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This is so tragic. His life ended just as it was really getting started. My thoughts are with his family, friends and especially his widow. x

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@mikefightnight: Eh, we used to have a pretty big fighting game community here, everyone seems to have kind of moved on. Still a few around. HEY @scooper

Yo! What's up?

Yeah, I don't have access to wired internet where I live now. I've been tethering my S3's 3G as internet for the last 5 months now which means I haven't been able to play any online games really. Hopefully I might have some good wired internet by the end of the year then I'll get strait back on the horse. It's killing me not being able to play SFIV. Shame there's no scene I know of in South East England.

Good luck setting this up, though. We had the strongest community on this website for about 2 years and it was awesome.

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It's probably not a great idea to put the words "Boston" and "Giant Bomb" in the same post as the last thing you'll want is some FBI knocking in your door demanding to know where you've stashed the fertiliser.

Apart from that I guess you could count the Frosties in the bowl.

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Penn Jilette looks like he's auditioning for a 80s gay stageplay of Hamlet in that photograph.

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Don't do what I think 80% of people who played Skyrim did and that is spend 10 hours making iron daggers to get 100 Blacksmithing, create a Deadric Set and improve them to 200% quality then proceed to destroy everything thereafter.

I quite liked the tougher dragons mod because it actually makes dragons a real threat, especially on the harder difficulties. It'll also make it so you really have to stock up on potions and buffs to defeat them which means most of the time you won't actually be able to kill a dragon and you'll have to run away until you're stronger. It stops you from having dozens of dragon bones and scales which makes you a little too rich.

I reckon it's more fun to level up your character and share out the perks though multiple skill trees rather than just putting everything into Destruction magic or 1-Handed and becoming too badass. It's a lot more interesting being forced as a magic user to have to use multiple spells from different trees (like Calm, Fear, minor zombie summoning) instead of just blazing everything to death with 2-handed fire. The only problem with this is the UI isn't that great or fun when you have to pause every second to scroll through a list of crap on your quick list.

I think the saturation boost mod is one of my favourite aesthetic mods because the desaturated look of the vanilla game is cool but after playing it for a long time it's really nice to see a bit of vibrancy to the sky and forests.

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He comes off as someone who's so opinionated and that he will iterate those opinions to you like they're the most important thing. You'll notice that for instance in a Bombcast or a Quicklook you can tell when someone like Vinny has a alternate opinion to something but will relax and let other speak, letting others have the stage to say what they want. It's considerate. I don't ever sense that with Patrick. It's really annoying because I don't really care for his content or anything really and his personality can be rather grinding. The articles come off super wankery sometimes where it's like "Here's the well-mannered opinions of some game developers and women, but as this is fair here's also a couple of nit-picked blurbs from some kids on a forum or whatever".

It's like he loves settings off fires and every now and then he'll pop up and throw a can of hairspray in there and then run away again. It's funny the first time, but come on!

Having another article start off responding to the comments from the previous is a dick move because he knows he has the largest platform and therefore the last word.

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Was about to spend about £250 on a new GPU and another £200 ish on SSD, RAM ect. But Instead I think it'll be far more wise to just keep what I got (it plays games in 1080p about fine) and spend the cash on a PS4.

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This is the best thread this website's had in years! Keep up the sleuthing, ladies and gents!

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Congrats on the worst poll choices of the new website so far

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@snail said:

Are you guys crazy?! The controller in that original image definitely looks shopped! What the fuck. Let's go through this.

  • You can clearly tell that they took a PS3 controller and fucking paint bucketted it on the central region to resemble the prototype.
  • There's also no trace of oval "Start" and "Select" buttons, as seen in the top image, in the prototype.
  • Also notice how the analogs in that image are different than the ones seen in the photos of the leaked prototype.
  • You can also look at the two other images I uploaded of the leaked controller and notice that the controller looks indeed different than the one in this thread's top post.

It's ridiculous that this stuff needs to be pointed out. That controller image wasn't even properly cropped around the edges. Like seriously guys, what the fuck? What the fuck?!

Chill out, mate.