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@artisanbreads: I really wanted to walk down the aisle at my wedding like this to "no chance in hell". My wife, the non-mark in this relationship, didn't think that it was as funny as I did.

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@thunderstorm101: I'm not in the UK, but I've personally had great visual quality for all the PPVs I've watched.

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@theblue: Let's be honest, insulting entire groups of people who likes things he deems aren't cool is the only thing Jeff does with his Twitter.

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Video Games and films are visual mediums; it always dumbfounds me people freak out about this stuff...whole console generations are created specifically because of "new, shiny graphics"! I also think its incorrect to say they are "ignoring gameplay to foster better visuals. Many great games of the past focused on graphics more than gameplay. Not every game needs to be mechanical masterpiece. If they did then we wouldn't have Elite: Dangerous.

I don't think the story will suck. Seems they have created some kind of mythology for their stuff. I also don't think the gameplay will suck, but I am sure it will be nothing more than a competent 3rd person shooter with a few interesting weapons. The first Uncharted game was mostly great graphics with just OK gameplay and that ended up giving us Uncharted 2.

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1. I don't do drugs

@dudeglove Clearly, because if he were Republican or Democrat the party wouldn't have weed, alcohol, or smokes.

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Not answering either in the poll as "No, pre-ordering games is never a good idea. Wait for the review" isn't really reflective of my opinion. I am not pre-ordering the game because I don't want to play it at midnight and I also have a feeling there will be little replay value. I don't have a problem with pre-ordering in general because who cares. The "pre-order madness" is something that I feel is largely overplayed, as are "pre-order exclusives".

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Let's be honest here, there's very little wrestling talk that isn't related to a video game. There are slight references here and there, but that's 95% of the Bombcast: little references. The other 5% is Brad not knowing no one cares about Destiny but him and 10 other people who still admit its a bad game.

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@pdxsonic: Rumble is always the last match on the card. Should take up the last hour, or hour + of the show.

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@recspec: Sure, but that was what....near 20 years ago? He's no journalist now. I consider this to be on the same level as Rowan as a vintner.

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So hey...did anyone hear this? Apparently Michael Cole is a "journalist" now. Also, why the hell do they call Sting "The Vigilante" now? Do they really not want to call him "The Icon" because it was a TNA thing or something? Also, where the hell is the bat? Second appearance, sans bat.