not hating just pointing out they've been getting later and later. Halo 4 was the only review to come out with the embargoes lately. Most stuff has taken a couple days to a week. Reviewers had Assassin's Creed 3 for weeks before release, and Ryan's review still came out a week or two late. Really curious as to what has been going on recently.

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I thought it was great, it feels very fluid and it is more streamlined in chaining moves together than past games. Past DMC games had deep and stylish combat but you had to be a master at it to really do anything that looked cool or was very effective.

It ran perfectly on 360, that may just be a PS3 issue. And as for the cutscenes they are just compressed to hell and edited hastily for the demo. Not representative at all of the final game.

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It is something all my friends play, they may try other stuff but it is always back to Call of Duty. Like Halo 4 came out and a bunch of my friends got it and played it that week, then Black Ops 2 came out and I'm the only one who has played it since then.

They are still good games. And the not much changes argument is not really fair. There is a fair amount of change surrounding the game and there is also a ton of minutia that anyone who has spent significant time with it will know is different.

I was almost not going to get Black Ops 2 but I'm actually pretty glad I did. It is in my opinion the best Call of Duty since the first Modern Warfare. In terms of the single player campaign and multiplayer. Both are the best in series. Everyone writes off the franchise especially the non Infinity Ward games but that does a disservice to Treyarch. Who unlike Infinity Ward which gets A-Team status for just creating the franchise, Treyarch actually cares a great deal more about CoD and it's future. They are after the terrible Modern Warfare 3 and the refreshing BO2 I think are the new CoD A-Team.

Unlike MW3 which was plagued by internal turmoil and towed the line as far as innovation with BO2, Treyarch realizes that the formula needs to change and CoD needs to evolve. Even if they only have two years per turn at the helm to do so. They respect the franchise.

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@Mnemoidian: That is my reasoning for thinking it would work. Your account can be linked with multiple systems. They would probably expect a few people to intermingle between 360, PS3, and Steam. It would almost seem punitive to have the account for the SHiFT service and not do anything for that small segment of people who bought multiple copies.

I'll at least get a few when I get it, didn't get DLC and I was going to buy the Season Pass and Gage when my 360 copy arrives. I know Gage gets you a key and the Pass might come with one as well.

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I already have the game on PS3, I ordered it for 360 off Amazon on a Black Friday deal as I'm in the process of probably selling my PS3 (Borderlands 2 is literally the only game I played on my PS3 since Infamous 2, its a big Blu-Ray player to me). I was wondering if the seven golden keys I have banked on my Shift account would transfer over to the 360 version if I sign in with my account?