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BD and DVD are still superior to digital and streaming. You don't get any of the cool special features when you stream the content or buy a digital copy.

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Vice City is still my favorite, but it doesn't hold up at all. In my opinion, GTA V is the pinnacle of the series in both mechanics and story telling. If I want the goofier, old school GTA feel I will play Saints Row 3 which is the pinnacle of that style.

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What would it take for me? My membership actually running out, which it will again in...September I think.

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I have never stopped believing in the GB...I will never stop...won't stop...can't stop...

But seriously...I've been so happy to see the upcoming content schedule be so full.

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@spraynardtatum: Not true. I just find that most people who complain on the internet still plan on doing what they are complaining about. Look at all the people who state, "I will not buy this game if x doesn't change" but they are still there day one. The pre-order complains have been around since the PS2/Xbox generation and won't be going away...even when we go all digital.

And again, these are bonus missions that have no bearing on the game, so missing out on them shouldn't be that big of a deal imo. Worst case scenario is that you preorder and sell the codes and make some money. I sold my Lego Marvel pre-order code for nearly $50. I sold my Transformers pre-order code for over $100.

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On one hand pre-order DLC is dumb, and so are all pre-order bonuses. On the other hand, people who steam and fume about pre-order DLC are also dumb and hyperbolic. If you were going to get the game day 1, who cares. If you aren't, who aren't missing out on the game just the bonus content that's awarded for preordering.

Stop being entitled and stop wondering why companies want to make money. If it makes you as disgusted as you say, don't buy the game, don't pirate the game, or even talk about it.

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I really don't like people, lol. The "kid's" excuses were pathetic, but the SK dev handled them well. However, not having money is never an excuse to steal. That's the basis for most thefts throughout time, so your excuse of being "poor" doesn't cut it. Also the "I just wanted to try before I buy" was BS too as he already admitted having owned the game on another platform.

@thomasonfa I don't know. At this point the person will probably say whatever, and make whatever excuses, to not come off looking like an ass.

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So this really is f2p...I now have 0 hype for this but all the luck to him. Kind of bummed Nexon is involved, honestly...

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I don't know why I get the feeling it will be riddled with microtransactions. I could be dead wrong, but I get that feeling. Also, I don't have an ounce of excitement for this game, but that could change with meaningful content and information regarding the game. Gone are the days where I instantly gave a damn about a game from Epic.

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I agree: Dead Space 3 was pretty terrible. There were some decent scares...maybe two or three at most, but other than that it may as well have been Resident Evil 7. Loved DS1, loved DS2, but hated DS3.