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I'm really starting to believe I have no soul. I didn't really get choked up for the tribute part of the movie. (I don't consider that a spoiler. Everyone knew they'd do something). I thought the ending was done real well despite my apparent lack of human emotion. The scene on the beach with him playing with his family didn't seem like a good justification to merit a discussion about his retirement from the crazy lifestyle and it felt like it fit too neatly in a nice box. That's probably why it works so well. Everyone knows why that scene is there and that baggage lifts it.

Side note, don't you think Walker and Diesel should have had one more point to point race for old times sake? I really thought they should have had them race and after a winner is determined, (presumably Walker), then he drives off into the sun.

I don't think them racing each other would have worked, since they wanted to show that he was done with that lifestyle. I thought the ending was amazing, the tribute was my least favorite part of it actually. Would have liked it if it was just Dom's voice over while he was driving, rather then a montage of the previous films.

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What he said.

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I use Windows 7 on my desktop and Windows 8.1 on my laptop because the touchscreen support is pretty swell. Will probably upgrade to Windows 10 for both.

same here.

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MkX is not as good as Mk9, the story is quite bad and focuses on the new characters. Even if you like the new characters, it's still quite boring to sit through. If you're only buying it for single player i would pass.

Bloodborne is a faster Dark Souls, however, I wouldn't really say it the same mystery about the universe that Dark Souls has. Unless you were talking about the mystery of not really knowing what items do, which imo is the good kind of mystery.

They are both completely different games, are you in the mood for an RPG or Fighting game? whichever genre you choose pick that game.

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I really liked The Worlds End until the ending. It was such a fun and clever movie up to that point, it ruins the movie everytime i decide to watch it, knowing how it ends.

Hot Fuzz was great but i think i like Shaun on the Dead better.

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Feels like one of these threads gets made every month, and the same recommendations are listed over and over again.

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Persona 4 is a boring game to play though, The story is fun but the game play isn't. Couldn't see someone not way into video games getting into it.

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Liked Hotspot and On the Spot so when everyone left after Jeff i just followed them.

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I had more trouble with Dragon Age: Inquisition then this game, however, DA is hard in that it requires some more tactics and thinking ahead. This game is more of just dodging at the right time.

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I really don't like the idea of Jason, he is always super slow in the movies so seeing him pulling of combos is going to feel a bit out of place. Predator is good, and Freddy fit in well last game, but Jason seems odd.

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Good for them, i'm kind of glad they got some support. They were asked a question on local news and answered with honesty that they wouldn't cater to the LBGT because of their religion. Then they got attacked by everyone, on social media, for giving their opinion.

They aren't the ones passing the bill, they're calling up Pence telling him what to do. I just don't understand social media nowadays, it seems all it's used for is to attack people who make a mistake or voice their opinion. I don't think they are right, however, it's their business, and all the idiots attacking them just gave them half a mill because they are the ones that started all this.