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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but things like this are probably a result of network smoothing. Like when the data is moving between the clients, the system to some degree predicts the movement of players so that everyone around you isn't moving really rigidly. Which means that the actually position of the player's aiming as you see it can often appear slightly different from where they actually shot you. P2P hosting doesn't exactly help either.

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Here's what I like; I like the world, I like exploring it and I have fun finding all the things on the map. It feels like an open world game. SWTOR is pretty corridor driven, and WoW is so based on quest chains that there's no reason to explore ahead since there's nothing to do there. I want to see what Maguuma Jungle looks like, I want to dig through Orr and Ascalon, I want to explore. It's pretty. Like really pretty. Here's what I don't like; These quests, I appreciate how they don't require me to start or hand them in... But when I wander into a hunting camp and it just says "help Hunter Block by doing X, Y and Z" I get bothered. Who is Hunter Block? Why do I care? What will actually change if I fill that heart up? He'll wave at me when I pass by. But I have no reason to be here, and I don't even know where he is in the first place. I'm just mechanically grinding out hearts. Add to that, I would like to feel like I'm doing something important. When there's 40 other people there wailing on centaurs, I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything. I look at a mob and it's already dead. What am I actually doing? I actually like group content but I feel completely disconnected from the events going on around me. Completing a basic quest with 40 other people doesn't have the same rush as completing a 4 man quest or an instance in other MMOs, and it doesn't have the sense of personal agency as a single player quest. Maybe it's just me, but I like chopping up mobs alone in a forest and then I see someone else run by doing their own thing and then I'm alone for another 3 minutes. I like group content but I like choosing whether or not I'm going to do the content in a group. It'll fix itself to an extent as the low level rush dissipates, but I constantly feel like I'm just a worker bee in a hive that resets and demands more work. Trying to learn how the crafting system works. Or how the collectible bank works. Or the bank. Or salvaging. I had to look up YouTube guides just to find out where to go to even start crafting. It's like all the MMOs I've played have one thing that I want. Secret World has a great setting, Guild Wars 2 has great exploration and sense of an open world, SWTOR has the narrative and character attachment, and WoW has phasing that gives a sense of agency in the world. What I really want is a persistent open world RPG with co-op.

I think dungeons and higher level stuff are going to fill that small group effort feeling and having quest chains seem like something important is happening. But we'll see how it holds up.@Icemo said:

So, I have never played MMORPG before. Will I be completely fucked if I buy this game? Some of you guys are saying that tutorials in this game are bad, but are there really so complex mechanics that I will have trouble playing? Closest game that barely resembles mmorpg's (I think?) that I have played is diablo 3. This game just looks so pretty that I'm tempted to buy it.

The mechanics are simple with the ability to have depth. As in its pretty straightforward concepts, but there's a lot more you can do with the combat, crafting, etc. if you want to really excel at it.

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The only issues I had with melee was ofcourse being the main target from enemies (I assume the AI is currently designed to go after the closest player, which is obviously going to be melee most times). The other issue was the awkwardness of following and trying to hit enemies as they moved around. It was very awkward at first without auto-movement and takes some getting used to. I wish the camera would atleast center on whichever enemy I tabbed to. That would help getting into position to hit them a lot. Other than that it is very refreshing to play as a melee character in this type of game that isn't a tank. If I have a motherfucking giant sword and intimidating armor, I should be a machine of destruction, not a distraction who's single purpose is to stay alive and draw attention from ranged players.

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I'm saving my first time experience for when the game actually hits. However, I hope they increased the snappiness of the combat. That was my main concern with Mass Effect 2. You could hold up in the directional pad, and it would take Shepard a second to get moving. You had to get right up to an object to hide behind it, and the running to and from points were goofy and stiff. Basically, the whole combat/cover system was stiff. I hope they changed this.

From playing the demo, I can safely say your ability to move around is much more intuitive and responsive.

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Everyone complaining about graphics and animation: it's an old build, wait and see on that stuff. (this isn't a "oh my god don't bash my Mass Effect waaaah" comment, just mentioning the fact that this appears to be the E3 demo, and E3 was quite a while ago.)

Very true. Its probably atleast 2 months old (has to go through certification for microsoft and sony well in advance) and polish is always the last step in game development. BF3 had a lot of problems in the beta that werent in the final release, and that came out a month before release.

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He seems super generic. Space Marine the character. Then again all of the trailers for the ME2 characters made them seem super generic, so we'll see how this turns out.

No kidding. Thats why I'm not worried. ME3's advertising isn't much different from ME2's. He looks like he'll be Jack. Marketing made her look like some overtly hardass fuck fuck fuckity fuck bitch, and she turned out to be an interesting character after you broke her down a bit.

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I was going to use gamestop, but the collectors addition apparently is available for pickup which is odd.

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I decided to get this because I felt that 20 more dollars is kinda a steal for all of the stuff coming with this. Though I feel like exlusive characters and whatnot is just kinda bullshit, but itll probably be dlc later so its not so bad.

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I generally always prefer mouse and keyboard for first person games, unless the inventory sucks for PC.