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The logo for Star Fox Command

Star Fox Command is the fifth game in the Star Fox franchise. It was released on the Nintendo DS on August 28, 2006 in North America. It was first announced at E3 2006, with the tentative title Star Fox DS. It is the first and only Star Fox game specifically designed for a handheld, and also the only one that supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Although Star Fox Command was taken in a new direction with a more strategy based approach, it only received an average 76% score (according to GameRankings).

Star Fox Command uses many of the ideas and concepts from the cancelled Super Nintendo game Star Fox 2.


Single Player

A screenshot of the flying portions of the game

Unlike Star Fox Adventures and Star Fox Assault, this game is primarily air-combat driven. There are two types of gameplay within the single-player campaign, however. First is a "map" mode in which the player decides the course of action that the corresponding characters will take, all whilst protecting the Great Fox. Upon confronting an enemy, the gameplay goes to a more traditional battle screen in which several enemies must be disposed of.

In the map mode, it is essentially a turn-based strategy game. Up to four ships can be controlled at once, all attempting to guard the Great Fox. At the player's disposal are missiles that can be fired from the Great Fox (they must be picked up at sometime during gameplay in order to be used, however).

The strategic map mode

Unlike the predominantly on-rails approach to Star Fox and Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command mainly implements the all-range mode; an area in which the player has full control over where the character goes, as opposed to a predestined path. Occasionally, however, the player will have to engage in a mission that is essentially on-rails; the player follows a large missile, and eventually destroys it. Other missions include destroying all enemies onscreen, destroying a base ship, or collecting cores.


Star Fox Command has several ways to play with other people. It supports DS Download Play for up to six players. Four players can play simultaneously online. Unlike in the single player missions, however, only one ship is available: Arwing II. To score, stars are collected from destroyed ships, making it so that players can collect stars from opponents that they have not killed. The ranking system in Star Fox Command ranks the player from Z to A, A being the best and Z being the worst. By collecting stars, players work their way up through the ranks.


As in the original Star Fox, there is no traditional voice acting. Instead the dialogue is spoken in some sort of gibberish that is similar to that of the Super Nintendo Star Fox games. However, the player can record his or her voice, and then it will be converted into the gibberish language.



The Anglar Emperor

An evil scientist named Dr. Andross became obsessed with controlling the Lylat System. Despite his waves of attacks from his headquarters of Venom, the valiant Star Fox team managed to defeat Dr. Andross. Venom became a quarantine planet, so it has been years since anything has set foot on the planet.

After a period of peace, Venom struck again with attacks all over the Lylat System. The new occupants were known as the Anglars, led by the Anglar Emperor. Their empire was located in the toxic Venom Sea. The Star Fox team had since disbanded, each pilot living their own life.

Fox McCloud was wandering the galaxy with R.O.B. 64, a navigation robot. Fox spent his time to tie up loose ends, and to ponder his life. General Pepper, Corneria's former military hero, fell ill, so control of the Cornerian military forces fell upon Peppy Hare. Falco Lombardi lived as a loner, searching for thrills. Slippy Toad fell in love with a girl named Amanda, and decided to start a new life with her. The rival Star Wolf kept on getting involved with evil things, causing the Cornerian military to put a large price on their head. Krystal fell in love with Fox, but Fox knew the dangerous nature of the team, and forced her to leave. No one knows where she went.


Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud is the leader of the Star Fox squadron. He is brave and true; his sense of justice is strong, although he can be too serious. He returns from previous titles in the series, and is now 28 years old. He is a veteran pilot. Fox is more depressed in Command, as he has recently kicked Krystal off the team (in order to protect her). Many of the endings involve him learning to be a hero and a friend. Fox's ship is the Arwing II.

Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi is another member of the Star Fox team. He is cocky, headstrong, and quick-tempered. He is an excellent pilot (his skills exceed those of even Fox), although, so he is an invaluable addition to the team. Falco is solo in the beginning of the game, but he eventually rejoins the team. Falco is 29 years old in Command, and he is still proud. Falco's ship is the Sky Claw.

Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad

Slippy Toad is a member of the Star Fox team, and also the team's engineer. He isn't well-known for his skill at flying rather than his intelligence. He is also a close friend of Fox. In Command, he has been engaged to Amanda. He is 28 years old in Command, but he still remains close to his friends. Slippy's ship is the Bullfrog.



Krystal is a former member of the Star Fox team. She is kind and strong, although she is a bit stubborn. Krystal's age is unknown. In Command, she has been forced off the team by Fox, as he is worried about her well-being. Because of this, she has become cold and hard. In some of the various endings, she seeks revenge, while in others she returns to her lover, Fox. Krystal's ships are the Cloud Runner and the Cornerian Fighter.


There are nine endings in the game; it isn't at all clear which one is the true ending of the storyline, though due to its altogether positive and not terribly franchise-altering nature, it is generally agreed that of the endings, "Fox and Krystal" has the highest chance of being canon. The truth will have to wait until the next Star Fox game comes out.

Fox and Krystal

The team, reuinited

The Star Fox team has done it again; the Lylat System is saved. Fox has learned a new lesson though; he has learned the true value of friendship and love. The team decides to leave for Aquas in order to meet Amanda, Slippy's fiancee.

Amanda has made the decision to join the Star Fox team so that she can fly alongside her love, Slippy. The team will now soar across the galaxy together, finding new adventures along the way.

Thanks to the Star Fox team, Venom has been changed into a more life-bearing planet. The oceans are no longer toxic, instead they are warm. The climate is mild. Dash, the grandson of Andross, strives to build a new empire in Venom, with him as its steward.

Goodbye, Fox

Marcus and his team

The members of the Star Fox team have taken a vote, and they decided to disband the squadron. Fox promises to live the rest of his days living with Krystal; a quiet life.

They have a son together named Marcus. The family lives a nice life together. Marcus enters into the Cornerian Military to follow in the steps of his father. Marcus ends up being an incredibly gifted pilot, just as his father was before him.

Marcus creates a new elite squadron, teaming up with Slippy's son and Peppy's granddaughter. He also tracks down the legendary pilot Falco Lombardi, and recruits him for the team. A new Star Fox team is born.

The Anglar Emperor

Krystal leaves Fox

Once again, the Star Fox team has been reunited; they have set aside their differences and fought the enemy. Peace has once again returned to the Lylat system. Yet there are still complications between Fox and Krystal.

One day, Krystal gives Fox a confession, "I'm sorry, Fox! I can't do this anymore. I'm going back to be with Panther and the rest of Star Wolf." Despite his begging and pleading, Krystal still left.

Fox is again forced to wander the world alone and unloved. Krystal, however, has no regrets, and she lives to be one of the toughest pilots of all time, proving it by starting a new life with the Star Wolf team.

Star Wolf Returns!


The Star Wolf team's time has come. All around the Lylat System people are talking about Wolf O'Donnell and his courageous team members. Krystal, however, is ridiculed. Everyone believed that she was wrong to leave the Star Fox team. Nonetheless, she ignores this talk, and proceeds with her life on the Star Wolf team.

Eventually, the insults become to much for her to bear. People begin to hiss as she walks by, and calling her a traitor to her face. She is hated. She leaves the Star Wolf team in an attempt to find meaning in the new world.

Krystal is haunted by her past, so she abandons her life and flees to a distant galaxy. She changes her name to Kursed, and takes on a new job as a bounty hunter; collecting the scum of the galaxy. Years later, she runs into Fox on the planet of Kew; he does not recognize her.

Lucy and Krystal

Peppy and his daughter, Lucy

The Star Fox team has prevailed once again. The entire crew chips in to help pay for a large celebratory feast. Everyone stays up, enjoying the evening and telling stories into the night.

Peppy and Lucy slip away from the party to reminisce about Vivian Hare, Peppy's wife and Lucy's mother. They joyfully talk until morning.

Krystal and Fox are finally reunited, and after so long they are able to speak their true feelings to each other. With new hope, and eternal love for each other, Krystal agrees to rejoin the Star Fox team.

Dash Makes a Choice

Dash, the head of a new empire

Dash is the only one left on Venom (because of his request). He begins terraforming Venom, shaping it into a veritable utopia. After years of work, people begin to arrive of the newly formed planet.

Venom flourishes under the rule of Dash. It becomes equal with Corneria in both its scientific expertise and its environmental state. Dash is the center of a large empire, based in Venom.

He then brings a raging speech, "Corneria is no longer the center of Lylat power! Venom's time has come!" Rallied by his words, the planet's inhabitants begin an attack on Corneria. A new superpower has come...

Slippy's Resolve

Slippy and all of his children

Slippy decides to leave the Star Fox team in order to make a new life on the planet of Aquas, with his wife Amanda at his side. With no regret, he lives with his family for the rest of his life.

After many years pass, Slippy and Amanda have a veritable army of children. His children grow strong in the clean air of Aquas, and they enjoy listening to their father, and how he flew with the legendary Star Fox team.

Several more decades pass, and Slippy is now an old man who loves to tell stories of his days with the Star Fox team to children. When he finishes such stories, he is reminded of his friends. He can only wonder where they are now.

Pigma's Revenge

Star Falco

Falco is consumed with rage. Instead of being a hero along with the rest of the Star Fox team, Falco is ostracized from the squadron.

Just when things looked the bleakest, Falco got a message from Katt Monroe, "Forget those losers! Grab a couple of friends and form a new squad!" Falco, usually too stubborn to listen to advice, decides to follow her advice.

Falco and Katt become the first two members of the squad. They scour the galaxy for a third member, and eventually find one: an elite Cornerian pilot named Dash. Together, the three of them form Star Falco, a team that rivals even the Star Fox team.

The Curse of Pigma

Fox and Falco in the G-Zero Grand Prix

Fox was crushed and humiliated. The Star Wolf team had taken everything from him; his love and his honor. Falco's attempts to comfort his friend were in vain. Fox lived as if he were dead, barely eating or sleeping. But then, Falco had an epiphany.

The two decided to retire as pilots and re-engineer their Arwings as racing machines. The would enter into the high-speed world of G-Zero Grand Prix Racing. When Fox is excited about this, Falco is relieved to see his old friend back to himself.

Fox and Falco turn out to be an incredibly skilled G-Zero team. They win many races, and become household names across countless numbers of planetary systems. Their days as a part of the Star Fox team are forgotten, fading into a distant memory.

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