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I have good memories with both games and while it did have some pretty sizable issues, it's charm, story, and the world really did pull me in in kept me in for the long haul. I really am interested in seeing what a modern Shenmue would look like and finally see where the story will go. I backed it, but I won't hold my breath until I get it in my hands.

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It all depends on how well implemented it is. For example, I HATED it in Bioshock and Singularity where you were being talked to by all these characters and the guy you play as just seemed content and didn't say anything. I'm sure if you were really in those situations, you would have at least a few questions to ask like "Who are you?" and "What is going on around here?".

Fallout and Elder Scrolls actually had you talking to characters as a "silent protagonist". They gave you opportunities to initiate a conversation with the surrounding characters. If Singularity just had like a pop-up window that had some text you could choose to say to the main scientist guy, then I would've at least been able to related and connect to the story and the character more than just "blank, silent marine".

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So many coups. This was really a neat story to read. Thanks for sharing it.

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Beautiful work!

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This is fascinating. Eagerly waiting for part two.

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I've been noticing the older I get, the less games I try out. I have a handful of games I'll play all the time while watching and keeping up with games I know I'll never play.

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It seems like around once a year, my buddies and former co-workers will gather around and play it for a night. If played repetitively, then yeah. of course it'll lose it luster.

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Never played the first one, but started playing the second one on 360 before life got in the way. I have the Witcher 3 on digital pre-order and I vowed to myself that I would finish Witcher 2.

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Wish you luck in your next adventure. As one of the "skeptical" people in the beginning, you turned out pretty cool. We'll miss ya!

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@w1n5t0n said:

Man on Fire. It always gets me.

Yeah, the last 10 minutes of this film gets me to tear up every time.