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I like Bloodborne way better than Dark Souls 2 and maybe even Demons Souls. Dark Souls 2 was a walk in the park, so much so that I found it pretty boring. Not to mention the art direction and style for Dark Souls 2 was awful. Bloodborne has had the best art direction and story implementation of the series so far: not just cliche fantasy tropes but "darker". Just my opinion.

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I like Chrome quite a bit, but the complaints about it being a memory hog are 100% accurate.

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Not sure that I can recommend many BUT I had a fun time with Ryse and Sunset Overdrive. Sunset Overdrive can be hit or miss depending on your playstyle. The combat can be fun but I found the locomotion could sometimes be a pain in the ass, but I still enjoy it. Ryse had an enjoyable single player and my brother and I had fun doing the co-op online. I've seen it for $20 or less online, and I think that price is worth it.

If you're into racing there is Forza for the simulation, but I prefer Forza Horizons 2. If you're into Halo there's the Master Chief collection. Other than that its the same 3rd party recommendations you'd get for the PS4: shadow of mordor, farcry 4, battlefield 4, witcher 3, batman arkham knight, etc, etc.

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Sounds good to me. I'm bummed the PS4 doesn't have a Wipeout game :|

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Just got back from my second showing. I really liked it and its now my second favorite MCU film after Winter Soldier. 9/10. The first Avengers film is, at best, Iron Man & His Amazing Friends! while the new Avengers film is an Avengers film: everyone gets their moment, everyone is their own character, and no feels like they get short changed.

1. Great action
2. Fun story
3. Awesome characters
4. Avengers act like Avengers and a team.

Compare the way this team of heroes act in this and compare it to Superman in Man of Steel.

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From my perspective, I sometimes wonder exactly what the delays are really about. I mean, it seems like the engine doesn't change that much. I know this is a perspective ignorant of the backend details with the engine and the complexities of releasing across 7 platforms, but man...if episode 1 works...wouldn't episode 2 work just as well unless you really were so behind in the development process?

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Yeah, more flash games that obnoxious "youtube personalities" pretend to be scared by for clicks and tons of people claim is scary when all it does is startle you with flash imagery.

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@reverendk: its not, but I'm fairly sure I wasn't saying they were the same...only both styles of episodic came about around the same time.

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If those tattoos are really on the character he looks like a freaking juggalo.

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@make_me_mad: Well, at this point Resident Evil: Revelations and Life is Strange are both outliers and not the standard.