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I've been slowly going through them in order from the start and really enjoy them. Some classic moments and some really interesting discussions about older games. Even gone back and played some 3 year old games after hearing them talk about them (good way to play cheap games). And some things they talk about is really interesting with the knowledge we have now (like where im up to in late 2009 Jeff starts talking about The Raid, I think thats where the idea was birthed.

So Id say if you have the time then definitely worth it.

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Want to finish The Walking Dead before it gets spoiled in the game of the year discussions

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Bought all 5 episodes at once after they were all out and this is still an issue. Is it just that one decision reversed or a few of them?

Any fix for OSX?

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I don't really know where I stand on assassins creed games. I was super on the fence about buying this one just because of how burn out I already knew I was. I think I bought it because I actually care about the storey.

I'm not minding this one so far but I agree with you on most of your points. In particular the stealth stuff, assassins creed is not a stealth game (why cant't I crouch!).

For me I'd say I'm not loving it so far because I'm burned out on these games. I wish I wasn't. A trilogy with a good storey would have been great. I intend to finish this game (and I guess whatever comes after, if there is more).

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@Snail: Thanks. Is there a way for me to remove a thread?

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This is so much more violent and brutal than any of the games or the show. I would much prefer my kids to play the games than see this. PETA have no idea. Isnt one of the real messages behind Pokemon in the TV show that having that compassion for your pokemon is much stronger than any type of training in making a pokemon strong. Pikachu loves Ash and that is the only reason that Ash is a good trainer at all, because his Pokemon do what they need to do for him.

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@laserbolts: Oh woops, had a quick look before I posted to make sure. couldnt find it. Link so I can have my say?

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So PETA is now protecting virtual creatures.

It seems that the issue that they are bringing up is "Children learned about dominance rather than compassion. While Pokemon faced the worst abuses, children started bullying each other." Personally I feel that the Pokemon games and TV show do a good job of showing that training a Pokemon is more about loving and caring for them rather than treating them badly just to make them strong.

I wanted to know what other people think of this? Is their argument justified? Is Pokemon really teaching children a bad lesson? and what do PETA hope to gain from this?

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