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Hahaha that Sakura Kinomoto foot stomp. Incredible.

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Yabba Dabba Doo motherfucker. Fred just got me legit paid. Won 1,500+ off that fight with Brimstone. First time above 1000.


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I swear last time I bet on that (Spanish?) Fred Flintstone he was absolute trash. Yet he bets Brimstome this time out. You can never be absolutely certain how a stage is going to play a part in the outcome sometimes. The beauty of Salty Bet... I was just starting to escape from the Salt Mines.

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When am I ever



gonna learn to never bet based on gut feel?

If you can figure out how to master this, i.e. channel that gut instinct and let it take the reigns when it feels natural to do so, you're pretty much halfway there to making a lot of money out of real gambling.

Also, holy shit, did you see how long that Shoma Gorath attack lasted! KAPOW TENTACLES KAPOW TENTACLES KAPOW TENTACLES

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I wish we had a weekly podcast or at least a section on the Bombcast to cover these eShop releases!


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Might also be worth taking into consideration how well the sprites animate. Unless it's MS Paint.

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@rmack said:

Nice article about yourself, Patrick. Could you write one about Phil now?

This is exactly my response when I read this.

Yeah, the nerve of someone on this personality driven site trying to provide personal insight into what it's like being on the receiving end internet hate and the difficulties of coping with it.

There's that 1% again!

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@hanktherapper said:

I find this whole thing amusing. I do not hate Phil Fish but he brings this all on himself.

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Not gonna push them for anything soon. Rather them want to do it than feel obligated to us.

I second this.