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I agree that we should almost be happy its coming over here at all.

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@corevi: I know people disagree with me, but I honestly expect to hear Brad fight for Destiny to not only be top 10 but in the top 5. If anything, Dan is going to fight for Nintendo stuff alongside Alex. Alex allowed others to push his stuff out in previous years but Dan hopefully won't back down so easily.

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Most of the comments in this thread amused me, but not in a real "positive" way.

@bonechompski: Umm, you know that the author of this post, right? There's more humor in this review than you apparently picked up on. I think your bias effected your assumptions.

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@flstyle: Seems like Punk's comments are ringing true :p

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@corevi: Not true, as prairie dogs can be really bad for your land. Sometimes you are simply removing a pest. That really has nothing to do with the blood thirsty glee he has in this video, but killing animals is sometimes something different than sport or for food.

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So apparently the backstage word is many of the talent were in silent protest last night because they knew the show wouldn't be anywhere near as good as R-Evolution. John Cena's apparently had a talent meeting where he's told people this isn't the way to do things. Talent is in support of HHH and what he's been able to do with NXT while they feel Vince is taking the main show into the wrong direction:

After last night's trash "PPV" I don't blame them. I know it gets harped on to death but can the commentary team be any worse than it already is? Michael Cole honestly sucks, I don't care what Dan says (God bless him). King doesn't add anything of note ever, JBL won't shutup and overdoes his heel commentator, and Michael Cole can't/shouldn't ever say a word. /endrant

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I will never play this game, I do not want to play this game, and I think it looks like garbage. However, Valve is pretty chicken shit for the way they are handling this.

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I still own my Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 and Virtua Stick High Grade from the PS3. I don't feel like getting another fighting stick right now. I know Sony said PS3 fighting sticks can work on the PS4, but that it is up to the developer to code the support into their titles.

Does anyone know if the Virtua Stick High Grade is supported in Guilty Gear Xrd on Ps4? I cannot find any information online to point me in the right direction, so I was hoping a Duder here could help me out. Thanks.

Also, I do know that I can just buy the PS3 version, but I really don't want to. I've unplugged my PS3 right now and don't feel like plugging it back in. Thanks!

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@vampire_chibi: I'd like to see a new side scrolling Metroid. I actually want a new Crash Bandicoot that's more like the first three games.

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Taking the fun out of Mario Party 2: aka, playing Mario Party 2.