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Takeshi's Challenge (Takeshi no Chōsenjō) is a game for the Nintendo Famicom designed by Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano, who is better known under his alias Beat Takeshi. Unlike conventional games from that era, however, Takeshi's Challenge is infamous for its masochistic design philosophies. Indeed, the creator himself took this to heart by mentioning on the very title screen that "This game is made by a man who hates video games." As such, the game's notoriety is derived from the absurd challenges it poses to players in order to progress to the next sequence, some of which require unique uses of the Famicom hardware itself. Despite its high difficulty level and perceived mediocrity, Takeshi's Challenge sold approximately 80,000 copies in Japan and can also be bought on the Japanese Wii Virtual Console.

Originally released in 1986, the game appears to have anticipated the open world, sandbox gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto series. Not only could the player roam freely across the city, but could also randomly attack pedestrians (and, much like GTA, the police chase the player character if he murders a non-player character) or punch random objects (and that includes even punching a menu). The game was considered unusual for its time, not to mention controversial because of its violent content (which may have been a reason why it was never released in the Western world at the time).

The game features ridiculous challenges, including a karaoke sequence that made use of the Famicom's built-in microphone (though a button-pressing minigame was also available as an alternative) and the option to let a treasure map sit out in the sunlight, a task that requires players to set the controller down and touch nothing for a full hour. Upon finishing the game and letting it sit at its lackluster ending screen for five minutes, Beat Takeshi appears to chide players for taking his deliberately bad game so seriously.

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