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splinter cell improved

This is gonna be a work in progress So far i have managed to get through 4 chapters of the game and i enjoy sam fishers lastest outing the most, i have never been a fan of the old splinter cell games up through double agent they felt like they were metal gear solid games to a certain extent, but they changed so much in this game without it feeling like they got rid of anything.   
I love the ability to interrogate people move them around and use objects to abuse them into saying stuff, also being able to move from one point to another while leaving a "copy" behind so you can flank enemies makes it fun to kill everyone in a single area instead of just leaving.   
So far the only major complaint i had with this game is trying to plant bombs or activate doors with the A button and being to close to another object that it forces you to jump or hide instead of do the objective your trying to accomplish becomes a minor inconvience, beyond that this game has me sucked in and wanting to play more. 
if you loved the old splinter cell games then should still enjoy this one, however for those of us who never really got into splinter cell this game is the best reason to start playing it, the story is grabs you and the gameplay, and controls have definintly been improved to the point where there just doesn't seem to be many problems with the game overall. 
once i finish the game i think im gonna give deniable-ops a try and co-op as well as finish my review for this game.  if nothing else give the demo if you hate the demo chances are much won't change for you with the game. 
update: Just Finished Splinter cell conviction the first splinter cell game i have played through and i can say it's worth playing and finishing for those who have yet to finish a splinter cell game, "slight spoiler warning" you don't just play sam fisher in one chapter you get to play as someone else who has to save sam fisher from a middle eastern village.   
overall experience i had with splinter cell conviction made this game worth shelling out 60 bucks for it, this review is mainly for the single player experience but I think im gonna give the multiplayer experience a try and see how different the game experience would be for me.   
This review is just my opinion but i overly enjoyed splinter cell conviction and i reccomend you at least give the demo a try, if you at least like the demo chances are you will enjoy the game and the experience you have playing it

Posted by Beomoose

I don't want to tell you your business, but if you intend to finish a game and review it you should finish it first. If you're not going to finish, because it was that bad or X other reason, feel free.

Posted by Chadley

I agree. The game is fantastic. I was never a HUGE fan of past games but I did play them to a certain extent, this being the first in the series I actually completed. I agree with you on the topic of planting bombs and such. It seems I cannot gauge where the bomb or grenade is going to go. It's like Sam has a super Halo arm and can throw an object a zillion miles away, or just plant it randomly right in front of you, which makes it hard to determine where a mine is going to land. 
Other than that, I believe the game is great. Fans of the original may be a little disappointed that the game has taken a more action oriented approach to steal action, but folks that were turned off from such things will feel at home with the myriad of  shooting and endless explosions. 

Posted by asojax
@Beomoose:  i wasn't able to finish the game early on due to the game freezing glitch that accord first thing this morning, which is why i said this was a work in progress because i enjoyed what i had played to the point i felt i should do a review for it, however i have since finished the rest of my review and i think the game is well worth playing.  give the demo a try you just might enjoy it enough to wanna play the game
Posted by ruffedgz
@Beomoose said:
" I don't want to tell you your business, but if you intend to finish a game and review it you should finish it first. If you're not going to finish, because it was that bad or X other reason, feel free. "
I think what Beomoose is saying is: "Its not about getting a review up first but its about playing through it enough to make one final review. You treated this review more like a blog post"
Read Jeff's review of this game again and see how he flows from one point to the next. Just keep reading and I hope you can understand why many people don't like this review.
Posted by asojax
@ruffedgz:  I can see your point, I still need to work on a format for doing a review that is clear after re-reading what i said, at the same time though I feel a review is mainly someone's personal opinion on any matter.   Should i talk about gameplay, mechanics, story when doing a review probably but even then not everyone will agree with me on how i feel about some games.
Edited by ruffedgz
@asojax: I don't know about that part about 'people not liking your review' just because they don't agree. Take for example Brad's review of inFAMOUS. I read the review back in May 2009 and I was playing it at the time and felt that a 5 star rating was kind of generous but after reading the review, I saw his points to why HE thought it deserve 5 stars. I don't disagree with your rating of 4 and 1/2 stars, I disagree with your review as its incomplete and unfulfilling as to why you think this game deserves 4 and 1/2 stars. I'm happy your reply back to your comments and it seems you want to get better which is always a positive towards being a better reviewer. I know I'm not the best but I'm like you that wants to always find better ways to show why I like/dislike a game (which takes time). You aren't going to appease everyone with a rating but backing your self up is what matters. No one can argue that (its your own opinion).
Posted by Beomoose
Yep, you nailed it. Thanks.
Posted by asojax
@ruffedgz: I get what your saying now, clearly this was a case where i churned something out without clearly thinking it through.  I just did a review for borderlands i've spent a lot more time with that game and think that in the future i won't write a review unless i have a clear idea of what i want to convey to anyone who might read my review.  I still think that splinter cell: conviction is a great game and an improvement over the older one's but at least now i know where your coming from and you make a great point.

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