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 Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. I went to say something, but the OP has ruined my train of thought. Fuuuuuuuuck.    

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@RecSpec: Crap, you beat me to it.
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I kind of view this as like buying a shirt or a pair of shoes. If I'm buying a game, and I play it. And I get bored of it, grow out of it, or just don't like it anymore... I'm not just going to throw it into the garbage bin. I'll either give it to someone else or sell it to them if it's in a good enough condition. So I have no issues with selling it. I also don't mind buying things that someone else as owned. I view it as a garage sale of sorts, I'm not making enough money to be able to buy every new title at the full 60 dollar price. I wish I could, but that's asking a bit much for me. 
It's enough that I have to save up and wait a few months or so for it to lose the hype and/or have a natural price drop for someone with my wallet. By the time I can afford it at the full price, it may be too late and things get spoiled for me (Sorry, Red Dead. Now you know why I have a tough time finishing you) and I lose interest. I like buying used because then I don't have to wait as long and I still get to enjoy the whole experience and have my surprises. I think it's only fair. 
Next Hot Topic is going to rip me to shreds for selling to a friend or donating to Goodwill or something shirts of bands I don't care about anymore. Oh nooo!

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Getting things for the new puppy this weekend, some late birthday stuff for my sister, games, and job applications/interviews. 
Fun fun fun.

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I don't know why LC:GoL or Shank lack in the online Co-Op aspect, but I can answer the Scott Pilgrim Game issue. 
They focused on local play only as more of a throwback to the classic game style and to keep you in that mind set. Some people are taking that speculation as just an excuse for "lazy developers" but considering that the Scott Pilgrim universe is mostly about the originals and the classics, I'd go with that theory and I wouldn't hate it too much for that.

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@august said:
" Half the movie should consist of flower picking. "
This times a hundred! 
And I've never seen that Jesse James movie that Pitt was in. He's so wide eyed there, it's almost creepy. I'd honestly rather not have the actual game be put into a movie. 
But if Mr. Night does this, we get to have 3D Dead Eye Bullets all up in yo' face. And at least then it'll be a giggle.
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But for some people, boobie pictures is all they have! 
And I tried to keep my postings as not spammy as possible and said unique things to everyone. Go me! Granted, most people just wanted to talk to me about how bad they wanted to bang Moxxi. And I have no idea where to go from that standpoint. >.> 
At least the awkwardness was worth a laugh and a few of the duders I'll be talking more to. Yay-Face!

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Half of these beards suck. The other half are awesome. I'll leave the guesswork up to you guys. 
Thread so far is 5/10.

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You know, I've looked everywhere for #4, but constantly overlooked it. Derp derp. 
#7 was also new to me. Nice list! 

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Awesome, I love pretty updates. Thanks. :D