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Super mario brothers, or Tetris, really can't decide.

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Played this when it was  in peer review a couple of months back. That version was pretty good. I don't know it James Silva made more changes to it until now, but I don't know if it needed any either. Also thank you Jeff for talking anything about the indie games section. It's reputation isn't the best and hopefully these good games will make that change!

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N64 Pokémon Stadium $90, played it once...

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I've made a smhup with XNA, check it out here:

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@crusader8463 said:
" @Turbo_Toaster: I actually have been a part of building a game before, and based on my limited experience,making a game from nothing is not as hard as you may think it is, assuming you get one or two good programmers and are willing to dedicate most of your free time to the art. It all comes down to whom you have for your programmers and how much time they are willing to lose of their life to make it work. I was in charge of the user interface and level design for the game we made in college and i didn't have to put a tenth of the time the programmers had to put into getting even the simplest of things made. Don't get me wrong here, the art side of making a game is tons of hard work; not to mention frustrating as hell trying to come up with designs and rough sketches after rough sketches, but programming is very time consuming.  If you get things going and want someone to work on the user interface send me a message, I would love to help ya. Ever since my time working on that game in college i have discovered a weird love of making UI for games. I have even gone so far as to find myself randomly sitting with photoshop open doing random mock ups on ways i would improve a game I'm playings UI or just flat out making one up for non existent games. lol "
UI is fun indeed! And programming doesn't have to be super time consuming. The important part is to plan everything before jumping into coding, the overlaying structure and architecture of the program is very important if you want a fluid workflow when programming. But yes, it can take a lot of time :P
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I've been using XNA for about 2 years and I'm right now developing a side scrolling action game. I've completed another project with XNA which was a shoot 'em up and I'm quite ambitious about my projects... From the sound of it you don't know anything about programming, which is a large part about making a game. So you should learn some C# basics first and then move on to some simple stuff like Pong. Do you have anything that you can show of your artwork?

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@kingando420 said:
" Yes it seems to be about the time that America has woken up and now its all fucked. Needless to say this is all Americas fault. "
Really? And here I thought it was EA who was behind all of this, apparently  I was wrong.
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Looks pretty action-packed... And it looked a LOT like halo, so that's good I guess. Hope there's enough new stuff for it to be a great new game. Looks a lot like Halo 3!

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So I'm guessing today a lot of Wiis and 360s are being used more than usual! 

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If there actaully is a Truckasaurus Rex in it, he Will give it 5 stars... otherwise 4!