Best of 2013

Hedging my bets that I'll have played at least 10 games released in 2013 by the end of the year. Nailed it! Now enjoy this Dumb List for Cool Turkeys™, seeing as I probably won't be able to squeeze another one out next year.

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bwahaha, the Soul Hackers blurb

Posted by Soren

@eirikr: Dang, that was quick! And yeah, that was essentially written for my fellow Soul Runna, haha.

Posted by Eirikr

@soren: Yeah, for some reason now I'm getting notifications when friends post new lists, so I saw it instantly. I need to check out Attack of the Friday Monsters. Maybe now that I finally have the $30 credit.

How much is the total for IV's grinding DLC + all the special battle ones so far?

Edited by Soren

@eirikr: Oh, right, looks like the notification system is shot to hell. And yeah, go for it! At $7.99 and about three hours, there's really not much to lose.

The currently available DLC would clock in at $15.50, give or take a few cents. So it'll be $20.50 for the whole shebang.