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Dream of Hugh Jackman rescuing me in various situations. It gets pretty intense, so much so that I get pretty pissed when I'm dragged back into reality to be asked a question or told to "Straighten out and stop day dreaming". My phone is a nokia from about 6 years ago so no surfing for me ...

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Lucozade Orange, ice cold. Whenever I go to America, it's the first thing I miss.

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Do we want Giantbomb on the main page ? It means more traffic and we could find ourselves washed asunder by waves of idiotic spammers, drawn to the page simply because it was on the Google main page. I'm just saying, be careful what you wish for... 

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I clicked on this post in a rage, expecting a ridiculous moan about how "mean the females are to me, they don't like my sexy body" but it made me laugh ! I can't get angry because I'm constantly asking my brother to assemble ridiculous stuff I've bought from Ikea, much to his displeasure so I'll just laugh at myself. He shudders at the very appearance of an allen key. 

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Your idiocy makes my brain hurt. 

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I still love it but you have to be playing with friends. If you don't have a good squad behind you it's aggravating and frustrating at the best of times.

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Easy makes me lazy, I never ever play a game on easy if I intend to play the multi-player. You get destroyed immediately. Best to be used to the impossible, than ignorant of the mediocre because you played a game on Easy and you fought basically one bot for the entire duration of it. Good for kids though, I know I used it when I was younger. I would not have finished Diablo at 6 otherwise.

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I don't dislike Anime, I just prefer manga. Guyver is slightly more appealing to me than Pokemon, for some strange reason.

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I'm not sure, I mean not every user on Giantbomb is a wikicontributer - I know I'm not. Not enough hours in the day. I use the forms, watch the videos and read the news. Bombcast keeps me going mid week. If you don't get XP from posts, does it not exclude lazy bum users such as myself ? It makes no odds to me, this RPG thing is cute but I don't mind either way.  
I do think little easter eggs hidden in videos would be good. Especially in the endurance run :)

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Only accident I've been involved in was being attacked by a dog when was about 3. Half my face was hanging off, not a pretty sight. Healed nicely, I only have a tiny scar that acts as a dimple on my cheek now. Most interesting part of it was my mom going all superwoman on the dog though, one of my earliest memories is of her lifting this fucking huge German Shepard over her head and throwing it a couple of feet in an effort to get me. Unbelievable, just shows the wonders of hormones in the body.