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@mutha3: Here's the problem.  You, and several other people here, are bothered by people's obsession with Jeff.  Don't be.  Jeff is a celebrity; an internet celebrity, yes, but still a celebrity.  Think about all the fucking shit magazines people spend all their money on about celebrities who shouldn't be eating hot dogs or divorcing other celebrities or whatever.  People like famous people...don't let it bother you.
Actually, you shouldn't be worried about Jeff at all.  You don't know Jeff.  This should not be a thing you think about.  Also, the guy who mentioned Jeff's weight as a worry?  That is the real problem here.  Have any of you ever met Jeff?  Talked to him personally?  No.  So relax!  This is not your problem.  Instead of pretending we know Jeff and get all flustered about this shit, let's just enjoy his work as an awesome game journalist/critic.  Problem solved!
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In most cases, especially in games as balanced as SFIV, even if a character is way higher tier than another, it still really comes down to player skill.  I think the reason why people hate Sagat so much is because his most powerful moves are easily accessible.  Sagat has flaws, they just aren't as immediately apparent, and a serious Sagat player is no less respectable than a serious Ryu player.  Or is Ryu also considered to be overpowerd?  Honestly, the SFIV character tiers matter so little to me I don't even know.

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The early Castlevania games are pretty hard, but I never felt that the games were super unfair or frustrating.  Challenging?  Yes.  Unfair at times?  Sure, but so are the Mega Man games, and, like Mega Man, Castlevania is a classic. 
Also, I've always wondered why that weird mid-air staircase was there.  The first time I saw it I thought I had to actually try and reach it, which obviously I never could.

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Whaaaaat?  I already put 100 hours into SF4, and I'm totally willing to put 100 more hours into this.  Is that sad?

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One time I got exactly 666 experience points...which was weird.  It may have even been in the same dungeon.

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I admire that you can stick to the ending you got with the choices you made...most people always go for the true ending or good ending regardless of their play style or choices they want to make.  However, in this case, I really think you should go back and get the true ending.  I don't think you'll have fully experienced the game until you've seen the last cutscene of the true ending.

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Chie: "GALACTIC PUNT!".  Says it all, really.
Yukiko: I related to her on a personal level because of the whole Amagi Inn sub-plot (though I'm inheriting an apartment building rather than an inn).
Yosuke: He's a great all around character, as well as the best acted character.
Teddie: Though he's a little annoying at first and some of his Social Link stuff kind of sucks, he's hilarious!
Nanako: Welcome home, big bro!
Dojima: Though kind of boring in the main story, Dojima has a fantastic sub-plot.
Naoto: Because her Christmas Eve scene was adorable.
Adachi: I was definately surprised to find out he was the murderer, and he had some interesting things to say...he's a good villain.  Also, he loves cabbage.
Kanji: Great character.
Rise: I hated her at first, but she grew on me.  She sucks during battles though.
Margret: An intersesting character, particularly once you finish her S.Link.
Kou: He loves them balls.  Plus, his Social Link ended up being really cool.

Pretty much everyone in town: I have absolutely no motivation for needing this, but can you find me some hard boots?  If you could that would be great.  I think you could find it someplace HOT AND HUMID.  Why won't I find it?  Well, clearly I'm too busy blankly staring into space to do it myself.  I HATED the townspeople.
Mysterious Fox: Everything he gives you is an annoying, painstakingly slow side quest, and you only get a discount out of helping him.  Why does he need to charge you in the first place?!  I'm saving the ****ing world, fox!  I don't HAVE 30,000 yen!!!
Sayoko (the nurse): Annoying.  She's just...agh!  The whole "WHY DOES EVERYONE LEAVE ME?!?!" thing just made me want to punch her.
The young mother: The worst mother in the world.  Ever.
Ai: She just sucks.  That's all there is to it.
Yumi: Just like Sayoko, I got really, REALLY annoyed at her character.  So damned self-absorbed.
Ayane: She also just kind of sucks.  Though to a lesser extent than Ai.
Daisuke: Kind of pathetic, and his story was WAY too cheesy for me.
Nice Guy and Tough Guy: Remember these guys from the Kanji boss fight?  I don't know why but they annoyed me beyond belief.
Naoto's Tie: I don't know why exactly, but something about that tie just rubs me the wrong way...

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I just fought him last night at level 39.  However, I recommend leveling up Yukiko until you get her mediarama because it really, REALLY helps through the boss fight.

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You can also get it if you don't give in to Yosuke's demands but choose slightly different dialogue options.  Which, by the way, is GARBAGE.