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@jdh5153: general practitioner

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I personally would like to see birdlike mutants, more character customisation and more follower interaction.

What would you like to see or improved in a new Fallout game?

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Perfect time to release GTA V, after I have finished with BO2, AC3. Hitman etc, I would have saved the best for last.

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Having Tommy, CJ and Claude back for GTA V would be quite nice but I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed about not having a 'young' character to play after Nico Belic..

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The Fallout 3 Manual impressed me.

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Just watched Ted. I thought it was pretty good, the story seemed a little bland to me but I enjoyed the jokes.

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Heavy Rain....when you find out the REAL Origami killer. Such an epic game.

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If the next Xbox/Playstation/Nintendo was announced to be released in a few days, do you think it would be the 'right' time? In todays hard economy, prices going up, people losing jobs etc and also with our current consoles, have they been used to their full potential?

Personally I am quite happy with my current consoles for the next 3 years or so.

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