Giant Bomb Wedding

Nearly 4 years ago, I joined Giant Bomb in fear that someone was going to steal my username from comicvine, and today, I'm married to one of the funniest trolls of the interwebs, Rowr. Totally bizarrely, and absolutely unplanned, we were best friends for awhile and then one day it was kinda like "So... You wanna cross the ocean and meet my family?". And it was amazing. A lot of long distance, choppy skype calls, stretched-thin-budgets, but a whole lotta love. I'm sure community-duo and could vouch that over-sea's long distance isn't the easiest way to form a committed relationship, though the feelings are just as strong as if you're there in person.

So now that the big day has come and gone, Rowr's back in Aussieland, and I'm twiddling my thumbs waiting for the visa to go through, hoping this is the last sting of long distance. So just a shout-out to everyone who cheered us on and supported us from your computer screens. It's weird to think that without Giant Bomb, I never would've met the guy I'm married to now, so thank you all for existing!

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p.s. I'm also curious to know if there are any other GB couples out there?


Mario Artwork

A picture I did for my friend. I don't know if she likes Mario. I don't, I'm terrible at it. But sometime an image pops into your head and you have to draw it. I really want to do more video game artwork, and I know I say it almost every time I post one of these here, it's just that I don't have a lot of enthusiasm if it's a personal drawing. I only really get into video game themes if it's for someone else.

Have a good one!

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Sun Stones - Indie Smart Phone Game

Hey GB community, a good friend of mine is working on this iphone/android game called Sun Stones. You can see the trailer and information here

They're also looking for investors to help back their product, and I know some of you are hard core Indie fans, so I thought I'd share this in case any of you are interested. I'm not trying to take your monies or anything, just thought I'd spread the news.

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GoW on PS3?

Pretty sure this is some fantastic photoshop propoganda, unless Ecudor's El Universo newspaper has some sort of inside scoop.... Can anyone explain this to me?


Amaterasu and a Zealot

Do you remember this thread?
Masterofpenguin_zell suggested I draw a Zealot riding Amaterasu, and assuming he meant the wolf version instead of the human version *ahem*, here is my rendition.

For some reason it can only be really small or fucking huge. And shameless plug to blog which I *promise* will have more video game art. 
If you have more video game art ideas, leave a comment or message me.
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In case you were wondering

You know those guys who trash talk something and then 6 months later do exactly what they said they hated? Like "iPhones are for queers" and then they get an iPhone and pretend they never said that? Those people piss me off. 
I miss rowr.


Advice Needed for Split-Parent-Handling

As a child of a recently divorced couple, I am new to the balancing attention thing. Here's an example: I'm returning to the US after a year abroad, and my mom bought a plane ticket from LA to hometown for me a month ago. That's all good. Then, father says "hey, I should drive down to LA and we can make a trip of it!" and I'm like, crap, I should've planned this out better. So I think I need to say "hey, lets go on a trip on this weekend", right? Balance out saying yes and saying no? It gets complicated because it was a pretty nasty break with pops being the bad guy, so while I don't hate him, I'm still kinda uncomfortable being around him. Apparently running away to another country didn't solve anything on my end.  So for the future, how do those of you with split parents handle situations like these, where one parent has offered one thing, and the other parent dishes up a conflicting offer?  
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P.S. After vehemently despising advice threads I now understand why they are created: Out of desperation and loneliness. I appreciate your kind words.



I've still got your ideas for video game illustrations, but a bunch of work orders came in, so I'll get to it eventually! I'd still love your ideas though. Especially ones like "Samus in a Mario suit holding Mario's head" lol. For those of you on blogger, you can follow my blog Here.


Ginseng Tea is Not Delicious

Hello again friends, that little gold "NEW" star has disappeared from my Blog tab, and you know what that means: review time!


 If you could put a farm in your mug, boil it, and then add some sugar, this is what it would taste like. Unfortunately for me, it's the only thing that doesn't make me want to vomit (think about that) so I'm going to give it a leprechaun out of 10.


 So much fun. I am happy to be bed-riddenly-nauseous if only to play this game all day. Sometimes when I shut my eyes I can see rows of colors and patterns, and when I start to zone out, I can hear the theme music playing. It's not an obsession if you have nothing else to do, right? I give it a dancing unicorn out of 10.


  I was awoken by a thunderstorm this morning, followed by a strange orange-y glow, and now it's raining. I don't know if it's the atmospheric pressure or what, but rain puts me to sleep so fast. I love that stuff. I give it an ironic sunshine out of a potato.

Alright, I've written and then deleted 4 other things to review (being home alone, long distance, muffins, Castle), but they could all be summed up in one or two words (lonely, super awful, delicious, awesome), so I'll spare you the long version. Those are today's reviews, folks, have a good remaining May!
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