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COD-lite action in Bond game 0

He looks like Bond. He shoots like Bond. But he is not Bond.The remake of Casino Royale is one of my favorite movies of all time. For the first time in a long while people see the man behind the gun and gadgets. Daniel Craig sold Bond to be an ice-cold, capable, and yet vulnerable and inexperienced character. Whenever he was on camera my eyes were glued to the screen because he comes off as interesting and nuanced. Eva Green as Vesper, witty and pretty, was a great Bond girl. She didn't need to ...

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Sorta Boring/ 0

 Even though Bond games have appeared on almost every platform in gaming history, it was the N64's Goldeneye that really cemented it as a potentially powerful game brand. Now, while that game has aged about as poorly as a game can age (but isn't it odd that the first good console FPS...was on a Nintendo console?), it's still the benchmark every developer is aiming for. They've tried to not go FPS (Tomorrow Never Dies and Everything or Nothing) and it was, to be gentle, horrible. They trie...

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Faint Praise, but Praise Nonetheless 0

Remember that game Everything or Nothing a few years back? Man, that was and still is the best Bond game of all time. In that game, you weren't just some no-name soldier shooting up fools. You were Bond, you were romancing the ladies, hijacking vehicles, blowing up stuff. That was the best Bond movie no one ever made.With Quantum of Solace, we're back to making games based of movies again. And hey, look we have the entire cast brought back in digital form (now-a-days, we expect no less from movi...

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Quantum of Solace DS, definitely not worth your time 0

When it comes to games design, the Nintendo DS touchscreen is one of those things that you have to think hard about. Whether your game concept would actually benefit from the use of a stylus outside of navigating menus, and whether it would be a game to suit an "all stylus" method of control are just some of the questions you’ll have to ask yourself. While it’s interesting to see that Activision has strayed away from simply porting the same game released on the home consoles with Quantum of Sol...

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Quantum of Solace is a half-decent James Bond game. 0

James Bond games always get a bum rap. Ever since 1997's Goldeneye hit the Nintendo 64, every subsequent Bond game has to be put up to those very high standards Rare made so long ago. As a result, these games are given unnecessary scrutiny because they cannot be judged on their own merits, they have to be compared to the most famous and popular James Bond game of all time. It's a bummer, really. But after Electronic Arts made about a dozen games based off the titular spy, some that were great an...

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It's an exceptional shooter but it qualifies a rental than a pass 0

There are a lot things of Quantum of Solace: The Video Game that make you think the opposite of what the game is overall. It looks like a first-person shooter, but 8/10 of the time you're behind cover in third-person view. Another thing that gets you fooled is the title. I thought, for a sequel that had WAY more action scenes than Casino Royale ended up having less chapters to play. Apparently, Activision decided to have Casino Royale's sequences to be the most of the chapters. One last thing th...

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A fun Bond game that doesn't fully deliver on all levels 0

I can remember when I first seen the trailer for the Quantum of Solace video game. I said to myself, "This could be the game to finally top Goldeneye." Well I was wrong. But that doesn't mean Quantum of Solace is a bad game. It is a fun experience but it just doesn't perform perfectly on all levels.  The game play does a good job of making you feel like Bond. The game is a first person shooter but turns into third person when you become involved in quick time events and wall cover. The controls...

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Call of Duty: Quantum of Solace 0

 Since it came from Treyarch it was very similar to playing a call of duty game which the last couple COD 4 and COD WaW have been some of my favorites. Didn't take me too long to beat only about 8-10 hours at the most. It was great they were able to use the likeness of Daniel Craig to add that extra bit of likeness to the movie but near the end it started to distract me. His dead, expressionless face seemed so odd during some of the quick time events and even during a knife fight there would be ...

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007, Call of Duty 4 style 0

Quantum of Solace is a solid Bond game that mixed third-person and first-person shooter gameplay styles to deliver a satisfying single-player mission and a good selection of multiplayer types. The game runs on the Call of Duty 4 engine, and you can definitely feel the resemblance as you play. All the elements are there: bullets go through walls, the weapons pack a hefty punch, and the visuals are still impressive. Some reviewers considered Quantum's similarity to CoD4 a fault, but I thought the ...

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Great James bond game solid gameplay 0

Quantum of Solace:Quantum of Solace is a great game because it has a great story and It has great missions that are pretty much all fun. The downside is that some other james bond games allow you to drive vehicles but this game does not have car driving features. So its a goldeneye rogue agent type of game except this game has a lot more action into it. The guns are amazingly realistic it feels like you're really holding the gun. The achievements are a good challenge for the game some achievemen...

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Like Roger Moore, rather than Sean Connery... 0

So despite the fact that Daniel Craig is the new Bond, i decided to use that headline.I finished playing through the single player story of 007 Quantum of Solace Tuesday. I don't really know what i should have expected from the game but I don't think it disappointed as much as the last several games did. That being said, this game does deliver a limited amount of the James Bond vibe. From the outset of the story you get the feeling that you aren't going to truely "Run and Gun" your way through t...

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James Bond Quantum Of Solace: A Review By KingreX32 0

Quantum of solace was one of the many blockbuster hits of 2008. It was also turned into a video game. Quantum of Solace the game was released November 4 2008. Its was developed by four different companies Treyarch (PS3 and Xbox360) Eurocom (PS2) Beenox (windows and Wii) and vicarious Visions (Nintendo DS), and was published by Activision.  The game feature the Voice and likeness of Daniel Craig, and many of the characters from the film reprised there roles for the game. I know a review of the ga...

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It could have been on a mediocre level... 0

For quick summary, skip to bottom of the review.  James Bond, don't we all just love him? He's got the good looks and is mad charming. He drives the nice cars and knows how to "live da life". He drives nice cars and nails all the hotties. Simply put, he gets paid for getting laid. Every man desires to be him; every woman wants to be with him. That's why we all love the movie franchise - to fantasize about being James Bond / being with James Bond. It's no surprise that the movie franchise did so ...

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Not as good as goldenye...but better than all the other 007 rubbi 1

Treyarch were rather busy last year. In one year they cranked out two, quite competent, FPS’s based on the COD 4 engine. One was the flawed but enjoyable World at War, whilst the other was James Bond’s latest offering Quantum of Solace. Or should it be called Casino Royale? Most of the missions are from Daniel Craig’s first operation. Or maybe even something different. Lets make an example. Do you remember the massive gunfight between Bond and masked terrorists during the chase in Madagascar aft...

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Good Game 0

Multiplayer was ok but its not as good as call of duty online. BUT this games story /missions is good and i had good fun playing through them. I would have liked even more missions as i thought it was the best part of the game. Ok amount though just doesnt take ages to complete and i personally like games that take a long time to complete. Online play can be amusing but missions are fun....

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Singularity of Loneliness 0

Making a game out of the Bond franchise would seem to be an easy fit for developers. You’ve got guns, gadgets, borderline humour and gratuitous (if slightly comic-book style) violence and alluring girls. Though many have tried different approaches there are few teams to actually pull off a decent game. In early development, Treyarch looked to have produced a cool shooter that was as violent and moody than the recent films. But the final release is an exercise in mediocrity that treads an incredi...

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Quantum of Solace Review 0

Quantum of solace (the game) did have some hype to it since it was going to have the call of duty 4 engine in it, and being made by Treyarch. but in the end its a good game but not as good as golden eye or everything or nothing. The game golden eye is known as one of the best games of all time and everything or nothing was a big change since it was a 3rd person shooter rather than a first person shooter like nightfire. Quantum of solace is a mix of first person and third person shooting. you can...

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Excellent game and good online 0

Game play: Quantum of solace is based on the movie and the storyline follows the scenario. You are James bond (daniel craig) adn you have to investigate the enviroments to solve the problems missing to the puzzle. The chapters are short (25 minutes to 35 minutes each) but there`s about 13 chapters to play in you have M that will guide you through the missions you can use allot of weapons like pistols,machine guns,snipers and allot of kinds of guns. The disapointing part of this game is the cutsc...

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More Roger Moore than Sean Connery 0

I've always believed that the Hitman games provided a solid blueprint for a rejuvenation of the James Bond franchise in games. Tone down the violence a bit, make it more espionage-like, and add Russians, and and the Hitman series is practically James Bond. However, Activision owns the James Bond license, and Call of Duty outsells the Hitman series. Thus, we have Quantum of Solace, a first person shooting game that really does little to embrace Bond's style. The actors from the movies provide th...

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Quantum Of Solace 0

This game tries to show the new more hard edged James Bond before he was a fully fledged "00" agent so it automatically has less gadgets and flair than the bond games and films of old. Casino Royale was the beginning of the true Bond story before he truely learned to be a suave and sophisticated secret agent and basing it on this premise I feel the game does a good job of representing how Bond behaves.The single player is pretty average, for the most part it is just Call Of Duty 4 with a cover s...

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Quantum of Solace pleasantly surprising 0


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Incredibly and painfully average 0

Quantum of Solace : A first person shooter based on the recent James Bond movie and powered by the Call of Duty 4 engine. Story : Like most video game tie-ins, the story in the Quantum of Solace video game is a random mishmash of plot points from the movie tied together in a way that’s nothing short of incoherent unless you’ve seen the movie(s) that it’s based on. This game in particular goes an extra mile (or should I say cuts off an extra mile) by not even rendering cutscenes acted out by the ...

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Plays well enough but ultimately is incredibly average. 0

I picked this up at Best Buy for 10 bucks on a day when a chunk of games went for the same price. I saw it and picked it up with out too much thought, I mean 10 bucks, why not? I started playing it and was surprised at how well the cover mechanic worked, and shooting was just fine..  past that and outside the James Bond theme it's just another average FPS. Heck, the game kinda looks like it could be a well made Total Conversion of another FPS. The bad guys look generic, the guns are generic, the...

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Check out for more reviews. 0

The James Bond franchise has always been rather successful in the gaming industry. This isn't really because of the license they behold but more so because the quality of the games are of a relatively high standard. Take Golden Eye for example, the truly defining shooter on the Nintendo 64, followed up by the successful “Everything or Nothing” and “Nightfire” on the Playstation 2. Quantum of Solace continues this with a fun and promising shooter, nothing more and nothing less.   After all Quant...

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