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I know it gets the bitches, at least that's what rap "culture" has taught me.

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I would ignore him, which is what I've done since migrating away from Destructoid.

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I remember seeing a picture of that thing years ago. Never understood why they thought grandmothers would want their own GBC.

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I wish the new Gawker would die already, everything on those sites seems to have turned into outlandish hipster bullshit. I think someone already said this, but I feel it's worth repeating.

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Contests hate me. I have to buy stuff. Sad face.

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@KaosAngel: Ha, enjoying the edits, just tell people that $70 a year for 2 day shipping and instant streaming is still a great deal.
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I knew that, been using it for a while now... hopefully not close to a year though! But still more people should get in on the crazy good shipping, I practically order everything online now. 

A quick note though, when Amazon Prime's streaming service came out it was only for paying Prime members, so unless they've changed that student accounts can't access the streaming content. Which is unfortunate but understandable.
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If you haven't opened bayonetta I'd say take it back. Sega did a poor job porting it. Check out Vanquish instead, it's also by Platinum Games.

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I don't strive to look trashy. So no, I don't dip.