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The very last point, the Kotaku article, is about the 4th level, not the first.

Breaking Madden is back, horray!

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Sounds...interesting. The term F2P doesn't immediately get my blood pumping, but I'll be interested to see more on it in the future.

Pretty much my exact thoughts. He's been saying for a while that he thinks F2P has been done poorly in the past, so I guess put up or shut up Cliff.

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  • The Witcher 3
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Forza Horizon 2

I'm not convinced yet on No Man's Sky, Sunset Overdrive looks like fun, but I want to know more about game structure, Arkham Knight looks fantastic but I played Origins and I'm not sure I can do another Batman game right now. Unity looks great but I've played every AC and I'm getting burned out. But I'll probably play them all...

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Guys we should hate this! Remember when MS was going to do this and you all bitched and moaned.

That's not why people bitched and moaned. They took it away as some imaginary crux, like we can't have both used game sales AND family sharing. lol

Which was entirely true. You couldn't have both.

EDIT: Man, they even took the EXACT NAME from the Xbox One version of this idea. (Though the Xbox One version was WAY better than this), both the owner and the lendee could play the same game, multiple lendees could play different games off of someone's account. Man, that would've been awesome.

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@darji: Portions of LA Noire were cover based shooting too.

I don't think we can judge the game based on leaked footage when nothing has been heard of this game in a long time. If it ever comes out, I would be surprised if it was earlier than 2015.

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Maybe you'll like the name more if you realize that you can shorten it to XONE and pronounce it "ZONE". Or the "XBONE"? Hmm...

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That's a pretty large middle finger you have there Ubisoft.

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I've been on an OSX software hunt as well.

As far as free stuff goes, Dropbox is nice. Steam, if you're into that. VLC. Skype.

Then there's Quicksilver if you want to Google that. Apparently it's pretty cool, but I haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet.

I couldn't get Quicksilver either. I highly recommend Alfred instead. Much better designed, much cleaner and easier to use.