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Hey guys, vacation just hit for me and I'm itching to play some new games.

Specifically I'm looking for games along the lines of games like Spelunky and Dark Souls, both of which are great at giving a feeling of tension where if you make one wrong move you're fucked, and thus are supremely rewarding when you progress. I also enjoy the style of progression in either of these where even when you're failing you're progressing because you're learning.

Any recommendations for other games that do these things well?

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Now that the Xbox Live Marketplace has been changed to the Xbox Games Store (and covers both systems' digital releases, if I understand correctly), I'm requesting that the LocoCycle Xbox One release be deleted (I've submitted an Xbox Games Store release that's pending as of writing this). I haven't checked any other games, but I'd wager there are more releases in a similar situation, unfortunately.

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@pandabear: Yes, but in addition to the two releases, the game page itself has a release date that is completely independent of any of its releases.

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Hey guys. Why is it necessary for a game that has releases listed for it to also have a separate release date? Especially considering the line near the top of a given game's wiki page reads as, "First released on.."

Example to help explain my confusion: NBA Live 14 has 2 releases listed (PS4 and Xbox One), both of which have a release date of November 19, 2013. Before I updated it, the game itself had an incorrect release date of November 14, 2013. Should the game's main release date field not just reflect the earliest release's release date?

Some games don't have any releases at all, so I do understand the need for a release date field in the first place.

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I'm in the same boat as you, except I managed to get 4-5 hours in. I ran Fallout 3 into the ground, grabbing all achievement points on my 360 back when it came out, but I can't get into New Vegas the same way. I think it has to do with the world.. I prefer Fallout 3's setting by a wide-margin. I'm a very visual person and something about this game is killing it for me. That said, my tastes have changed since I played F3, much like you stated. It comes down to a mixture of things, I'm thinking.

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I recently bought a Razer Blackwidow and I'd say it's fantastic. Mostly due to the fact that it's mechanical, but it also lights up for when I'm on my PC until the wee hours of the morning without any lights on. Other advantages include that it looks fucking snazzy, has a USB port and headphone/mic jack built into the side, and 5 macro keys that are coming in handy despite my expectations.

That said, I was rocking a cheap Microsoft keyboard before that and it didn't have any issues, so it all depends on you.

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@Castermhief117 said:

Maybe it's the quality of the games you've been playing?

Do you enjoy watching certain television shows (Breaking Bad, Modern Family), do you still watch movies, or read books?

If you've been having a problem with immersion, I suggest games like The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Far Cry 3, Saints Row 3. I personally really enjoyed all of those and they sucked so much time out of me.

I can read without a problem. It keeps my mind occupied enough where I don't think of other things. Plus, if I'm learning new words it seems like it's worth doing. As for movies and shows I don't ever want to watch them unless it's with someone. (or in the rare case that there's a show I watch along with my friends every week, I'll watch it solo, but I get to talk about it with them later and that's fine)

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@The_Hiro_Abides said:

Anyway, lately what I've been doing (for games that don't require my full attention) is play the endurance run on laptop nearby or listen to a podcast while I play. Apparently I need to feel like I'm multitasking while I play.

I do the exact same thing. Unfortunately it doesn't work for games I'm playing through for the first time, like you kind of said, but I think I actually enjoy something like leveling in WoW with the Bombcast more than playing through a lot of games fresh.

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@PenguinDust said:

Just out of curiosity, what do you enjoy doing by yourself? What happens during your "alone time"?


Hmm, what do I do by myself... browse reddit (only to pass the time though, I don't actively say 'I think I'll browse reddit for an hour now!'), watch streams of League of Legends, I'll go for a run or walk while listening to the Bombcast.. that's all I can think of. Apparently I'm terrible at being alone..

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It's been quite a while since I've posted here on GB, but I figured if anyone could help me it'd be you guys: Outside of a few games that I absolutely love to death, I can't play a single player game and enjoy myself anymore.

I think it's a problem with immersion. The only single player games I can enjoy are the ones I enjoy so immensely that I don't even think about why I'm playing them. That, or handheld games when I'm out and there's nothing else I could be doing anyway. When I'm at home playing a single player game, other things I could be doing start to nag at my mind. When I'm playing a multiplayer game, the other people keep me there. I'm playing with them so I feel like it's worth doing. Now that I think of it, the same thing happens with TV shows. If I'm not watching with other people I find myself asking: why am I doing this?

Is there anyone here with solid advice for me?