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Just out of curiosity, what do you enjoy doing by yourself? What happens during your "alone time"?


Hmm, what do I do by myself... browse reddit (only to pass the time though, I don't actively say 'I think I'll browse reddit for an hour now!'), watch streams of League of Legends, I'll go for a run or walk while listening to the Bombcast.. that's all I can think of. Apparently I'm terrible at being alone..

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It's been quite a while since I've posted here on GB, but I figured if anyone could help me it'd be you guys: Outside of a few games that I absolutely love to death, I can't play a single player game and enjoy myself anymore.

I think it's a problem with immersion. The only single player games I can enjoy are the ones I enjoy so immensely that I don't even think about why I'm playing them. That, or handheld games when I'm out and there's nothing else I could be doing anyway. When I'm at home playing a single player game, other things I could be doing start to nag at my mind. When I'm playing a multiplayer game, the other people keep me there. I'm playing with them so I feel like it's worth doing. Now that I think of it, the same thing happens with TV shows. If I'm not watching with other people I find myself asking: why am I doing this?

Is there anyone here with solid advice for me?

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I answered 3, but I can't really be sure if it's a placebo effect or not. I drink pop pretty regularly, so when I drink it with the intent to wake myself up it'll usually be in the morning (nasty, imo). Seems to work but who the hell really knows.

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For me it'd be SWTOR. It's not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, and I mostly enjoyed the time I spent with it (1 month), but I just don't like Star Wars enough. I've seen maybe one of the movies and have no affinity for the franchise so I lost interest quickly. I wish I could sell my account to someone, even for cheap, because I know I'll never go back to it.

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Somewhere around 50. Few of those are non-steam games I added, though.

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Besides using health pots the only thing I can suggest is maybe using the AoE stun you have to reduce the amount of damage large groups of enemies can do to you.

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I'm going on an ~8 hour bus ride tomorrow and need some entertainment for the ride. Due to the excessive amount of time I spend on reddit, it has been hard to ignore Game of Thrones for even this long and wanted to check it out, so I ask you bombers: Should I read the book first or start watching the show during the ride?

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@DeF said:

if you've watched the Diablo TNT on Thursday, Brad was around lvl 20 or something and the other guys started out level 2-ish and they obviously had trouble with later areas but leveled faster than usual.

If my understanding is correct with leveling, lower level players don't get any more xp regardless of how much higher level friends are in co-op. Am I correct in assuming higher level players would blow through things (damage-wise) compared to their lower level friends? That would be what I'm talking about when I asked. That would kind of ruin playing with lower level players.

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Fallout 3 and Just Cause 2 come to mind.

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In a lot of MMOs or games that have co-op there's an annoying problem where playing solo results in leveling over friends, creating a level gap between you. This means when they get on to play you aren't at the same point anymore and if you try to play with them things are really unbalanced or you are at different points in the game. Does this seem to be the case with D3? I'm wondering because if I get it I'll want to play with all my friends who have already purchased it, but I know there will be times where I'll want to play it on my own. Would I just have to create alt characters for different groups of friends/playing solo or would I be able to play with lower level friends in the same game without much trouble?