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Hopefulyl people who have a life time pass will get some real real nice stuff. 

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@phrali said:
Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable characters. Play with 10 different co-op partners for at least 15 minutes each.Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with the same partners. Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners. Complete 25 quests while playing with at least one co-op partner.   WHY DO THEY PUT THIS CRAP IN GAMES SO FREAKING ANNOYING RRAAAAARRRRRHGGGGHHHHH
Its a co op game. Stop bitching. Those are all real easy ones. 
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So Vincent is gonna be in this right? 

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@Metal_Mills said:
Yep, that's real. He decided to add vaders "noooo" to the end of return of the jedi. What the fuck is he thinking? All the hate he gets for changing stuff and keeps on doing it.  That one's so dumb too.
INB4: "Who cares about star wars anymore?"
Obi-wans Krayte Dragon call to scare the sand people off. Kill me.
I really hope the Krayte dragon thing is fake. that sounds so damn stupid.  
@Yamoto said:
Starwars is a dumb kids film  /Thread
You cant /thread on your own post. Thats just stupid dude. 
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@Lukeweizer said:
I've been thinking about picking this up for a while and have decided to take the dive. I noticed on Direct 2 Drive, it's actually $5.99 compared to Steam's $9.99. I know they patched the 150 day limit aspect of the game, is that included in the auto updates from Steam? Does D2D do auto updates? Can I add my D2D purchase to Steam? Thanks for the guidance.
Any official updates are done by Steam. So if its official Steam will do it. 
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Whiskey thongs. 

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Play in classic mode. Stop bitching. No one is forcing your to play in this gen mode. 

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@Intro said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

Wonder how much f the DLC will be skins

Can you like reword that, I don't understand what you're asking.

@solh0und said:

This isn't bad. You pay $30 now(Sept 20) to get 45 dollars worth of DLC. I don't see the problem in that....

There isn't unless these maps/campaign pieces are done and they're charging for something that could easily be on the disc come launch.

Epic has said the campaign has been done for awhile...

How can I reword that? its simple. I wonder how many of that 45 will be skins for like weapons and characters. 
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Wonder how much f the DLC will be skins