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Wow, how delightfully perfect that woman is. That would be my perfect sunday too, especially sharing it with her! 
I've never ever played with a female that wasn't horrible in some aspect of raiding in WoW however, but I could totally live with that. As long as it's Adrienne Curry and she's naked.

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@PenguinDust: Yup, saw the poll results now. I just generally enjoy the evil side more, usually better lore and a slight underdog touch when it comes to lore.  
That being said, I'm probably playing a Bounty Hunter as I did in Star Wars Galaxies, which side are they on? I can't remember.  
edit: Googled it, saw that they're with the Empire. So, goodie-goodie jedis, prepare to be turned into kabob by me!
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Whatever's least popular. Most likely Sith.

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Hello, I'm ARMA 2, or VBS 2 as they call me in the army. This article offends me.

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Huh. GFWL is just that horrible that you just try to avoid it as best as possible. This doesn't seem to change this.
If they don't have crazy deals or maybe, you know, the same currency world wide (I wub my 90 USD Steam-games <3). That would make me buy a game, but seriously, Impulse, Steam and everyone else is likely to be alot better.

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Sort of had a crush on both Morrigan and Leliana in Dragon Age, to the point of it creeping me out. 
I'd go with Morrigan, surprises all the fucking time, plus she's smart, sexy and has super nice hair.

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There's so much old myths still in circulation I see. 
Just run, bike, any form of cardio works. Eat less, instead of hanging up and counting calories (I've done this, it does not work, too time consuming), just eat like half of what you're eating now, or two thirds.  
You won't lose all that weight in that short of a time, but eventually it will go away. If you feel like it, smoking actually does make you lose some weight (say 5-10 pounds) because of nicotine that speeds up your metabolism (um or well it burns calories), and this usually happens pretty fast. That being said, smoking is of course horrible for your health. And it's delicious. Mm. Delicious cigarettes. 
edit: Oh, eat of a smaller plate. It's psychological and it works well. If you just eat out or fast food, well, then you're fucking doomed anyway. Cook your own food.

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Well, that's why I just play on dedicated servers with mature people.  
Oh, wait.

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@Rinkalicous said: 
By uploading, do you mean torrenting? Because due to the way torrenting works (something to do with 'Packets' and 'Swarms' and other fancy terms) it totally chokes the internet and obliterates any good pings you may have had. I hear the new version of uTorrent is set to fix this, but we'll have to wait and see.  If you are torrenting, I should hope it's totally legal! "  
Torrenting indeed. Of course, 15000% legal. Yeah I know it handles packets in another way, and that just might be it. Didn't think of that.
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Matthew, that bandwidth is abysmal in most countries in the world. Given time, the US will have good infrastructure like most smaller countries (America is pretty huge you know), and ya'll yankees will be seeing 100 mbit connections for 20 bucks a month like some of us europeans. 
I'd say <5 years. For now, don't use wifi, it can be pretty messed up some times. And I don't really have any conclusive facts on this, but upload speed does matter for latency when gaming. Say I'm uploading alot, my ping will be in the 300-400 range and the game is unplayable. Comparing to when I'm not using it, where I have about 20-50 ping, there's a substantial difference. If you can get an affordable upgrade, go for that.