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Wish you luck in your next adventure. As one of the "skeptical" people in the beginning, you turned out pretty cool. We'll miss ya!

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@w1n5t0n said:

Man on Fire. It always gets me.

Yeah, the last 10 minutes of this film gets me to tear up every time.

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Just got to Iron Keep and it's already turning into a harsh experience for me. Just gonna keep at it.

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The only one I can think of is Deathrow, which is a future sports game that came out on the original Xbox. Loved that game, but I don't think it sold well. Run Like Hell comes up in my mind, but Dead Space is pretty similar.

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Been using the Mace you start off with as the Cleric class. Been finding other weapons around, but the mace has been the most damaging weapon I've used so far.

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I got taken out by those dog-like things in the starting area before you create your character.

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While graphics make the game look pretty, I care more about gameplay. As long as it plays like a "Souls" game, I'll be happy. Though I could definitely do without "Blighttown" slowdown.

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That's so cool. This just reminds me how awesome this community is.

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@spiritof said:

I've never played EVE Online.

I love EVE Online.

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A possible $399 XBone does sound appealing. Still need the games to convince me to fork over the money.