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Ashes of Gotham sounded so much better. Still, it's not the name that makes the game.
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The guy who plays Leonard in The Big Bang Theory would make a good Riddler. Not intimidating, very nerdy. You wouldnt want anyone who looks cool or bad ass.
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I hope it comes with a glove.

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Ohhh, he looks so real.
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Alone in the Dark: Inferno or Lost Planet.
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I'll be going to Oxegen July 9th till the 11th. 
Acts I'm hoping won't be on at the same times 
Arcade Fire 
Dizzee Rascal 
Florence and The Machine 
La Roux 
Plan B 
Tinie Tempah 
Should be a great summer.
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I'm in.
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Personally, I thought the Silent Hill movie was the best game to movie adaption yet. 
The Resident Evil movies are fun too.

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Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, realised I only completed the Butcher Bay part of the game so went back to do the Dark Athena campaign.
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Real name Will, PSN ID name FurCue, GT: will i am not and Giant Bomb tag rizzla. 
From Dirty Dublin, Ireland. Been gaming since the Master System, never had a NES or SNES I was a Sega fanboy. I did have a Gameboy though, didn't matter which fanboy you were everyone had a gameboy, still do, it's just called a DS now. 
Unemployed so filling my days with games. Really liking this site, shame I didn't sign up when I first started listening to the Bombcast.
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