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I don't want to do a "shots fired" but when I see sites give decent reviews to games that they then complain about being broken...I can only shake my head. Sure, its hard to accurately review a game's don't put the review out there til it is or give it an accurate review of the time and then update it later.

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To be fair, review scores mean nothing anymore. Games that have broken online components get good reviews every day. I'm more interested in quick looks and live performance tests. I don't care how many stars or numbers it gets as we've proven more this year than any other reviews are becoming more and more meaningless.

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I like the Bombcast 100% more. At least on the Bombcast if someone is "being dumb" there are potentially 3-4 other people on the podcast who you can also listen to. Bombin' is frequently just Alex and Patrick...which is fine. I like listening to Patrick on podcasts, but I don't like Patrick to be the sole focus of what I'm listening. Just my personal preference. Bombin' is also more news oriented while the Bombcast is for funsies and to get a diverse opinion on topics...I don't feel I get much diversity in the opinions on the morning show.

Basically I listed to both for different reasons.

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@joshwent: Agreed. The OP also doesn't want/need to burn any more bridges than possible. I quit a job because of a better opportunity. A few years later I was told of a high level management position there that would have been great for my busy college schedule as well as allowing me decent income. Near the end of the interview the interviewer told me that he asked some of my former co-workers how I worked and so forth, but he said, "You did well in the interview and your resume is good, but you're getting the job because of one thing: you worked your two week notice here previously." My jaw hit the floor in shock. After that, being in management, I got a "bird's eye view" of what its like to deal with when people decide to just not show up. I've told people I'd honor their two weeks notice, but if their being there wasn't 100% necessary I've told them they could just "quit now" but I'd honor their two weeks and just not schedule them.

Most of it boils down to communication, honestly. Sometimes there are difficult people to work with/under, but after 15 years of being in the workforce I've found clear communication solves most issues.

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Having worked in retail in thr past for near 8 years management and other I will say its a dick move. Your role is expected. A notice is courtesy and allows for the option of getting someone new in potentiallu before you even leave. They may have told him it was fine to not work the two weeks, which has happened, but its always best to ask. Unless you don't want the reference and you don't ever include it on a resume.

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@mustainium: Well, Diablo 3's main problem was not being able to play it because of network errors, the forced online thing, and other technical problems. Not really lack of content or no story.

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@turboman: I'm almost relegated to believing Sting's appearance will be wasted on marketing for WWE 2K15 or something on the Network.

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@turboman: I just mean in terms of a default title. With the heavyweight title not even being in the picture the next "prestigious" title is the IC title. I look at the US title at being the equivalent of a TV championship in the WWE at this point. I also see the match quality in the IC title picture being much better than anything we've gotten around the heavyweight belt since Wrestlemania 30.

Honestly, I think we might see a Sting interference in either the Wyatt match or the Survivor series match.

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@skankinpacman: Honestly, that's why I find 0 games to really be scary. Outlast was a great game but its not scary when you realize how pattern heavy everything is. The Forest was the closest to being a "scary" game but that's only because of how buggy and broken it is, nor for what the final game will be.

I'm at the point that I just don't get how people get so scared about video games.

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@nickscorner: I wouldn't really take that to really being proof of anything...