Games I been completing and stuff in this year of 2014s.

Like that other list, only this is for the games I actually finish, or at least have invested enough time where I feel like I've played all I need to. This may also include games that I didn't necessarily buy in 2014, but still completed, or perhaps revisited as I am wont to do!

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Posted by Deranged

Nice dude! I picked up Ascension a while back for only $10! A ridiculous deal but now I have to find time to actually play the game :P

Posted by dudeglove

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Posted by Yummylee

@deranged: Eh, Ascension is one of those game's I'd say is only worth sitting down for when you're pretty much at a complete loss as to what to play. If you're strapped for time, then there's plenty of other games worth taking it up with. Makes a relatively fun way to cut away 7 or so hours, but if you have the same response as I did, you'll probably find you'll have forgotten a lot of it before the credits have finished rolling.

@dudeglove: I've seen better.

Posted by Deranged

@yummylee: Really eh? I've just been playing through the remastered PSP titles for the PS3. I just beat Chains of Olympus (I think) and I'll probably go in chronological order from there. Considering Ascension is prior to the first game, I should probably play that next :P