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When I have a bit more cash to spare for travel expenses I'd be up for a repeat affair! I hope you guys are enjoying the storms tonight.

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@beachthunder said:

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

Nothing at all.

This is the correct answer.

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I'm absolutely devastated. I doubt it hurts me as much as it does his widow, his family, Jeff, Brad, Vinny, Drew, Dave and all who actually knew him--but through a film of tears and welling sadness, as a genuine admirer of the guy, I can tell you: it hurts an awful, awful lot.

I've heard Ryan's voice practically every day for the past five years; watched him presenting shows weekly for just as long; read articles, reviews, tweets, and, most importantly, have laughed and been reliably entertained by him every single time his voice reverberated through my speakers or his face lit up my computer screen.

I'll remember Ryan as a true legend. I went through early adulthood with him: coming home from university, there would be a Quick Look, a live show, a write-up--something that made money worries go away, relationship squabbles unimportant, and looming deadlines disappear, if just for a fleeting moment. He's sentimental to me: an unforgettable part of a specific era in my life. Ryan's Giant Bomb personality was always there to fall back on when times were rough 'in reality' and I needed an escape--and his infectious laughter never failed to brighten my morning, noon, or night. With his reliable squad at his side, Ryan always made me feel like I had a wealth of company when I was alone--whether I was watching a TNT, Monday or TANG show, life was alright when he came on.

To have that suddenly end--to know he isn't gracing the world with his presence any longer--is horribly painful to contemplate. My tears almost feel like a disproportionate response. Objectively, they are, as after all, I didn't know him personally, yet I'm majorly broken up. I guess that demonstrates how special a guy Ryan was: he touched the heart of someone half way around the world, who he never even knew existed.

Goodbye, you irreplaceable, brilliant human being. You've given us more laughs and great moments than we ever deserved.

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This happened a few years ago. A one and a half hour classic came of it, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

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Best of luck in your future pursuits--keep that Giant Bomb DNA within you, wherever you go!

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I've searched everywhere but I can't find where he's going. I know he's going back to Chi-town, but what is Patrick going to be doing for a job? Is he still on Giant Bomb? Why can't anyone update his GB page?

He's becoming a Portillo's franchisee.

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Ryan Davis Google Glass live feed, streamed into Oculus Rift.

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I've pre-ordered a PS4 to guarantee that I'm able to get one on release day--but the beauty my rationale is, if I feel less enthused in the months to come, I can always cancel the order and lose nothing. I suggest that individuals who mindlessly deduce that it's "stupid" to do something like that acknowledge the validity of hypothetical scenarios once in a blue moon. If I happen to get caught up in the wave come wintertime, I'll be satisfied knowing I don't have to worry about whether I can acquire a shiny new box or not, because it will be delivered right to my door.

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I know how it feels to have thousands of dollars of stuff ($11,000 in my case) stolen in one fell swoop, so don't consider me heartless when I ask this:

Am I the only one wondering how this happened? Like, were windows left unchecked? Were corners cut when it came to making sure their stuff was secured? What's their relationship with the owners/tenants of the space? Who did they tell about their arrangement/did they broadcast the exact location to the internet (that would be a foolish, foolish mistake on their part, but I don't think they did/would)?

In my experience, terrible stuff like this happens because you tell an honest individual about your setup, but that honest individual happens to have some very dishonest acquaintances, and from there plans start hatching.

I also used to live in L.A., coincidentally.

I have to wonder if something like Patrick's tweet ( revealed the location of their gear or something. Seems really strange for it to just disappear.